First Strike T15 Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

What is going on guys, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you a quick unboxing and overview of the First Strike T15.

[Mark] T15!

Tiberius T15 is in the building. First off guys, you guys know where to go Lone Wolf Paintball. We do carry some of the best products in the game. So this isn't stuff we do often but a lot of you guys have asked for it. 

Scenario players, first strike guys, mag fed players, stuff like that. We have the T15 in the building today, and we're going to do a little, you know, shooting with it, talk about it, just so you guys can see what it's all about. 

Exterior Features | First Strike T15

So let's first start off. This is based on a true one-to-one AR rifle platform. Everything involved with this first strike T15 paintball gun. It’s exactly like an AR platform rifle. So obviously you've got your Picatinny rails all the way around, including top, bottom, side, inside. I mean, if you get a closeup of the front end of the barrel mark, I mean everything looks almost identical to a true AR rifle. So next thing, Mark, do you want to continue to talk about exterior features or unbox it? What are you thinking?

[Mark] No, let's look at the gun for a minute. Let's see some of the sexiness and…

So we'll just get this right off the bat here. This actually the charge plate will flip down and then this can do a hopper feed as well. So I don't think the adapter comes in the box. It might be something you have to get in the future, but apparently first strike says this can do hopper feed. 

And also speaking of that, it does have the real action charging handle here in the back. Two fingers to cork and charge the gun as well. So I like that. I think this thing, like I said, weight-wise everything like a real AR is pretty much spot on. They try to keep it as realistic as possible. Also, integrating the tank that does come with a gun. We'll talk about price and then we'll show the tank that comes with the gun. It’s $599.99. And it integrates the 13 cubic inch 3000 PSI tank within the stock, to give you the most realistic feel possible.

So basically, you're not running a remote line down here. You're not screwing a tank onto the bottom of the grip frame. Everything on this is meant to be pretty much like real action per se. Yeah. The tank easily screws off. It obviously locks into the stock with different positions for the shoulder. So you got, I think I want to say five or six different positions back here with a stock Mark. So depending on if you have shorter arms or longer arms press the lever down and you can extend this thing to what fits your needs the best. 

Unboxing the T15 Paintball Gun

So next up, is going to be probably getting into the box guys. So let's kind of set that down and flip this bad boy right on open.

[Mark] What's in the box?

What is in the box? So we've already pre assembled. It does come with two magazines, I believe these are the First Strike 20 round magazines. So it comes to two magazines. I have these preloaded, this one full of First Strike rounds. And then this one is going to be full of round balls, your standard 68 caliber paintball. We'll pull that out. Let's see, a little bit of warranty cards, a little bit of information there, a cardboard box, and then you get into your front and rear sights which you obviously place wherever you'd like to. And they flip up and they flip down, front and rear sights. And then it's coming with the real stuff here. Obviously the protective barrel cover for upfront, more cards probably warranty info there, tools to take apart the gun if you need to. Speaking of that, remind me Mark. Remind me about taking the gun apart with you.

[Mark] Okay.

And then yeah, obviously the complete manual on what to do, troubleshooting stuff like that. Assembly, disassembly. And then what do you think this is for a Mark? Any ideas?

[Mark] Oh, I think I know, but I don't want to spoil it.

Okay. All right. He's not going to spoil it. You guys might have to find out. So you're supposed to run me off the assembling Mark or disassembling per se.

[Mark] Do you know what the wrench was for?

I can't tell you.

[Mark] Oh, I believe the wrench was to remove the front barrel with the shroud.

Disassembly and Maintenance

Oh, could be. We'll have to check into that. So back to the actual disassembly of the marker, it's got the two pins here, one pin there, one pin there, these are push pins that go out and you can drop the actual frame of the gun down, If you need to get in there clean, do any maintenance and stuff like that. So these pins push from each side you can push it from here, push it from there. And then both of those pins drop in the lower receiver and will come out of the gun. So, all right, Mark. What do you want to do now?

[Mark] I want to shoot this thing.

All right. Do you want to do First Strike rounds first or the round ball?

[Mark] Oh, so much pressure. I will let you grab whatever one's available.

Hmm, they're both available. They're sitting right there.

[Mark] All right. So surprise me.

Let's go for the round ball first and then we're gonna shoot the First Strike. We're going to shoot round ball first. It does have a selector switch over here. Obviously safety. The biggest safety is trigger finger control but it does have a selector switch safety here as well. So let's do this. 

Shooting the First Strike T15

All right guys, after some outside interruption, some loud stuff going on over here, the sun coming out, adjusting the lighting, stuff like that. We're going to put the round ball in here. We're going to shoot it. And then we're going to shoot the First Strike round. So let's do it. All right, Mark. Are you ready for this?

[Mark] Do it.

All right. We're in there. Round ball coming down range. It's actually extremely accurate even with round ball.

[Mark] Yeah, you had a couple weird ones.

Yeah, 100%. I mean this is just some old, you know, round ball stuff. So we're going to release the mag, and now we're going to go with the First Strike rounds. So let's do it. Nice little yellow fins on there.

[Mark] Ooh.

Okay. All right, here we go.

[Mark] How about these are even more accurate.

I would assume so. They fly a lot harder and further I'll tell you that much.

[Mark] Oh, Jesus.

That's it, man. Wow, Yeah. Those things you can just tell the velocity how straight those things fly, would highly suggest the T15 for any of you guys out there that are scenario players, mag fed guys that are looking for a realistic one-to-one ratio of the AR rifle platform. This thing is awesome. First Strike coming with the 13 cubic inch tank. It's got the adjustable buttstock back here. It does have the two pins you can take apart the bottom half of the receiver like a real AR rifle, everything Picatinny rails, the barrel, can't say enough about it. And like I said earlier in the video, I think they're making an adapter where you can make it hopper fed if you want it to go that route as well. So hit up the shop guys, Lone Wolf Paintball. And this is the First Strike T15 rifle as you guys saw this thing is extremely accurate and very, very nice.

YouTube Question

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[Mark] All right. So of course I'm going to butcher the name cause that's my thing.

Go ahead.

[Mark] Gianni Moreno.


[Mark] Says can I connect my Spire IV to my CS2 Pro?

You can. But right now I think they're still in the process of getting those platforms to work together. So it's an option. It is available through the planet eclipse app and obviously the technology built within the Spire IV has it, but I don't think they perfected it currently, but I know it's upcoming.

[Mark] Okay let's just tell him, we attempted to do an upgrade

I was trying to be nice about it, to connect to the Spire IV we have followed all the steps, And we were heading into some issues. So we're not going to put that video out until we can do it successfully. So we not really pushing that you should try it until we can do it successfully just because,

[Mark] But It's supposed to be a thing it's in the process. Yes.

So just patience.

[Mark] That's it. Thanks for watching guys.

All right. You have a question, leave in the comments below. Maybe we'll pick you randomly otherwise see ya.

[Mark] See that loud noise. There it is. All right.