SP Shocker AMP vs Dye DSR Paintball Gun Comparison

What is going on guys? It's Tony and Jake from Lone Wolf Paintball and today we are doing an epic battle; the Shocker AMP versus the Dye DSR.

[Jake] Winner, already.

No way, not a chance. Mark, c'mon, hit us off with this. Let's go.

Price… Difference?

[Mark] Well, starting off, what's the price points?


[Jake] Yeah.

Same? About the same?

[Jake] Yeah. You can get the different anodizes, though I think black is a little bit cheaper but the different paintball anodizing are available, yeah.

So we're literally going head to head here with the price points? Okay. That's doable.

[Jake] Thick!

You wanna start, or do you want me to start?

[Jake] I mean, I'll start.

Okay, cool.

Feed Necks Compared

[Jake] Do you have a clamping feed neck?

I do, but, this is the thing here.

[Jake] I do too-

Take a look-

[Jake] next, next, next, next, next.

No, not next. We're not nexting. If you can zoom in on this little thumb wheel, I really like that. I know the DSR doesn't have that-

[Jake] You can get it.

Okay, so you can buy that like,

[Jake] You can get it.


[Jake] Yes, yes.

Okay. But it doesn't come stock

[Jake] It is an upgrade, yes.

So you want the thumb wheel obviously to tighten up on any hopper that whatever you guys are using, so... fair. Okay.

[Jake] I've had this for years. It's come on, I've had it since the NT 10, since I bought that in like 2010, it's literally the same exact feed neck, everyone's used it for years before the thumb drives and everything else, it works by just a quick little turn like that if you need to loosen it, and boom you're loosened, and then when you close it up, if I actually loosen it up-

You just close it up, yeah?

[Jake] All the way, yeah.

You're tightening it?

[Jake] Yeah, it's tightening it, yeah. And then, there you go. Now your hopper fits. So it's obviously not as convenient as having a little thumb drive there.

See, he admitted it. It's not as convenient-

[Jake] It's not, but, it's still a clamping feed neck,

That's true.

[Jake] and it still does the same exact thing.

That is very true.

[Jake] And there are less parts to clean.

Oh, cleaning those parts, must be heckling.

[Jake] Exactly.

Barrels | Shocker AMP vs Dye DSR

So you want to go barrels now?

[Jake] Yeah, I'll drag the barrels-

We're already talking about the front of the gun, so let's talk barrels. Mine does come stock with the Freak XL System. What does yours come stock with?

[Jake] I come with the Dye Ultralite System; the Ultralite Barrel, the UL's, a lot of people own not Dye guns, but own a big collection of UL Barrels because they are super nice, the tips are nice and quiet. I do like that you can interchange those tips, but...

And the inserts themselves, this one comes stock 687, what does yours come stock at?

[Jake] 688.

688? Okay, So right around the same.

[Jake] Same thing, yeah.

But still no, I don't have to buy a new barrel, I just have to buy some more of these inserts here, and we'll be on our way, right?

[Jake] Yeah, how much does a Freak kit cost?

I don't need the kit, I just need inserts.

[Jake] Oh, you're just gonna buy one or two inserts?

Yeah, that's it. 685, you know, they're about 15 bucks each, so...

[Jake] Fair enough. 

It's pretty good.

[Jake] I could do that. So, yeah. I mean, you only really need two backs; you need this and the 684 if you really wanted to get out of hand, if you wanted extra, but still real quiet. I think this one's quieter. I think the ACP though, if you put the ACP-

I was going to say, I liked that you mentioned the tips 'cause I could just simply unscrew this two piece, throw on an ACP tip or whatever you'd like,

[Jake] But you do have to buy it.

That is correct. It does not come-

[Jake] Well, I don't have to.

[Mark] Real quick.

Go ahead.

[Mark] You said the inserts for the Freak were 15 bucks-

About 15 bucks, yeah.

[Mark] What's a new back for the Dye Barrel cost?

More than 15.

[Jake] More than 15, more or less.

More than 15-

[Jake] Just a little bit more.

How much more do you think?

[Jake] I don't know. Do you want the Carbon Fiber one?

Yeah, no, we're not gonna get into that-

[Jake] About a hundred bucks.

That's right.

[Jake] You can buy a barrel, a good Carbon Fiber Barrel back and it'll come with the tip, or you can just buy just the back, I think, if you contact Dye, or if you just know someone that has it without that-

That's very true.

[Jake] the back, and you can get it for a hundred bucks or less, or about a hundred bucks. And it's gonna be Carbon Fiber.

That's true.

[Jake] Can you have the Carbon Fiber back?

Not that I know of. I mean, you have to buy a whole another separate system-

[Jake] And when you do that, it turns into a stainless barrel,

Oh, it does?

[Jake] or an aluminum barrel. I'm sorry, not stainless.

Yeah, mm-hmm.

[Jake] How much do your aluminum inserts cost?

Well, these are aluminum and they're about 15 bucks.

[Jake] Or stain, oh, they are?

Are you here?

[Jake] Yeah.

Are you here?

[Jake] I'm here.

[Mark] I'm here.


[Jake] I'm thinking, wait, which ones are the...

They have stainless steel,

[Jake] The stainless steel.

those are about 20 or so.

[Jake] So then they're $20 if you want the stainless back?

Correct. True.

[Jake] Okay. Fair.

Okay, okay.

[Jake] Still less expensive.


[Jake] Yeah.

But you can't do that?

[Jake] No, you can't. No, I don't need to.

You can't do that. Okay.

Dye DSR vs Shocker AMP Electronics: Powering Up!

[Mark] All right. Where do you guys hide your batteries, and what kind of batteries do you take?

Ooh, I like this one. My battery hides right in here and it's a 9V that sits inside of the grip frame. It's not tool-less like yours.

[Jake] How do you.. Yeah. Not tool-less.

What are you doing?

[Jake] I don't need it.

Oh, but you need a coin.

[Jake] I don't need a tool.

Tell 'em.

[Jake] I just need like a penny, or a long cork nail or something-

Yeah, show it, right in there.

[Jake] Yeah, so, right here, you just like, I've used a little stick or I've used like a little rock, and you just get in there and you just and you can pull it out.

Show me how you .

[Jake] So there's a lock, and then there's an unlock right there.

Okay. Here, here.

[Jake] Oh.

There you go.

[Jake] Oh, I didn't have that at the ready.

No, you didn't.

[Jake] So you take this, and then you turn it like that, and then once it's off, you can either take it out all the way, but you don't have to, I don't think... Yeah, there you go, it'll slide right off. And then that's what goes right here,


[Jake] which I don't have, as you can see. But that's how easy it is. You can use a coin, or something flat like this, a flat head screwdriver. That one, you're losing Allen keys.

[Jake] This isn't gonna fall out.

Yeah, you're gonna need some Allen keys for this one-

[Jake] You can make this fall out, actually, I don't think you can now, but yeah. So you're not gonna be losing anything.

That's fair. That's fair. Oh, you're gonna need that actually.

[Mark] All right. So if your battery's in the grip on the AMP, that means you adjust the velocity in the grip, the front grip?

If you're saying-

[Jake] He's talking about here. if the battery is here,

[Mark] Yeah.

[Jake] you adjust it through the front rug, yeah.

[Mark] Is it correct?

That is very correct, sir. Mm-hmm.

[Mark] Okay. So where do your adjust velocity in the DSR?

Sneaky. So through the ASA.

[Jake] Right down here, yeah.

Adjustments and Operating Pressure

Okay. Speaking of we're talking, adjusting rugs and velocity, operating pressure wise, DSR?

[Jake] 115.


[Jake] Out of the box though.

Out of the box is about 110 here. So we're pretty close.

[Jake] I bet you, I can shoot this in one fitOh, here, don't forget your quarter.

Oh, thanks dude.

[Jake] It'll go to good use.

I needed it for your gun, so...

[Jake] I'll bet.

that's fine. All right, Mark. What you got next for us?

[Jake] So, I think this one can be lowered, but...

Oh, I'm sure it can. I know this one then if you throw a little or something.

[Jake] Definitely. Oh, you want boom now? To get you juiced up?

[Mark] On off-air season?

Ooh yes, speaking of that-

[Jake] Oh, you have an on/off?

Yeah, I do.

[Jake] Oh, I didn't see-

Mine's a turn knob. This one's way more.

[Jake] I don't know. This one's not the old one though.


[Jake] The old school, like the little tiny-

Yeah, okay. So they did-

[Jake] They did away with that a long time, unlike the DM 14.

Okay. Mine's a nice turn, an adjustable knob down here. You can actually get a hold of it, that one's like a flip lever type.

[Jake] Yeah, but if I have paint and stuff on my hands, I don't have to worry about it. I don't have to worry about turning anything, it's super easy, you just give her a flip.

At least they made that one bigger from the previous I'm assuming, because it was just a little gun-

[Jake] Yeah, well, they went away with it unlike the DM 15, like the M2s came out with like the bigger ones and I believe it was the M2s.

Frame Considerations | Dye DSR vs Shocker AMP

Dude, do you have an anti-slip grip up top?

[Jake] No, I don't. I don't slip at the top.


[Jake] I'm pretty good.

So we're going to call you-

[Jake] But wait, how do you... Is that a grip, or is that... That's just anodized.

Yeah. No it's actually like built-in

[Jake] An anodize.

It's cut into the body milling, so a lot of people-

[Jake] You know what I'd do if cut's on there,

have the whole cut thumb over top, so it doesn't slide.

[Jake] I mean-

So as you can see,

[Jake] Yeah, I guess so.

Yeah, but you said you had... Oh, okay, you got a little something.

[Jake] I got something that my thumb fits on perfectly.

Okay. All right.

[Jake] But do you have the hourglass grip frame?

It's not the hourglass per se,

[Jake] Oh, man.

but it's really slim.

[Jake] I like my grip frames like I like my women, hourglass.


[Mark] Put them next to each other, so I can see them both.

Yeah dude. Mark wants a-

[Jake] Got the Dye Ultralite Frame.

I mean, they're both pretty slim but Dye has been known for that. I'll give you that much.

[Jake] They got the grips. They have the nice sticky grips on there. It is nice, it does have a nice feeling on it.

How are you pulling your bolt out of the back of that gun?

[Jake] How are you pulling yours out the back of the gun?

I'm a quarter turn kind of guy here.

[Jake] You're a...

Quarter turn.

[Jake] quarter turn? I'm a button press.

Oh, you press the button? So this one is a quarter turn, turn it to the left quarter, slide it out. And Jake says he's a button type of guy.

[Jake] There's a little button right here, and then the cool part is that there's little milling slots. So you can put your fingers there, just like this, so like, you know, you don't spread it.


[Jake] Yeah, you just do one of the... You give it to claw grip,

Yeah. Okay.

[Jake] and you just grip it and rip it. And there you go.

That sounds good.

[Jake] There's your bolt. So yeah, it is pretty nice.

[Mark] While you're in the back with the grip area, who's got the better OLED?

[Jake] Mine doesn't turn on, but...

[Mark] Oh no, it doesn't? Yeah, you don't have a battery right now, but-

[Jake] I can try.

I don't know. That's gonna be a close call on that one.

[Jake] Get a look at that one, Mark.

That's gonna be... That's gonna be a close call. Mine's pretty bright, it's got a lot of, you know...

[Jake] Let's see, let's see.

You wanna see? Okay, take a peek. It's got nice function light.

[Jake] Yeah, it's the same as my other-

It's gonna be very similar in the back display-

[Jake] They both light up, they both tell you what mode they're on, they're both pretty bright.

How much space do you have to keep-

[Jake] Oh, how do you-

your trigger finger working?

[Jake] But to the board, how do you change your modes on there? Do you have to scroll through with your trigger or...

I do, yeah.

[Jake] Oh, see, I have a joystick. I don't have to like-

Oh, that joystick that jams up? Yeah, that's a good one.

[Jake] No. This one doesn't jam up.

Oh, okay.

[Jake] This one's perfect.


[Jake] The joystick that jams up, those are on the Empire guns.

Oh, ah.

[Jake] Oh...

Oh, shots fired.

[Jake] Anyways.

All right.

[Mark] Eyes, eye covers?

Well, I was going to talk-

[Jake] Thanks, Mark. I'm glad... Yeah, we'll go back to the grips here in a second. What do you got?

Dye DSR vs Shocker AMP Customization and Accessibility

I got access to the external eye covers right there which is a simple one, just one screw. That's always.

[Jake] Oh, so another screw that you can lose out there on the field?

Oh, hopefully not, but potentially.

[Jake] Yes. I don't have to do that.

Why? What are you doing?

[Jake] Pull her out.

Oh, that's an eye pipe. Where's the... How do you get access to your eyes? That's the eye pipe

[Jake] I don't need... Why would I need access to my eyes? They don't get paint on them, then I never have to clean my eyes, as long as you got eye pipe-

Oh, you're gonna shoot that right out of the front of the gun though, that's good.

[Jake] No, because I'm not dumb. I'm gonna keep my barrel back at least. You don't need the barrel tip, but I'm gonna at least have my barrel back on it. And so when you shoot it, then it doesn't shoot out of the gun. But even if it does, they don't break like they used to-

So you don't think new players out there right now are ever gonna make that mistake? 'Cause I've seen it a hundred times.

[Jake] 100% they will. Yeah.

Okay, so don't shoot that gun unless you have a barrel or barrel back on it. That eye pipe's gonna come straight out of the gun.

[Jake] 100%.

Thank you.

[Jake] But it won't break,

That's fair. Okay.

[Jake] like they used to.

[Mark] What did you want to bring up Tony, before I interrupted?

I was gonna say inside of the actual frame itself where the trigger is, how much room does he have compared to mine? I mean, it looks fairly, fairly similar. Look at like they're kind of, they both come out, I mean...

[Mark] Turn towards me.


[Mark] Look, Jake, lift yours up so I can just see them stack. There we go.

[Jake] I think he might have a little-

They're fairly similar... Yeah, I got a little bit more room, I'd say,

[Jake] But I got the thumb knots right here.


[Jake] Mine kind of indents a little bit.

This one's obviously the new amped or revamped. It's got the new, nice slimline grips, so you've got more room in here to get... if you got bigger hands or fat fingers, you can get a lot more access to the rear. You know what I'm saying?

[Jake] It's thick.

[Mark] No, I'm big into the Maxine that came back. How do I turn these into mech guns?

Ooh dude, you're so busted right now.

[Jake] Pretty easy.

Damn, Mark just dropped the...

[Jake] What you do is you go in here, you take out the board, you take out the solenoid, and then you have to 3D print yourself a mechanical trigger that actually will work the bolt.

[Mark] You got links for that file?

[Jake] No, it doesn't exist.

Okay, so that doesn't exist.

[Jake] But it will soon.

Mine actually with the new Shocker AMP, it's I believe, an eighth inch Allen takes out the screw back here, Mark.

[Jake] It's thick.

The frame comes off, and then you can actually unlatch the solenoid, and make this gun mechanical very, very easily.

[Jake] So how much does that cost?

I don't know, dude.

[Jake] I think Mark's already looking it up on purpose.

More than some Christmas gifts, I guess.

[Jake] More than some Christmas-

But no, it's very-

[Jake] I think it's gonna be like what, $190 or $199 for the mechanical frame? I can't remember.

Something around there. I just know that they obviously made this gun to be able to go mechanical-

[Jake] Both ways.


[Jake] So you like to go both ways, see, like the sex change? Gotcha.


[Mark] Okay, awkward.

That is interesting.

[Jake] Interesting.


[Mark] Anything else you guys would like to talk about with these beautiful guns?


[Jake] What's your trigger like?

It's like this. It's like that.

[Jake] How many adjustable points do you got?

It looks like I've got three.

[Jake] Yeah, same.


[Jake] Yeah, I got the one on the side and then I got two over here, but...

Okay, we already talked about the grips. Oh, how do you change the trigger on that, do you know?

[Jake] Yeah. You have to... You either have to, I think you have to take the grip off, and then take out the side screw and it either pops out, or you might have to drop the frame.


[Jake] I honestly can't remember. I haven't changed mine enough.

No, that's fair. I think I just have one tiny set screw there and just does its thing, but no, that's solid. I mean, overall, both beautiful guns. It's always fun to do a little battle and kind of versus, with stuff like this,

[Jake] I don't have eyes. Well, I have eyes, but-

You don't have eyes? Are you blind?

[Jake] No, I'm blind. I can't see.

Okay. All right.

[Jake] Help me, mama. But...


[Jake] That's my selling point. What's your selling point?

My selling point is-

[Jake] Smooth. Smoother.

It's more pods. How many pods do you think that could shoot?

[Jake] Nine to 10? I mean, I know that because I've shot about nine pods once. That means several times through it. But if you need to shoot more than that then, you suck at paintball.

No, that's fair. Yeah, and I just know this gun's-

[Jake] Or you're playing a big game

a little bit more efficient so, we can go that route.

[Jake] So what, I get nine and then you get nine and a half?

Yeah. Correct.

[Jake] Yeah, I bet.

Dude, I definitely get like 70 more shots for sure.

[Jake] Okay. Okay.

So, you're dead busted. Mark, do you have a question?

YouTube Question

[Mark] I am pulling up a question from YouTube, so is there anything else you guys want to say on these? Where do you get them and all that-

Obviously you know where to get the Shocker AMP and the Dye DSR, Lone Wolf Paintball. Like I said, both amazing guns, just, the battles are always fun to do. And you're not gonna go wrong with either or, just kind of giving you, the viewers out there a little of like, "Okay, so I want..." If you're really looking forward to a feature of a gun, then, you know, we'll talk about it, and kind of be idiots and do that too. So that's cool. 

[Jake] Being an idiot is my specialty.

That is definitely his specialty, for sure.

[Mark] Got nothing else to do.

[Mark] So from the YouTube, it's kind of a long question, we did a video on the ETHA 2 versus the Empire AXE 2.0.

[Jake] Did we do that?

[Mark] And Joshua... Well, Tony did that by himself.


[Jake] Oh

[Mark] But Joshua Verrier wants to know which bolt system is better; the ETHA 2's bolt, the Empire AXE 2.0?

I'd probably say ETHA 2, it's got the Gamma Core. I mean, the Empire AXE 2.0 has been around that system,

[Jake] Before the Pop It?

Yeah, like the Pop It, Inline, what do they call that,

[Jake] A9 Pop It?

A9 Pop It, yeah.

It's been around for a long-

[Jake] born like... since like the early sixties-

The original Invent Minis had that system, so... personally for me, I would go with the... tried and true Gamma Core that's inside of the ETHA 2.

[Jake] And it's inside of their, $8-900,

Correct. Their G-Tech

[Jake] And 170s, yeah.


[Jake] I took mine and I froze it in the winter time, and it still worked.

[Mark] Okay. So yeah. So he follows up with which one's more efficient, quiet or less kick, better performance, and needs less maintenance.

I mean the Empire AXE 2.0, they're quiet.

[Jake] They're gonna be more efficient. 

They're quiet, but yeah, I would just say overall-

[Jake] Softer on paint is gonna be the Gamma Core. Softer and smoother is gonna be the Gamma Core, more efficient is gonna be the AXE.

Yeah, I would go with that.

[Jake] Pop It, yeah. Pop it.

[Mark] There you go, if you've got a question, leave it in the comments below,

[Jake] Thick!

[Mark] Otherwise, we will see you in the next video. Go to lonewolfpaintball.com.

And that's our dad, isn't he?

[Jake] That's our dad, yeah. Thanks dad.

Take it easy guys.

[Jake] Thanks dad. Take it easy.