Infamous Shocker XLS / RSX Deuce Air Trigger

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I'm bringing you the all new, Infamous Paintball Deuce Air Trigger.


[Mark] Deuce deuce.


Deuce deuce. Throwing them up baby. Before I jump into it you already know the drill. Hit up Lone Wolf Paintball for some of the best products in the entire game. 


Deuce Air Trigger Overview

Today I'm bringing you the Deuce Air Trigger by Infamous Paintball. Aircraft aluminum, four different actuation points that you can adjust. And, it's deuce deuce. 'Cause it's a little. Little double. Double trigger there. So let's pop this bad boy open. First off this model right here, obviously you might wonder I had my Shocker XLS. This will... this trigger here, is going to fit the XLS and the RSX Shocker models. They retail at $54.95. Like I said, aircraft aluminum.


It does have a very nice tiny, tiny, tiny, Infamous engraved skull at the bottom of the trigger. And that's got four different set screw points, ball bearings, good stuff like that. Super light, and, designed and packaged in the USA. So, let's grab our 1/16th Allen Wrench. That's how we're gonna install it on the shocker. And then we're gonna shoot this bad boy after, just so you can see. 


So let's flip the Shocker over. You're gonna take your 1/16th Allen Wrench, one set screw right in there. We're gonna pull that bad boy right out. Take out the stuck trigger. We're gonna install the new Deuce Infamous Air Trigger. So take out the stuck one, literally one screw there. Install the new trigger here. It's kinda weird doing it upside down Mark. But we'll make it happen. And, we'll be on our way to shoot this bad boy in no time. 


That's it. That's all it takes. 1/16th Allen Wrench, one screw, in and out just like that. Like I said they retail about 55 bucks.


[Mark] Is it the same Allen Wrench to just the set screws?




[Mark] For itself.


For the 1/16th? Yes it is.


[Mark] Oh! How convenient?


Yes sir. Very, very, very convenient. All right. Let's do it. Obviously this is my XLS. This trigger, how do you think it looks so far Mark?


[Mark] It looks as I'd expect from Infamous. Amazing.


It looks very very pretty there. Very very pretty. All right. Let's load this bad boy up with some paint and shoot it. I like it. It is super light. I like that he actually has, I mean obviously Deuce, you can get... You can walk this trigger extremely easily. So I might just keep this one on my gun, and yeah just keep it on there. Let's load it up. Well, you know what? I don't have a bag of paint, so I got a pod.


[Mark] ♪ You got pods, ♪ ♪ you can do it like a big boy. ♪


Exactly. Big boy, we can do this.


[Mark] ♪ Big boy pod filling. ♪

Shooting with the XLS Deuce Air Trigger

Air gun is on. Hopper is on. It is paintball time Mark. Are you ready? Let's do it. 


Oh! You have the paintball pod?


[Mark] Well, what do you think?


How do I like it?


[Mark] Yeah. 


Super light man really is. It's very nice. With the four different sets. The set screws that you guys can adjust for personal preference. I might tinker a little bit, but stock out of the box. It's shooting pretty good. 


Obviously the gun has nothing in this ball on ball. We already know that, but the trigger is very very light. Extremely nice. And that's it. Two full pods. Just like that. This is the Infamous Deuce Air Trigger baby. So, extremely light, extremely nice and very very comfortable. So, shop now guys, Lone Wolf Paintball and head on over to Infamous Paintball as well. To check out other products that they have to offer.

YouTube Question

[Mark] Here we got a question from the YouTube.


Go ahead.


[Mark] And it's trigger related. How about that?


Okay. Bam.


[Mark] Gabe Huebner. Huebner. What trigger would you guys say is better for a Tippmann 98 custom? The response trigger or the e-grip?


Well, if they made the e-grip any longer, I would probably say the e-grip 'cause it's fully adjustable. Response triggers are nice. You can kinda get a...a good motion going with the response. But I don't think they're longer... any longer making the, did he say for what the 98 or the 85?


[Mark] He said yeah. Either one.


Yeah. 'Cause the 85 they're not making them anymore. So, I think your only option currently is probably to go with the Response Trigger.


[Mark] Wow!


And then you at least with the Response Trigger it runs off air and not on battery. So, you're never just gonna die out on the field.


[Mark] There you go.


That's it.


[Mark] You got a question, leave it in the comments below. Otherwise we will see you next time.


That's right. Take it easy guys.


[Mark] ♪ Lonewolf Infamous Paintball ♪


♪ Done. ♪