Planet Eclipse Ultimate EMEK 100 Package Review

What is going on, ladies and gentlemen? Today it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and I am bringing you the Ultimate EMEK 100 Package review.

[Mark] What makes it so Ultimate?

'Cause it's just super sweet. That is what makes it so Ultimate, Mark. The accessories. We'll go over those in a minute. The barrel that it's gonna be coming with, stuff like that. Obviously, before we jump into that, We're gonna have this package available on the website

Reason we're doing this review, couple of things. People have asked, what are you guys currently shooting? What's the hot gun out there on the market right now? With the resurgence of the 10-mans and the mechanical tournaments, ICC, ICPL, other smaller leagues across the country that are running mechanical events only. This bad boy right here will definitely give you what you need to succeed on the field. 

Package Review | Planet Eclipse Ultimate EMEK 100

So this is the Planet Eclipse EMEK, if you guys aren't aware of what this gun is, obviously. And this is my personal gun that I shot at the ICPL a couple weeks back. I do have, we'll go over 'em in a minute, but I do have the hAir 45 valve inside. I've got the Infamous Murder Machine trigger on there, the DeadlyWinds Null barrel, and then the POPS ASA down here at the bottom. So why would you want to by an EMEK? 

First off, these guns, they're bulletproof. They come with a Gamma Core and they're $299.99, just for the gun. This entire package, with the barrel, your POPS ASA, your hAir valve, and your Infamous Murder Machine Trigger is $519.95. Got a great gun by a great company with a ton of really, really nice accessories. You want me to start with the barrel first, Mark?

[Mark] Sure.

Barrel | DeadlyWinds Null Barrel 

Okay, sure. So guys, this is the Null barrel by DeadlyWinds. Let's pull this bad boy out. It is a 14-inch carbon fiber barrel and the best part is the first, I believe either four or five inches of this barrel are bored out at a .684. So most of you guys out there that know anything about recent paintball, paint has gotten smaller and you're gonna want anywhere from an .82 to an .84, .85 bore to have the most accurate shot. So DeadlyWinds went ahead and did that. They are bored out, I think, so don't quote me on this. I think it's like the first four or five is a .684 bore. 

So this barrel, it's super light, very, very nice, pretty quiet, and this is coming in the package. Like I said, the whole package is only gonna be $519.95 for a great gun with a ton of good accessories. Now to mention, on the barrel as well, if you guys have any other higher-end guns that are Autococker thread, this is going to fit on those guns, as well. So that's always a plus 'cause most people do have other guns and these things, they're gonna be rocking for ya. 


All right, next we're gonna just go on the row here, Mark. This is the Planet Eclipse POPS ASA. If you guys don't know what that is, the standard EMEK, which I'll pull out and show you here in a second, if I can get this thing open. The standard EMEK comes with just your standard bottom-line ASA. This actually has a push-button on/off release system right there, so you can actually engage and disengage your air with an ease and press of a button. 

So if you guys wanna see what the standard EMEK ASA looks like, I'll show you here. Got one in the box. By the way, these things don't stay in stock long, so if you guys want one, hit the website. So as you guys can see here, this is just your standard ASA. There's no air on/off system whatsoever. Just kinda, hey, fight for yourself and hopefully you don't shred your O-rings on there. So--

[Mark] And if you're slow to screw it in, it starts leaking and--

Correct, oh, yeah. So the POPS ASA by Planet Eclipse is a great upgrade. I highly recommend it. All right, Mark. We're gonna go on to probably one of our number one sellers in the store and on the website--

[Mark] Are microfibers?

Valve | DeadlyWinds hAir 45

No, microfibers sell all right, but they don't sell anywhere near as well as these DeadlyWinds hAir 45 valves. These things make this gun shoot absolutely phenomenal. So I do have one installed inside of my EMEK, had a little treatment done to it to make it shoot a little bit faster, but that is what the DeadlyWinds valve looks like. It literally sits right inside. 

I did a video on how to install this product. It's very easy. It might take you less than five minutes if you know what you're doing. So it just literally drops in there and it's going to take the place of the stock one obviously provided by Planet Eclipse. So that's the DeadlyWinds hAir 45, and these things also don't stay in stock long, too. 

So if you guys are interested, if you guys, even if you guys already have an EMEK and you wanna, you're looking to do upgrades, buy a Null barrel, get a hAir 45 valve. Would highly recommend the POPS ASA. 

Trigger | Murder Machine 3

And lastly, I have the gold one on my gun here. This is the Murder Machine 3 trigger by Infamous Paintball. This one, the all-black, you guys can see it. I'll throw it up here. It's got a nice, little skull. So you guys can see that little, tiny, little skull there. And this is what the trigger looks like compared to, that's the trigger there, and then this is just obviously your stock trigger. 

So it's got some flair to it. It's definitely a little bit lighter. It's got nice ball bearings on the inside. So works really, really well. 



And that's pretty much it for the Ultimate EMEK Package review. Mark, are there things that I didn't go over, didn't cover? What do you think?

[Mark] Well, I'm more curious on, all the upgrades and features sound great. Like you said, it puts it at, what was the price point again?

It’s $519.95 for a fully decked-out EMEK, pretty much.

[Mark] Not bad. Still cheaper than going with an M170 or something like that.

Of course, yeah. Oh, you were probably mentioning the barrel. Or no? No? Yeah?

[Mark] No.

Oh, okay.

[Mark] Yeah, I like the barrel. Barrel's good. What I was gonna ask was, did you have any issues? How did it perform? How did it keep up with other people's guns at the ICPL? You played, so--

Yeah, it shot great. I highly recommend it. I didn't have, I literally, the entire tournament maybe broke one paintball and that's nothing to do with the gun. It's 'cause of the conditions out there. But no, the gun shot great, didn't miss a beat. Like I said, I did have a little extra treatment done to mine. It's called the Boom Treatment. You guys can check that out in your spare time, do some research on that. But it shot great. I didn't have any issues with this gun whatsoever. Yeah, I mean the Gamma Core in here runs phenomenal, so--

[Mark] Yeah? Nice.

That's it. Yeah.

YouTube Question

[Mark] Finding a question from the YouTubes for ya.

Okay, go ahead.

[Mark] Here's a good one. I like this one. TheDubu8 says, "Is the LTR better than the original rotor?"

Is the Dye LT-R better than the original rotor? I know they've had a couple small internal upgrades, kinda with the resistor fin and stuff like that, which helps it feed better, less jamming. It pretty much is the original rotor, though. In my opinion, they look the same. The functionality is pretty much the same. Very, very small changes in the internal drive components. But other than that, it's pretty much the original rotor and they're both great hoppers. So that would be my opinion on that one.

[Mark] There ya go. If you got a question, put it in the comments below and maybe we'll pick you randomly.

That's right.

[Mark] Otherwise, see you next time.

Take it easy.

[Mark] EMEK, EMEK--

[Both Men] EMEK, EMEK.