Soft Tip Bolt Upgrade Kit | Planet Eclipse Gamma Core ST3 Bolt Kit

What is going on ladies and gentlemen. Today it's Tony from Lone Wolf paintball, and I am bringing you the brand new Planet Eclipse ST3 bolt kit

All right so, I'm gonna set this down Mark. You guys might be wondering why I'm holding a PE EMEK right now. So, the new ST3 Bolt Kit will fit all Gamma Core markers. 

We're talking Emeks', 170Rs', 160Rs', G-teks', Etha 2s', EMF100s', you name it, if it's got a Gamma Core, this new bolt kit is gonna fit it. 

Bolt Kit Overview

So today I've got the Emek out here. What I'm going to do is install it. Simply, you either need your fingers or a little dental pick. That's the only thing you're gonna need. Pull your Gamma Core out of the gun. The reason for this new bolt, it is an actual, let's pull it out so you guys can see. Mark will get a close-up. So, this thing is a soft tip bolt meant to shoot brittle tournament paint. So, can hold it there. You can get in-obviously you see the soft tip on the front. This comes on like the CS2 Pro guns and the CS's like that. It also comes with a rubber replacement tip as well in case this gets damaged over time. So, brittle paint. 

Installing the Gamma Core

That's the reason the Planet Eclipse came out with these. It's meant to shoot brittle paint with the soft tip upfront. So these retail, $59.95. They fit on all the Gamma Core guns. So, I'm going to unscrew my core from this EMEK here. And we're gonna pull this bad boy right out. So unscrew the back portion of the can. I simply can use my fingers, I hope, to pull my front O-ring off. 

So you're gonna pull the front O-ring off. If you can't do it with your fingers, Like I said, you got a dental pick there, have that ready. Pop that off, you're gonna slide your bolt out. Slide the new one in. Just so, I take this one off so I don't damage the O-ring. Take it off. Slide it through. And re-install the O-ring on the front, literally will take you less than 30 seconds if you're slow. So let's put it back together. We're gonna shoot this bad boy. Once again, it's the new ST3 bolt tip by Planet Eclipse. Let's see how it shoots.

[Mark] So brittle paint's the main reason to get one?

A hundred percent yep. That's exactly right. So let's screw this core all the way in, grab some paint balls, and let's let this bad boy rip. So a lot of the guys have asked, obviously, that's why Planet Eclipse comes out with these products, people always ask, when is it gonna be available for my gun? Or, you know, I have trouble breaking paint on a cold day or when I'm shooting, you know, some, some high-end tournament paint and stuff like that.

[Mark] Me too. Me too. Me too.

Shooting with the Gamma Core Soft Tip

Mark too. Mark too. All right, let's load this bad body up. And yeah, this is the Emek by Planet Eclipse. Obviously you just saw me install the soft tip. Shoot this bad boy. 

Super accurate. I'd say that much. And for you guys watching, yes, I did install a hair valve on this thing, so it is shooting pretty quick.

All right. Paint through the EMEL with the new Gamma Core ST3 bolt. I think it's absolutely excellent. Obviously I didn't break any paintballs but, if you guys are shooting very brittle tournament paint, you are gonna want to have this for your gun. A hundred percent guaranteed.

[Mark] Wait, so, can you get the hair valve at Lone Wolf as well?

You can. Yeah.

[Mark] Oh, how delightful. I love it.

Your car alarm going off?

[Mark] Not my car.

Oh, okay. All right. Do you have a question for me?

YouTube Question

[Mark] I do. If you can hear us.

Yeah. I can hear ya loud and clear. 

[Mark] Daniel Tran wants to know, actually two guys, Daniel Tran wants to know, do we ship to Canada?

Yes, we do. And Yunloxxo766, does our online store ship to countries other than the United States?

Our online store ships to Australia, France, Germany. You name it. We ship it. So, check it out. Lone Wolf Paintball. Thanks for watching guys. Don't forget to subscribe. Ring the notification bell. All that other good stuff.

[Mark] Yay. Paintball.