Planet Eclipse CF 20 Paintball Magazine Review

Hey guys, this is Joe with Lone Wolf Paintball, and today we're gonna do an overview and shooting video with the new Planet Eclipse CF 20 continuous feed magazine.

[Mark] Continuous feed, what's that mean?

Paintball Magazine Feed Types Compared 

Alright guys so this is the new magazine by Planet Eclipse. When Planet Eclipse first came out with their MagFed gun, it was EMG 100 at the time, now the EMF100. Jack would always want it to develop their own magazine. As you guys know, the gun is compatible with the Dye DAM magazines. The way the Dye DAM magazines work is they're 20 round mags but there are 10 on one side, 10 on the other. 

So on a Dye magazine, you'll have two different openings, what that means is you pop in your mag, you shoot your first 10 shots, then you gotta drop it, switch it to do your other 10. And then they do the five and five as well for the 10 round count, but Planet Eclipse had always wanted to develop a continuous feed mag system. 

So this will hold 20 rounds of first strike, this one's preloaded right now, or hold up to 21 of your standard round paintballs. So I'll pull out one of the other ones and kinda show you. This is the packaging it's gonna come in, these guys are available for pre-order now at Lone Wolf Paintball. The first batch is coming mid to end November, it's gonna be all black, they're gonna have a bigger shipment in December of all black mags. And then sometime at the beginning of next year, they're going to be coming out with earth ones as well. 

Features of the CF 20 Paintball Magazine

So there's your packaging, the  CF 20s come one at a time, they don't come in two packs like the Dye ones do. So when you order these, you're gonna be ordering one mag at a time, however many you want, put that quantity in your cart. When you open it up you got your magazine like you saw, your box, your instructions, standard warnings, legal stuff, instructions, how to load it, how to take it apart, everything like that. 

What I do like about these guys is that they are clear and transparent. You can see exactly how much paint's in your mag, you know if there's any broken paint or debris, that type of stuff, any blockages. If a First Strike round happened to flip around, anything like that, so which is pretty cool. You can see it comes automatically with the upgraded follower, that's one of the things Planet Eclipse sells, if you wanna upgrade a Dye magazine they have their repair kit

These are supposed to be a lot more reliable when feeding First Strikes so it's gonna come with that. It's gonna have the same kind of shuttered closing on the side as the DAM so that it looks exactly like the DAM and again these are gonna be compatible with the DAM since this gun uses those magazines. 

You’ve got your wind wheel right up here, you start to wind it, you can either hand wind it so you can see when I start winding it or actually. Little note to you guys it can not be wound when the shutter is completely closed so you do actually gotta have the shutter in the open position, so there you go, you guys already saw. When you start winding it, make sure that it's open. So usually I just pop that down a little bit so it's like that. Then you can start winding it. You'll start to see the green follower, it's gonna go all the way down. 

Also, Planet Eclipse integrated this, this takes a one eighth inch allen wrench, the same velocity tool you'd use on a Planet Eclipse gun, so you can do the quick wind, which is much faster, easier on your fingers. As soon as it gets to the stop position don't try to over tighten it, it'll stop like that, you don't gotta crank anymore, not an extra one for good measure, so cool. So you can wind that up. If you're doing round balls you can load your round balls right in and they'll fit right around. 

Loading the Magazine: Standard and First Strike

The cool thing though, maybe if you've seen Jack Woods' video, he shows you a really easy way especially when you're loading First Strikes, is this has a lock and unlock feature. So right there it's in the lock position, when you turn it here, it goes to unlock. If you guys are gonna take this cover off– a word of warning; make sure you have this wound in this position. If you have it up in the normal position and you take off this cover, the spring's gonna pop out, you're gonna have a bad time. So make sure definitely that you got this wound up so you can put it in the unlocked position and then you can open your magazine. 

That's definitely really handy if you do end up getting a broken paint, even playing to get dirt, debris, things like that so it does make it real easy to clean and then when you go to load in your First Strike rounds, as you can see I have in this one certainly makes it a lot easier to do it that way. So like this one I'll show you that I already got the First Strikes, preloaded. You can see how they load in, I'm gonna pop that back in though, since I got it locked and ready to go.

[Mark] So all the tips of the First Strike paintballs go inwards.

Yes, exactly, so when you load this magazine you'll see, it's got a little guide, so you can see that the tail fins are facing that way so your tail fins always face out, the head of the paintball always faces on the inside of the track so that lets you know right there. That lets you know so you can make sure that you're loading them as you should. I have some extra First Strike rounds and I’ll just pop a couple in there so you guys can see. 

I preloaded the other one just to make it easier on you but as you can see, they drop right in so when these things do loop around, when you got your whole mag loops, spins and it comes out the gun ready to fire right down range and see there's a diagram there. So yeah, that makes it really really easy to load these things so that we won’t be feeding them in one at a time worrying about them flipping around and anything like that. 

So cool, so I got one already preloaded with First Strikes. We'll load up another one with a regular round 68 Cal Pin, couple other features on these two, these two have the built-in mag couplers so if you get the Dye DAM magazine couplers, you can actually couple two of them together so then you got 40 rounds ready to go. Capacity like I said, 20 on the First Strike, 21 if you do the round paintballs, kind of a cool way when you go to load up the round ones, you can really just kind of take a handful, drop them right in.

[Mark] I thought the cover was cool 'cause it kinda gave you how many paintballs were in there on the outside.

Exactly, and what's actually kinda nice too, is on the cover it's marked. So you can see with the First Strike you got 20 rounds you would go up a little higher for that extra paintball, if you're doing round ball, but 20, 15, 10, 5, it lets you know how much paint is exactly left in there for you. There we go, that's pushed out, so load it up when you gotta put that in, you got a couple tabs so kinda go with that downward angle, pop it in it,

[Mark] That makes it easy to clean too if you get a broken ball.

Yeah, exactly, so they're very, very nice. Once it's loaded I usually slide that close 'cause then once you push it up into your gun the mag wall will pop that down, it'll engage the spring and everything will be good to go for you. 

Shooting with the CF 20

We'll start out as soon as I pop that, you heard it. So exactly where the follower is, is how much paint you have. So where the bottom of that green follower is, lets you know, you can see the paint... let's rip it. Keep my hand off. You can see the pink going around. There you go and then you can see the gun doesn't wanna fire 'cause again once the mag's done that follower pops out, doesn't let your gun fire when that's in there. 

That way you know for sure you're out of paint, you're not just wasting dry shots and letting your opponent know you're gonna release there it's kind of quiet with that, they hear, oh, oh, he's shooting blanks so, but yeah, that fit very well for that first one we're gonna shoot some First Strikes in here now. Alright so I'm gonna put in the magazine with the First Strikes, pops it up, gun engages. Man, these First Strikes shoot so straight. Wow. Just like that. That shoots very, very well with the First Strike rounds. Maybe I'll do one more. The first six are kinda fun so, shoot a couple extra First Strikes in there, but yeah, no issues shoot through your paint real quickly, wind that up, unlock, bam dropping some First Strikes.

[Mark] We can't see the bags are on the way.

I'm gonna have to do a whole mag but

[Mark] If you do, they go fast.

This is where Mark puts up his SpongeBob thing.

[Mark] 20 years later, yup. Now do the other magazines on the market, do they open on the side like this for easy loading or they're - ?

To my knowledge, I mean, I'm not the 100% MagFed guru, but I don't know of any right now, I know like the First Strike has 20 round continuous feed style magazines but to my knowledge like the stock ones that come with the gun don't have that, I'm sure if I'm wrong, somebody will definitely correct me. But to my knowledge, no.

[Mark] Well I was just thinking 'cause the way you're loading it I mean you haven't done this a hundred times that this has to be faster than trying to feed it through the opening at the same -

Yeah, and it's probably soon and at least it's... To probably a little bit more reliable it's just the fact that, hey, you're getting them in straight every time and all that but... so bam lock it in shutter close, a couple more, bam right in there. Those little shorts didn't have quite 20, but feeds –  

[Mark] Move your hand thank you.

Wow those things are shooting! So that was fun. Yeah, these magazines, these were a long time in the works, you guys know Planet Eclipse doesn't put out anything that they are not 100% satisfied with. So yeah, a lot of R & D, tons and tons of testing from some of the most aggressive and popular MagFed guys out there. Overall though, very impressive feed, excellent, First Strike, all that type of stuff. 


If you guys are looking to pick these up, they're available for pre-order now, like I said, retail price is $29.95, you can order them now at Lone Wolf Paintball of course. First wave should be shipping out mid to end of November with a much larger wave coming in December, with more to follow, the earth color is gonna be sometime beginning of January of next year, any other questions though? If you're looking for mags, looking for the EMF 100, Ninja tanks, first strike rounds, GI paint, anything you need, you guys know where to shop. I think Mark might have a question for me.

YouTube Question

[Mark] I do, I've got a question from YouTube, Nik Georgiefski I'm sure I butchered that horribly. That's why it's on the screen. We did a Shocker CVO versus the Planet Eclipse M170R, “I'm looking to buy either one today” and “I'm still torn after weeks of researching and laughing my ass off.” "Which should I pick up if I'm a woodsball player? "Also, don't worry so much about short strokes, 'cause I don't try to shoot as fast as absolutely possible". So what would you recommend between the Shocker CVO and the Planet Eclipse M170R are for a woodsball player.

For a woodsball player, right now, actually, Shocker just announced the new Shocker AMP that came out. So right now the CVO, just the regular Shocker CVO is probably going to be a little tough to find with the new Shocker AMP out, they're gonna have the same mechanical conversion kit for it. So yeah, I'd probably probably recommend looking towards the Planet Eclipse M170 now, that is the most current model still, like I said, the CVO is an excellent gun but yeah, I would probably, personally get the M170 just 'cause it is their latest and greatest model so.

[Mark] Awesome, so if you've got a question, leave it in the comments below, we might pick you randomly, otherwise go to and get some of the sweet gear.

Of course see you guys next time.