Shocker AMP | First Look with Russell from GOG Paintball


What is going on guys? 

It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am here with Mr. Russell, and we are gonna go over the all new Shocker AMP.

Prototyped Features for the Shocker AMP

[Russell] So here we have, this is actually one of the prototypes that we're testing, one of the great things about this platform, that we had a huge amount of player feedback, the Shocker CVO, the Shocker XLS has been wildly popular, so we wanted to make sure that whatever replaced it really kind of made an impact. And to start with, the whole new bolt system is accessed, we've gone away from the push button and now gone to a quarter turn now this is something we originally, you saw probably on the Adrenaline Markers.

Yes, definitely.

[Russell] This is a different mechanism, it is not the Adrenaline mechanism, it's its own one. It's just simply a quarter turn, the bolt system comes right at the back. As you can see, it looks nothing like the existing shocker platform bolt system, this is what we call a divorced spool. So the part where the section of the bolt that moves the ball, and the section of the part that fires the ball are separated. So that's allowed us to increase our efficiency, while reducing operating pressure. So with this, we're gonna see on a 77, we've gone from around a hopper in nine tubes up to a hopper in 12 tubes. So we're gonna pick up three whole extra tubes and you're gonna shut about 30 PSI. Most of these markers bring up right around 300 feet per second at a 100 PSI.

So that is extremely impressive. So what we're saying is we're losing, dropping at 30 PSI and gaining three more pods?

[Russell] Yes.

That's amazing, absolutely amazing, so.

[Russell] And because this marker doesn't utilize an LPR, whatever your operating pressure is is your pressure on the ball. So that 30 PSI means your 30 PSI easier on paint,


Mechanical to Electronic | Shocker AMP

[Russell] Than even the previous generation. The other really neat thing is obviously with a new name, comes some new features. AMP stands for Advanced Modular Platform, and the reason for that is because, with a single screw right here at the back, you can actually remove your trigger frame, and access to solenoid, and convert from electronic to mechanical. Now this one is mechanical, and again, as a prototype that we have here, that we're trying out, your friends here at Lone Wolf kinda hunted us down to make sure they had the hottest and latest news for you.

True of course, I have no worries.

[Russell] So normally you'd take that screw out over a table, but as you can see, you simply just pivot it off and now you can have your frame right off here too. Now again, this is a prototype, you'll see a 3-D printed part here but, this solenoid is completely tool-less, you'll be able to remove your mechanical solenoid, your electronics solenoid, and swap it to electronic without any tools other than that one eight screw that we took out the back.

That is an extremely impressive man, that's crazy.

New Airflow System

[Russell] You'll also see why we're peeking in here, a wholly new refined air path. This is the flow tube that goes directly from the regulators straight through to the solenoid, no bands, no restrictions whatsoever, ultra high flow. The reason we did it as a pipe is 'cause you can't even machine those angles and get that less lease of a resistance, so we have a stainless steel pipe built into the system now. And as I saw just real simple back right in, right back in with the pivot motion, and the frame just dropped right back onto the gun.

Like you said, normally over a table, obviously.

[Russell] Normally over a table, standing on a high-profile field is not the best idea and I dropped the screw.

Ooh man it's fine though, no one's perfect, we're all humans.

[Russell] So, this is the new Shocker AMP, we will start seeing these roll out to the public right around World Cup and I'm sure our friends here with Lone Wolf will help.

So I thought the actual, so the eyes obviously they're all internal, there's no wires or anything like that, correct?

Final Look at New Features | Shocker AMP

[Russell] Yeah, great, great point. So, with the advanced modular platform, they've gone to a permanently wired eye, or it's gonna be a permanently mounted eye. So when you separate electronics or the mechanical, it's gonna stay up in the frame. There's no wires to pinch, there's no connectors to damage, things like that. So you'd be able to drop that off, drop your electronics right back on, and the eyes will connect themselves.

So before I close this out Russell, I wanna say two things, I love the quarter turn bolts system, turn it, pull it out. I love the fact that you can just take your eight-inch Allen wrench, one screw, take the frame off, access it, and the tool is solenoid, so, really, really solid. I like the new metaling, Joe in here on the front of this. I like the new design.

[Russell] So the little chevrons up there, was something that we had a lot of players ask for when they played with their thumb over. They wanted something that was a little tacky for getting up there without damaging the end of it, they also said we've slimmed down the front grip. This is again pre production, but once you get to production, this is more or less what it will look like. The grip itself will also change into production. So again, early look at the Shocker AMP.

Absolutely beautiful, thank you guys so much. Man I certainly appreciate it, yes. Shocker Paintball at Lone Wolf, thanks for watching guys.