Soft Tip Bolt Upgrade Kit | Planet Eclipse IV Core ST2.5 Bolt Kit

Hey guys, what is going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, Today, I am bringing you the all-new ST2.5 bolt tip by Planet Eclipse.

[Mark] We just did a bolt tip video.

We did, but that was the ST3, Mark. You may wonder why I'm holding an older style Geo here. Because the ST2.5 will fit in all the older style Geos, The CS1, the CS1.5s and the GSL Markers. Anything that has the IV core on the inside, this new bolt tip will fit. So what we're gonna do today, obviously if you already saw the ST3 video that I did, the only difference is this. Instead of fitting Gamma Core Markers it is gonna be fitting the IV Core Markers. So let's pull this bad boy out, Mark. These are the soft tip, new version, bolts by Planet Eclipse. And the only reason for that is because of the soft tip and they are gonna be very good for shooting brittle tournament paint.

[Mark] Hold it closer.

You want it here?

[Mark] Hold it closer.

[Mark] Whoa.

Oh, you like it? And it does, in case it ever gets damaged, it does come with another replaced. Tip two. Nice little bag.

[Mark] So, now when I say, "I have an IV core," and you'd be like, "do you have the whole thing or just the tip?" I can be like, "just the tip."

Just the tip, just the tip. So let's show them what the original looks like. If I can pull this bad boy on out. So any body that came with the standard IV Core, does that look like a soft tip to you?

[Mark] That looks hard. Why would you want that?

It is hard. It probably breaks paint

It's hard as a dollar. all the time.

All right, Mark, so I'm going to take these O-rings off, just the front tip O-ring off, okay. So we're gonna do that. We're gonna pop that bad boy off. We're gonna take our new soft tip. We're gonna take the O-ring off. The only reason, you can normally side them through with the O-ring on, but you don't want to damage it, obviously brand new. So we're gonna to take that one off. Take it off, slide it on in, put the O-ring back on, and now we do have the soft tip bolt on the actual core itself. And we're gonna slide this boy back into the gun and we're gonna go from there. So let's set that off to the side. Slide the core back in.

[Mark] Does the soft tip bolt affect operating pressure?

Not that I know of. It's just, like I said, Planet Eclipse came out with this for their tournament guns so it can shoot the brittle tournament paint. So now I've got the core installed with the new soft tip bolt and yes, people are probably gonna ask, Mark, yes, this is the, I believe it's a Geo 3 Zombie Killer Edition. You don't see too many of these out there on the market. All right, so I'll throw the hopper on here, and we're gonna shoot this bad boy. We're gonna see if it is truly good on barrel paint.

[Mark] Okay.

Okay, we're gonna do that.

[Mark] You shoot that.

I will. I will. So all right, guys, we are now gonna be shooting the ST2.5 bolt tip with the IV Core on this beautiful Geo. Ready, Mark?

[Mark] Yeah.

Oh hey, they wanna say hi over there.

[Mark] Who?

I don't know. See the door just came right on open.

[Mark] Oh, magic.

[Mark] How many balls did ya break?

None. I'd say it's nice. And this is why a lot of people out there still rant and rave about their old school Geos with the IV core and stuff like that. These things shoot absolutely amazing ball on ball accuracy. And, yeah, as you notice, haven't broken a paint ball. I would definitely say the soft tip bolt is a good upgrade for some of you guys with the older style guns that only have that hard front tip

[Mark] Can you shoot at the far right target? Nice.

Like that, Mark?

[Mark] I do.

Nice. I hit the bowling pin. It just doesn't want to fall down.

[Mark] Nope.

Should I put more paint balls through it or no? What do you think?

[Mark] You're out, out?

I'm out. Hopper's empty. I'm out out.

[Mark] I don't knowI think we're good. So, a quick little video on the new ST2.5. Obviously the rubberized tip helps with tournament paint that can be super brittle or even if it's a cold day. Would highly recommend getting these bolts systems. They're 60 bucks. It will upgrade your IV Core into something absolutely spectacular. Shop now, guys, And I'm sure Mark has a video for me.

[Mark] I do. Xavier Toledo wants to know do the Field One Acculock light barrel kits work on a 170R.

Yeah. Cause it's autococker thread.

[Mark] There you go.

So, yes indeed.

[Mark] So if you've got any questions, Leave them in the comments below, and maybe we'll pick you randomly. Otherwise, see you next time.

See ya.