Shocker AMP Paintball Markers

From the birth of electronic paintball through the resurgence of mechanical, the Shocker® has evolved at the cutting edge of the game. The Shocker® AMP keeps this tradition moving forward with new refinements, maintaining its position as the ultra-efficient, ultra-slim and ultra-light avant-garde paintball marker

SP Shocker AMP
SP Shocker AMP

$699.95 $899.95

  • Black
  • Red
  • Black / Blue
  • Black / Gold
  • +12
SP Shocker AMP Grip Kit


  • Black
  • Blue
  • FDE
  • Red
  • +1
HK Army Shocker AMP


  • Black / Black
  • Black / Gold
  • Black / Pink
  • Black / Red
  • +20
SP Shocker AMP Limited Edition
SP Shocker AMP Limited Edition

$899.95 $1,099.95

  • Yeah Baby
  • Cherry Blossom Green
  • Cherry Blossom II
  • Chocolate Chip Camo
  • +24
HK Army Shocker AMP w/ TFX 3 & Joint Gun Stand


  • HK AMP - Black / Black
  • HK AMP - Blue / Black
  • HK AMP - Arctic
  • HK AMP - Cobalt Splash
  • +7
SP Ultra Shocker AMP


  • Pearlescent
  • Blue / Green / Gold Splash
  • Blue / Black Acid Wash Splash

Shocker AMP Markers

HK Army always delivers a quality paintball marker with the Shocker AMP Platform. With the new and improved functionality, however, this Shocker marker is the most advanced paintball gun yet. Upgraded features include the HK skeletonized feedneck lever, the custom S-Scythe trigger, an extended foregrip, and a custom-milled HK Army AMP body. 

The Shocker marker also features an HK plated, diamond-cut BoltCap and a streamlined LUXE ASA. Plus, players can take advantage of the toolless latch eye covers from LUXE, a feature never before seen on the Shocker platform. When it comes to performance and aesthetics, HK Army brings it home with the Shocker paintball marker system.

Shocker AMP Electronics

The new Shocker AMP features a re-designed control system that incorporates plug-in connections and a zero-pinch wire configuration. Light and durable microswitches help keep this marker operating smoothly on the 9-volt power. 

The Shocker AMP paintball gun also has break-beam eyes within the marker to keep your paintballs intact. With overall improved water resistance, software function, and battery retention, this marker makes the most of USB-C software updates to dominate both on and off the field.

Shocker AMP Bolt System

The Shocker AMP bolt system wears Type III anodizing. This hard shell protects the components within from any damage, as it remains one of the stronger coatings on the market. All the same, this AMP bolt system is still lightweight. 

Many prefer the new Shocker AMP bolt system for the high-performance seals and low-pressure operation. The precision-machined core performs breathtakingly well, offering game players a leg up when it comes to accuracy and force.

Shocker AMP Trigger

Made from solid aluminum, the Shocker AMP trigger can legally be used in tournaments. It is externally adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about taking your gun apart to make any changes. This makes it easy to adjust on the fly if necessary. 

Shocker makes this trigger 4-way customizable. This allows you to set the trigger to your own liking, keeping power over your paintball marker right where it should be: in your hands.

Shocker AMP Regulator

With a proven uni-body design and a clean profile, the Shocker AMP regulator never fails to bring the heat. There’s also a built-in pressure release valve to equalize your paintball marker for clean and safe gameplay. 

The Shocker AMP regulator also includes high-performance seals, just like the rest of the marker. In fact, HK Army reduced the number of seals used overall, making maintenance a breeze in most cases.

Shocker AMP Body

The housing that brings it all together, the Shocker AMP body takes advantage of aircraft-grade aluminum and some of the top alloys to effortlessly combine some of the best alloys. The integrated regulator keeps all your important internals contained. 

This Shocker AMP body continues to trump both multi-piece and polymer body designs. It’s a more rigid shooting platform that relies on anodizing to stay durable in the toughest of conditions. Plus, it’s made on a highly-sophisticated milling machine to take advantage of the best in design capabilities.  


•Extended Ergonomic Regulator For Improved Comfort While Firing The Marker

•S-Scythe HK Army Trigger

•Custom Grip Frame w/ OG SnatchGrip

•Diamond Cut Pattern For Extra Grip In Key Areas 

•Tool-less LUXE Latch Eye Covers

•Skeletonized Feedneck Lever

•HK Chrome Plated Bolt Cap

•Streamlined Luxe ASA With Quick Release Degas Lever 

•Compatible with the AMP CC Mechanical Trigger Frame