Which is better: Planet Eclipse Geo 4 vs Dye DSR | Paintball Gun Comparison

What is going on guys. Boy, we got to throw back for you today. Jake is back in the building and we're gonna be bringing you a Geo 4 versus the Dye DSR, comparison and battle. So let's do this.

[Mark] Battle it up.

You go ahead and start.

Well I'm gonna start it with obviously hit up lonewolfpaintball.com 'cause we have both of these guns for sale on the site. Maybe by the time the video comes out both of these could be gone already.

Who knows-

But they'll get back in stock eventually.

For sure. They will. So you want me to start?

Yeah, go ahead let's see where we wanna take this.

I'm gonna start, I was... I got a method to my madness. So first off I got the Shaft FL Barrel 689 with the rubber back that you guys can also change out, these rubber sleeves come off, you can add different colors if you wanna customize it right?

Yeah, yeah.

But the biggest part is it's two piece and it's fourteen and a half inches long. Just gonna pull it out for the people.



Fair enough.

Let me see what they want you know.

Nice control board, solid.

Looking good, solid what's with you?

I have the tried and true. I mean just the Dye UL Barrel kit, well barrel. I don't think anything else needs to be said about that best barrel out there. The tip is interchangeable with the Boomstick backs and the Boomstick is obviously the best barrel that has ever been created since-

Bold statement.

Yeah. Since like the fricking 70's when they came out or something like that, I don't know. Hippie's used to use them to smoke powder or so.

Oh, okay. Interesting fact.

No, but for real, the Dye UL barrel shoots incredible. This gun is very, very ball and ball accurate with this barrel. I love it. The Planet has made improvements with their newer barrels though. Original like shaft for barrels.

So would you be willing to say as far as barrel wise, do I have a better barrel system?


No, I don't.

No, not at all. I would say mine is, you have a 14.5 inch.


But if we're going on a scale, your barrel is a 9.5 mine's a 10 out of 10 and yours is 9.5. That's where I would leave it. They're close, they're comparable.

Will let the viewers be the judges-

And it's also little bit louder too.

Well this one, the shaft.

Yes it's one hundred percent.

All right sure.

We'll do a decibel testing on that one.

All right.

Now what's your point? What you got for me?

All right, so-

Oh, oh.

I'm gonna have to go with the trigger personally. I liked this trigger more than the stock plain eclipse trigger.

Let me ask you-

How many adjustable points do you have on your trigger? 'Cause this has five adjustable points.

It doesn't matter, it comes perfect out of the box. You don't need to adjust it. Let me ask you how many-

He is a Dye fan boy.

How many aftermarket triggers do you have in the pro shop for that gun or the like the CS2.

Well infamous makes sence so.

So yeah. You have the infamous, you have like the deuces and that kind of... How many do you have for this?

I don't think I have any.

Zero, yeah zero. You know why? Because you don't need an aftermarket trigger.

Someone hasn't taken advantage of the market. You guys need to make a Dye DSR trigger put it on the market

You can make one, but you're not gonna sell it. It's a bad investment. It's a great trigger as it sits, everyone buys aftermarket triggers.

I liked that point. I don't know if there's any currently big manufacturers for triggers. I'm sure there's guys that 3D printed something, but okay. All right, so triggers out of the way. How do you change your... The batteries on your gun? Do you just pull this off?

All right, yeah, I do except that-

Where's your tool.

I don't need a tool if I got my fingernail that's long enough. I can just reach it in there but my fingernail is not long enough to twist.

So technically you're gonna need, show the camera.

Yeah, yeah. So you do need like a flat-head to get in there to open. Yeah, some something and like that that'll fit in there. But I have to say, I would rather spend $200 less to grab a penny off the ground or a little small, little shaped rock than have to pay $200 for movable grips. That's a big upselling some gripsy you got there.

Okay it's a nice grip. And that can also switch our grip colors too, if I'd like, but-

How do you clean your eyes in your D-tense?

Well, how I clean him is I just take this completely toolless removable grip off pull it down and I just slide that forward and then I can get in there and do what I need to do. You know? So simple flick of a button.

Sweet dude.

Oh the eye pipe. Oh, okay.

Let me-

Oh wait.

There we go, nice and clean.

So that's it.

Yeah. So I mean, if it was a little dirty I probably would have spit on it.

How many people lose those eye pipes? Tell me.

If you lose them then just... You're dumb. Like if you'd literally have to pull this out of the barrel and set it someplace in your house that it'd be easier to lose part of your eye covers or a little detent than it is easier to lose this.

So you just now minimum called fifty percent of fans and customers dumb Jake.

One hundred percent yeah. If you lose an eye pipe, if it just randomly... If you just walk around your house, with your barrel off-

In all seriousness, a lot of you guys out there that don't know on the CZR's, DSR's. If you guys dry fire your gun without the barrel-

It shoot out.

You guys have to have your barrel screwed on this gun-

One hundred percent it shoots right out.

Shoot out the front and you're it's clear.

It says that in the instructor.

No I know people don't read instructions.

Yeah, exactly.

[Mark] Who dry fires a gun?

A lot of people do.

[Mark] That's a horrible idea. Who dry fires without the barrel on. 'Cause what I wanna know is at least put the barrel on so you can hear how cool it is.

Sick, All right. It's my turn or yours?

[Mark] You need a good point. I'll just... I'll take the L the ASA.

Okay. We're talking ASA here.

You have the better ASA but this ASA is still an on-off ASA. It still works, it does the trick. It's got the bigger lever. That one is just a little bit easier. Yeah. The pops is easier, but again, $200 difference. You can get the upgraded ASA for this. I'm not sure what the extra price point of it is. 'Cause I've never bought one, but you can get the better ASA for it. And you'd still be under the price of what the... What that would be. So that-

He keeps bringing up price mark he's bringing up price. Let's hit it right on the head. You're talking under 1,200 bucks for the Geo 4. And what are these? About, 900.

950. If its paint on the color you get? Yeah.

All right. I think we both can agree the boards. I mean, nothing too special on either one. I have a light up board. You have a light up board. Yep.

Does your shoot nine or ten balls a second.

My paintball gun.

Yeah that paintball gun.

Yeah, it does it. Yeah, I can turn it up to a lot of paintballs.

So does mine.

That's good. I can shoot mine. So they both have a read-out, OLED display screens which is nice, fully programmable.

What's your operating pressure?

Why would you do that? Operating pressure on the-

So mine is lower is all you just wanna say? Yeah, mine is lower-

It's 135.

Okay, yeah.

Pull your bolt out. Let's go bolt to bolt. You wanna talk about operating pressure? The IV cores highly sought after was one of the best cores Planet Eclipse has ever made hands down. What you got?

It was one of the best cores, was one of the best. And then they got rid of it for a reason. But yeah, this the DSR bolt. There's all sorts of crazy O-Rings and everything in this, just like this, it's very easy to maintain though. You can either silk it with some ultra silk.

[Mark] Put the bolts next to each other.

Like dad wants us to put the bolts next to each other Yeah.

[Mark] Tip to tip.

You gotta put your-

Tip to tip yeah.

Ooh, tip to tip.

Yup. Very easy to service. It doesn't take a lot to actually get down and take the bolt out. Mines might not... Can come out without a tool. And yours.

Same. Yeah. Pull it up. You know

Mines just a little bit lower operating pressure. Probably gonna be a little bit more efficient. Maybe I'm not sure.

So you hit me with the operating pressure. That's fine. I think you win the point of operating pressure. I still think this IV core is very, very nice. That's fine.

It is nice, it is nice.

Switching gears. Let's talk about feednecks.

I knew-

Aaah I just noticed something.

Mine has got a very nice, big, large thumb wheel with a locking all aluminum feedneck to fit any hopper on the market.

Let me get my thumb wheel going.

Yeah, where's your thumb wheel ass.

It's not in there.

Why did they do that? I don't know why they do that but it still fits all the hoppers that you need into this very easy to adjust.

So you just like twirl like that show Mark.

So if you wanna loosen it or tighten it you just twirl it just like this. And then you get-

That's not gonna get worn out quickly.

To a perfect set. I mean, I've had my DSR for like three years and it's not worn out.

And he plays one time a year so that would make scenes.

Yeah, fair.

That's fair enough.

No, I mean I've never... I've had plenty of Dye guns and I've never had it wore out. The anodize... I would be more afraid of the anodizing getting scratched up but I've never had that anodizing actually gets super scratched up. Dye anodizing are solid. They are fricking bulletproof. I have almost zero scratches on all of my Dye guns which is, I think a lot to say for their anodizing.

Cause you just sit in the back right?


Yeah. I don't actually play, I don't do anything. I just walk around with it make it look like I'm gonna play.

Do you wanna talk?

[Mark] Oh.

Go ahead Mark.

[Mark] 'Cause I had some questions when you-

Go ahead, go ahead.

[Mark] Putting out of ideas. So, what kind of batteries do each gun take?

This one since I can access them so quickly, two double A's right into the front.

Yeah, nine volt.

His is uh use your penny or your-

Yeah, whateva.

[Mark] It's a nine volt.


It's a nine volt that sits in here. Just like a normal nine volt one.

Mark you wanna zoom in on that piece right there. And you got a second, right.

[Mark] Yeah, what is that?

Right in there, It's called the SFR. I believe it stands for Solenoid Flow Restrictor I believe. So you can adjust the amount of air going into your node.

I don't know why you would need that, Do you know why we would need that Jake?

Because Planet Eclipse always had issues with blowing their solenoid one hundred percent. If you had a solenoid, if you owned a Plane Eclipse gun I can almost guarantee if you've owned more than one you have almost always had a solenoid issue everywhere.

Do you think that is why with a brand new Geo 4 they made a solenoid you can fully service in-house.

One hundred percent, you have to how many-

Shout out to you Planet Eclipse 'cause Jake is right Some of the solenoid in the past-

And it took you 30 years. Yeah.

No but I really do like that feature that obviously if you do have an O-Ring or something went bad in these new models, you can take it apart yourself and fix it and not have to pay $170 for a brand new solenoid.

But you'd still have to pay I mean, unless if you know how to service that you're still gonna have to pay someone to fix it. Right, correct. So it's like-

Correct but not that hard, but yeah.

Okay, so, but my thing is with this solenoid you don't even have to pay anyone to fix it 'cause at the end of the day, these have the person-

Does it guarantee to be broken. Just kidding.

It has the purging solenoid. So if you over pressurize it, it's just going to purge out so it doesn't blow. I don't know why other companies hasn't picked that up. So unless if you just leave an air tank on it and just keep it filled up with 2,000 PSI like a consistent and just keep it on the airfield station. You're solenoid is not gonna get worn out yeah. So purging solenoid never is gonna have to be serviced. You're never gonna have to do anything with it.

So I'm just over here looking for my next point. I think it's going to be the grips. So for the... These grips, you can pop those bad boys over and then you can take them off. Both sides have to go and you can change the grips, get inside the board. Toolless right, okay so Jake yours are technically toolless but

All right they're technically toolless but they're pain the ass. I'm not even to show you how to take them off because they're not easy. But, but let's just talk about this nice grip frame that we have here compared to this.

So with side-by-side talking about grips and grip frames this one has that hourglass figure grip frame that everyone loves. Who doesn't like a nice female with that hourglass figure.

This one is bulky.

It is a little bit more beefy, it's a little bit more chunky.

I feel like I got a hold of something here.

I mean, fair enough. Everyone likes a little bit of fat on them but that's up to you and your personal preference. I like that nice slim profile, something that fits nice in my hand, something that where I have more range of motion with my hands and my fingers. So that way I can get on that trigger a lot easier. Granted, we're not playing 15 balls a second but it's still nice and a lot more comfortable. The other thing is when you're diving into snake because you don't have all that extra weight and it's a lot easier to get up underneath there. It's a lot easier for me to just pop up this gun with my thumb. Super easy. 'Cause I have full range of motion with my hand because it's very, very small. So and I have very small hands. So if you have bigger hands than me it's gonna be real easy. I've never core sampled with it. I've got baby hands, I'm a child so represent child hands over here.

So if you're 14 years old this one's for you right here.

That's good. Uh, brought a tear to my eye Jake. Lastly, unless Mark has more questions. How do you adjust velocity in your gun?

Simple right through the regulator.

Same, okay.

All right.


Right through the bottom plus or minus tells you what to do.

Yeah, I think I have the plus or minus. No I don't.

Oh man. It's not dummy-proof no, maybe I do not 'cause this is no-

That's your batteries dude. It's there but

I was gonna say I think-

Also mine is dummy-proof.

Am almost positive mine has a plus or minus on my idea sir. And the black one, but I could be wrong.

I don't know.

But I can't remember the last time I feed up the chronograph. 'Cause I just don't chrono, cause I don't play.

[Tony] Correct.

[Jake] I don't need to chrono my gun if I'm not gonna get checked by the refs.

[Tony] That's right.

[Jake] I mean one hundred percent.

All right, Well-

[Mark] So I did have one more question.

Go ahead.

[Mark] What stock bore size does each girl come with?

Mine is a six, eight, nine.

Six, eight, eight.

[Mark] Okay, do either of them come with additional backs or inserts?

Not that I know of. Not on this

Not on the DSR. But what is cool is that all of these reds are gonna be nice and they're gonna have these backs. They're gonna have these nice factory anode colors so you can put it on the back of your gun. So if you need to buy a smaller size that's what I'm saying like an eight four whatever you'll be able to find a red one.

And same with the shaft that is you can always buy different. They make a ton of different size bags.

And a bunch of different bags up. Plus Dye has a lot of... Dye has some of the best anodizing barrel tips. So if you're all about looking ag and being swag because everyone cares about having a ninety dollar barrel tip. If you have that, there you go. If you have the UL back, then you have the you can have your crazy, fancy colored tips-

They did a bunch of splashes and yeah.

One hundred percent yeah.

All right that's good. So people like that, people like to look cool and make some-

Just looking at overall milling final factor here. We need an unbiased opinion. Overall milling, what gun do you think is prettier.

[Mark] Okay. Hold still. So the people watching a home can see too.

No, they can't, are you sure?

[Mark] Yeah I did.

[Mark] On these two. I mean, they're pretty similar to be honest.

Its all personal preference I mean.

That one has more lines, this one has less lines. I guess it depends upon what you are. If you're a simple man and you like simplicity because Dye is very simple. You're just gonna pull this out of the box and use it. You're never gonna have to adjust anything. You're never gonna have to use your five point trigger adjustment of your trigger-

I don't need am just fine. You know what am saying.

Fair enough yeah. Don't forget to pick up your aftermarket trigger in the shop after this.

That's right.

You'll never have to service your regulator might not have the thumb drive on the feed neck but hey.

You might have to use your long nail to change your batteries when they died but that's cool.

Yeah, that's all right.

All right, either way put it in the comments below which gun you guys like better who won the battle per say.

[Jake] A two hundred dollars less, shoots better.

[Tony] More barrel options I don't know.

Who just doesn't buy a freak XL kid anyways these days

I don't know.

Let's be honest.

It's a good question.

Yeah, if you're not using a freak XL or a Boomstick back what are you doing with your life honestly?

What's Mark doing back there? He looks like he's up to something.

He's doing something.

[Mark] I'm getting questions from the YouTube.

All right, so we're both gonna have to answer a question from the YouTube.

[Mark] Well, it's the same question. Whoever can answer it-

I'm gonna answer it don't matter.

[Mark] It's not that complicated question.

I hope it's a damn question.

Who is it? Who gave you the question?

[Mark] Scofflaw 454 I love the names. Does the are R2 feed as fast as the original rotor?


Yeah, I think it feeds faster. It has that updated little, updated Finn piece. Yeah. So I think it's faster cause it's gonna jam less but nonetheless it's pretty much the same.

Definitely, most definitely. All right guys. Put it in the comments below if you liked it. If you wanna tell Jake to go himself, if not hit up lonewolfpaintball.com Thanks for watching. Quick little comparison, Geo 4 versus the Dye DSR. See you guys later.

DSR is best, superior.