Super Stanchy Customs Super Soft Bolts | Gamma Core, Luxe X, Shocker AMP

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I am bringing you the SSC super soft tip bolts

[Mark] Oh! What are soft tip bolts? What do these work with?

Well these are super soft. They work with Planet Eclipse gamma core markers. IE, we've got the 170R sitting here. You're talking Emacs EMF 100's. CS2, CS2 Pros. 160R's. The list goes on. If you are a Planet Eclipse fan and you want a very nice custom super soft tip bolt, check out SSC. They're available at And this version will fit on any gamma core marker by Planet Eclipse. So we'll set that off to the side. Over here I do have a beautiful HK Army Lux X. Now SSC has also made a bolt for, let's check and look at that soft tip mark. Get in there. Super soft tip. What these things are for, this version is for any of the Lux X's. So you're looking at that. Brittle paint eliminates the roll back within the breach and a more consistent and quiet shot. So a lot of you tournament guys out there shooting expensive markers like this. You guys we know. We're shooting brittle tournament paint. Turtle?

[Mark] Turtle, turtle paint.

[Tony] We're shooting turtle paint. Yeah we're shooting turtle paint. You guys want a soft tip bolt on there so you're not breaking inside of your barrel, inside of the breach. Stuff like that. So what I'm going to do is I brought this 170 out to show you. This is the one for that. Very, very similar process on the install on how to actually get it on the bolt. So between the two markers. So let's pull it out. This is the Lux X. All right, Mark. Make sure you unscrew the front half and not the back half because that's unnecessary paintballs. So unscrew the top portion here. A lot of people like to take their top O-ring off, and they like to take that O-ring off before they push it through. You know what? I just do the cheater way. Push it through and people are gonna be like oh, you might have to change your O-rings more. Yeah you're right. But you're trying to do it quick and easy. Put a little extra lube on there. It makes it go easier.

[Mark] I would've also ruined it when I took it off to just lube underneath it to

You're right. Actually let's take a different stock bolt here. Super soft tip on that side.

[Mark] Oh, one's gonna a thingy in the middle.

[Tony] Yeah well that's the soft tip. Eliminates rollbacks such like that. So let's throw this bad boy on and we're gonna shoot it.

[Mark] It just pops right through there.

[Tony] It does.

[Mark] It just pops on in.

[Tony] It goes on in, and then we're going to screw this bad boy back together. Make sure we've got a little grease so we can operate correctly. And let's get on with this show. So obviously I do like that as you guys have just seen. You saw that the stock bolt literally didn't have the little cushiony pillow upfront. Now we've got the red tip on there. Things are looking good. You think it's going to shoot better Mark or no?

[Mark] I mean the Lux already shoots pretty solid.

[Tony] Oh yeah these guns are dreamy as is obviously,

[Mark] Okay, how much are the tips?


[Mark] So $54.95 prevents me from breaking two paint balls in the lifespan of the thing.

I'm down with that.

[Mark] And I don't have to clean a barrel and the inside. I think it's worth it.

I am down with that. So let's let this beautiful HK Army Luxe X rip after I load it with some paint. And we will be on our way.

[Mark] Loaded it with paint.

So SSC put in the comments below guys. I'm saying SSC because I don't know if, is it staunchy or stanchy? I think it's Stanchy Customs, but I don't know. Put it in the comments below if you know who he is and how to pronounce his name. So let's turn this on. Air is on.

Welcome to the Lux experience Mark.

[Digital Voice] Power on.

[Digital Voice] Welcome to the Lux experience.

I hope you like it.

[Digital Voice] Battery level 100.

It's at 100%, that's nice.

[Digital Voice] Firing mode, PSP.

It's PSP. That's quick. No more hip shooting. Let's do this. Very nice. Very nice I would say. And yes, this stuff is brittle paint. That one was just too clean over there so I had to shoot it, you know?

[Mark] That's fair.

Yeah it is, it's quiet. I don't know. I mean, it says consistent. I mean it's a bolt. It works.

[Mark] I mean and Lux is a high end gun. So like I said I come back to if it prevents me from breaking a few balls ever, then it paid for itself.

A hundred percent.

[Mark] Because I hate sitting and cleaning my guns and tearing everything apart.

Especially in a time of a tournament. It's a crucial situation. Let's say you're going to the finals and you've got a gun gacked up full of paint. For 55 bucks or $54.95, whatever you want to call it, probably worth it all day long. And that's it. I'm out of paint balls and that is SSC customs super soft tip bolts. Available for Lux X and like I said, any of the PE gamma core markers. Very, very nice. Super easy to install as you've just seen. Hit them up on the website. It makes great products. And Mark probably has a question for me so.

[Mark] I do.


[Mark] Well Martinez says I seen your video on woods ball versus speedball, and I still don't know which one to choose.

It's honestly, woodsball verse speedball. It's whatever. I mean, whatever you like more. I mean, I play a little bit of both. I prefer speedball more, but I play woods ball too. When I'm so sick of, you know, the mundane part of you know, let's go to practice let's worry about play calls. If you wanna go out and just have a fun time in the woods with your friends, with your family, do it. Fully encourage it. They're both fun to me, so.

[Mark] There you go. If you've got a question leave it in the comments below. Otherwise go check out Get yourself some fresh gear, and then go play some ball.

That's it.

[Mark] Later.