DYE DAM Assault Matrix Quickly Switches from Mag Fed to Hopper

What's going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you a quick overview of the Dye DAM Assault Matrix.

[Mark] Damn!

Overview of the Dye DAM Assault Matrix

Damn song! Yes, we know, we know this gun is not new by any means. But a lot of people have interest in them. So we're gonna give you a quick overview, a couple of key features that you guys might be interested in. First off, let's set this bad boy down. It does come with a very, very nice hardcore case, Mark. Like this is literally like a case that a real firearm would come in. I mean, this thing's pretty, pretty heavy duty, pretty big and solid. So we'll just flip that

Over. You're gonna notice first off it comes with two different magazines. So one in the gun, one here, and then just this one actually is a parts kit. So you wanna be very careful in opening this 'cause it's got, I believe, a ton of O-rings. Let me just press this and see. Hold on. Very carefully. So yes, so right there, and you're gonna open up this smaller kit. It has nothing to do with the actual feeding of the marker. You've got all your rebuilt O-rings, extra screws, eye detents, and a battery obviously. And then on this other side, you're gonna have Allen wrenches, but once again, be very careful guys. When you open the smaller magazine that you don't rip it, 'cause all this stuff is gonna come flying on out. 

You get your barrel cover here. I don't know how well you can see that Mark. Barrel cover and then warranty cards, comes with a lube, more Allen wrenches, a color coded guide to the size of your O-rings and you know how to, where to put them, install them, etcetera. So flip it open. This centerpiece is very nice. It's hard. And then in here you've got a couple extra components. So let me just, let me reach in here. It's kinda, kinda tight. Let me pull this out and pull that out. So Mark hit me with a question, ask me.

Price and Components | Dye DAM

[Mark] Well, how much is the dye DAM? What's it going for?

I think these, these guns retail for $1499 I believe, right?

[Mark] And the solid colors, where I think, are an even 15, but this is a fade. It's a fancy color.

Yeah. This is a fancy fade one. So these things are minimum, you're gonna be spending about 1,500 bucks on something that can do hopper fed and mag fed within the flick of a switch. And we'll get to that. So.

[Mark] So is this a mechanical gun or electronic gun?

This is a fully electronic gun. You have your components, your power button here. You've got your mode selector. And then also if you want to turn your eyes on or eyes off or let you know if there was an eye fault. So it is fully electronic too. And you've got three different buttons, you know, power, modes, eyes right there on the side.

[Mark] Alright. Let's start from the back. Tell me about the stock.

Oh, stock. Okay. So this is gonna be the Ultralite stock. It's got multiple positions, and the way the curvature is on here you could actually fit a 68/4,500 air tank in the airport on off ASA, which is, you know, a nice, quick feature. It's got your airport on off ASA, turning air on and off obviously. But some guns out there won't fit a bigger tank in the back. So this has plenty of room with the stock on there to get a 68/4,500 air tank.

[Mark] Nice. I wish I would have brought one out to show it.

Correct. Well...

[Mark] Next time,

Just believe us. Just believe in us.

[Mark] Next time we do an overview of this.

Maintenance and Customization

So we started from the back. So this piece here, Mark, this one right here with the set screw already in there, this will allow you to cap this off if you don't wanna run a stock. A lot of guys like to run their stock but if you wanna take the stock off, it's simply one set screw right in this region, and then you can take the stock off and you can throw this cap on there. That is what that piece is used for.

[Mark] Nice.

Like I'd mentioned previously, it does have that airport on off ASA which is a lot of Dye guns. Go ahead.

[Mark] And then do you adjust your regula-, Your,


[Mark] Velocity in the ASA there?

No you don't.

[Mark] No?


[Mark] Where do you do that?

So technically, there's three screws here, if you wanted to do some work or maintenance. Actually, I'm almost certain you're adjusting your velocity through this. There's a small Allen key through there. So the regulator is built into the bolt system itself. So that's a very unique way to adjust the velocity on the gun.

[Mark] Nice.

Speaking of that, can you see that?

[Mark] I do.

This is your quick access bolt system. So if you wanna just unscrew this bad boy and actually access your bolt, you can do so. So this back portion technically is the regulator. Once again, we just talk about the velocity. And then the front portion, I believe these are the fuse bolts. So the regulator is in here. You actually have your bolt up top. Like I said, this is a very, very unique design, so.

[Mark] While you have that out, before you put it back in,

Go ahead.

[Mark] Can you grab the bolt out of either the M3 or the DSR, just for comparison? 'Cause this is an impressive bolt in the Dye DAM.

Okay. So.

[Mark] Sorry. I know it's throwing you off.

It's okay Mark.

[Mark] But so there's a normal speedball gun bolt,

So, this is the Dye DAM bolt, and then this is the normal, like yeah, an M3+ speed ball bolt, per se.

[Mark] Yeah. Look how much bigger that Dye DAM bolt is.

That's what I'm saying. This the Dye DAM. That's why we're doing this video. Obviously these guns aren't new by any means but there's a lot of unique features that people don't know about the gun, so.

[Mark] And we saw a lot of the mechanical mag-fed guns.

We do. We do.

[Mark] And I think people started to think like, you know the starter guys anyway, like do they even have electrical mag-fed?

So the best part about this in my opinion is I think it's the only one on the market able to do this. I don't know. There's so many good features. I wanna talk about this, the flip switch, but then. Okay, I'll talk about this first Mark.

[Mark] Okay.

Mag-Fed and Hopper-Fed | Dye DAM

So first off, obviously you can run this as a mag-fed gun or a hopper-fed gun or both if you'd like. So this magazine here, it's actually got what I refer to as like dust covers. So if you're carrying these in your tactical vests or something, they have covers over the top. So there's no dirt, debris or paint getting in there. Once you, you can load these up with first strike rounds or 68 caliber. I wouldn't suggest switching, like in the same chamber, first strike, 68, first strike, 68. If you're gonna do one or the other, stick them in the same chamber, because this magazine, you can shoot them out of this side first. You can flip it over, put it back in and then shoot them out of that side too. 

So you could technically be running a 68 caliber and also first strike in the same mag, but in different chambers. That would be my suggestion. Back to the hopper piece. 

So Mark, this is like I said, the coolest part of my opinion. So this is the hopper attachment. That'll go right here. So you can run your hopper attachment. So you can actually have your hopper on. You can have a magazine full of first strike rounds in here. You can rip your hopper, you can shoot it fully auto, however, you'd like. All of a sudden, if you see a guy that's further out, you know, way out there in the woods or wherever you guys are playing scenario game, you can actually flick the switch and well technically it's, this would be hopper in the back, and if you want it to go first strike all of a sudden, push the switch forward. Now you're shooting out of your magazine instead of the hopper. 

So I think, put in the comments below if I'm wrong, this is the only gun on the market that can do that right on the fly. So it's really, really cool. Back position. You shoot out of your hopper. You see a guy further way downfield. You can flick the switch forward, and now you're shooting first strike or whatever out of your magazine. So that's a really cool feature.

[Mark] That is cool.

Any other questions about this section of the gun Mark? We kinda covered, you know, the bolt and how we can go from hopper to mag fed real quick.

[Mark] Does it use other magazines? Like I know, doesn't Dye make a bigger magazine, and then-

They have that, and they can also use a big box magazine as well. I know they're expensive, but they hold a ton of paint. It's been a while but I know there's a box magazine that can go on this thing and you'll have a lot of shots in there. There's no doubt. Speaking of that, you've got the news, these ones are the continuous feed magazine just throwing that. These are also an option. So if you wanna check those out on the website, Lone Wolf Paintball, continuous feed magazines as well.

[Mark] And we did a full video on those Planet Eclipse continuous feeders, right?

We did. We did. So those definitely work with this. Like I said, I think my biggest feature of this gun is being able to go from hopper to mag with the flick of a switch, literally.

[Mark] I'm excited, I'm excited 'cause I, maybe not so much for the shroud I'm interested in, but every dye gun that I've ever seen usually comes with a Dye UL barrel.

Paintball Barrel Specifications 

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I was gonna talk about that. This is what they're called, I believe they're modular shrouds. So right here, Mark, this breaking point right here. If you don't wanna have these little extras of, you know, more Picatinny rail, it's up to you. You can take that portion off and then you can just rock it simply with just a half, you know. You've got your nice, holding position up here. 

One thing I would like to say though is as I'm unscrewing this barrel, make sure since this is a two piece, 14 inch Dye UL barrel, do not screw this into the gun extra extra tight, because if you do and you got to unscrew it, if the barrel breaks apart here in the middle section, like so, then you're gonna be taking your shroud completely apart to get the barrel off the gun. So screw your barrel on a little snug. Don't be cranking it on there, 'cause your barrel could unscrew and then you'll be stuck with taking the gun or the front portion of the gun apart to get the barrel off. 


Other than that, yeah, like I said I just wanna bring you that quick overview if you've never heard of the Dye DAM or didn't know what it was, this is it. These things are about $1499. It's definitely worth it if you are an avid woods ball or scenario guy, mag-fed player, something like that.

[Mark] Does it have eyes since it looks,

It does. Oh yeah, it does. Yep. It's got eyes. It's got the detents that I showed you in the kit earlier. It's pretty much DAM, Dye assault matrix. This is a matrix, but in a tactical version. So yeah, this is it. These guns are awesome. They can do a lot of things. So check them out on the website at Lone Wolf Paintball. And Mark, do you have any other questions for me?

YouTube Question

[Mark] Just one that's not related to this specific gun but from the YouTubes.

Go ahead.

[Mark] A-Y-Y ItsCB. Ayy! ItsCB, I guess. Says, "Can I fit my Dye Rotor on an Etha2?"

Yeah, I don't see why not. I mean your dye rotor can definitely go on an Etha2. It's not the, obviously the rotor doesn't have the pal capabilities, but yeah, the rotor will go on Etha2. No problem at all.

[Mark] There you go. if you've got a question, leave it in the comments below. Otherwise, take your butt over to lonewolfpaintball.com and take a look at all the good stuff we have including this dye DAM. And we'll see you next time.

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