Dye Rize CZR vs Empire Mini GS | Best Beginner Speedball Paintball Guns

All right! Let’s do it!

[Jake] Mini GS is about to get eaten alive.

No way!

[Jake] Eaten alive!

What is going on guys, It’s Tony and Jake, and Jake! And today we are gonna bring you a battle of the Empire Mini GS vs. the Dye Rise CZR. So stay tuned, put on your seat belts, buckle in, it could be a wild ride with this review.

All right! First off, welcome to Lone Wolf Paintball, you already know we are the plug, the best source for paintball in the entire game.

Do we still have that beef jerky?

We have some, there's a bag or 2 left

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Let's get ready to rumble!!

Lets rumble with this okay so I would say these are both beginner speedball markers, you're gonna start off with these and move up the ladder.

[Jake] 100% yeah.

All right hit me, battle starts now go!

Dye Rize CZR vs Empire Mini GS

[Jake] The first thing that I would like to say,

You get one point then it’s my turn.

Spacing & Sizing

[Jake] Let's talk about this spacing here between the front and back grip for a little bit, so unless you are a 12 year old kid, this gun is not gonna fit in your hands, look at all this room that I have in here for my thumb and everything else.

But if I'm getting into paintball I'm probably gonna be a 12 year old kid, and this would be the perfect gun for my 12 year old self. I'm a grown man, this isn't for me.

[Jake] So exactly, if you are not a kid that is thinking about getting into paintball, or if you even are a kid that's getting into paintball, and you're like I want my investment to last me a couple years, I'm 14, I'm gonna hit a growth spurt, because in 2 years I'm gonna be 16, I'm gonna have these grizzly paw hands, maybe unless if you're a child still. That's fine but this is gonna last you a lot longer because you're gonna have a lot more room in here to be able to move around, so my first, biggest, and main point is the overall dimensions and spacings of the Rize CZR paintball gun, is gonna fit more players than the Empire Mini GS will.

Okay, okay.

[Jake] You're gonna have to buy an Axe if you want the bigger one, then you're talking over $400, to get an Axe to get that spacing.


Okay, that's fair. I'm just gonna end it, the video is about to end right now. Boom! Do you have a gage, do you have a readout gage so you're not just all willy nilly and messing up your velocity and then you blow the solenoid.

[Jake] No, no the Rize CZR has a purge able solenoid, you're not gonna blow the solenoid.

So you don't think if you crank that reg all the way in, not knowing what you're doing because you are a beginner speedball player, you have no gage to read and kinda see where you're at, you don't think that solenoid is gonna blow?

[Jake] I’m willing to test it! Let me also ask you how many people come into the pro shop always needing this fixed because they don't know what to have their pressure at?

Well because it comes stock out of the box right around 200 on the gage, and that is also bringing me to the next point. 

Velocity Adjustments

This is where you guys adjust velocity, where it says velocity! You don't stick an allen wrench down in there, you don't do that! You only adjust the gun where it says velocity.

[Jake] Let me ask you, what happens if you are a new beginner player and you don't actually know, and you accidentally crank that up and you have to service your regulator? How do you service your regulator?

First off, they should've watched my video on YouTube already, on “don't ever touch this”, but if they didn't they are probably gonna blow the solenoid.

[Jake] Yeah! And then how do you service all of that? How do you get into here and service all that?

How do you service the actual ASA regulator? You actually send it or you contact Lone Wolf Paintball and we can definitely service it for you! Because you do need a special tool to take the ASA apart, but you shouldn't be messing in there anyways.

[Jake] Oh! I just sit at home, I just pull this apart

You sit at home and play with your macro line. I get what's going on there.

[Jake] Yeah I just pull this apart and then I service my regulator, if I forget and accidentally mess something up

Because you're a 12 or 14 year old kid and you definitely know how to pull it apart and service your regulator.

[Jake] It's not that hard, there's YouTube videos on it, after you break it then you're gonna reference some help, but I can guarantee you this is gonna cost less money if you don't know how to service it because, one you don't have to send it to empire or you don't have to pay for shipping or bring it to a place that's gonna have the tool to actually fix that, and then it's gonna take more time and more parts to disassemble, and take apart which means is gonna cost more money to service.

So you're saying you have all the dental picks, allen wrenches, everything that you need to rebuild that right?

[Jake] 100% yeah

Okay cool!

[Jake] So better serviceable regulator

Removing the Bolt

How do you take your bolt out of the back on the Rize CZR?

I need an allen wrench to take that screw out and then it pulls out on the Empire Mini GS.

[Jake] I just take my allen wrench and go in there and take mine out.

All right so that's definitely a mute point.

[Jake] Is yours a pop it or a spool?

The Empire Mini GS is technically an inline pop it.

[Jake] It is an inline pop it. Yeah no, how much harder is it to service, when you need to get that pop it out if it goes bad after 200,000-300,000 shots? How hard is it to get that pop it out vs. a spool?

You screw that out, you unscrew it out and then you can access it right on the inside to the pop it.

[Jake] Would you have to do that with this gun?

No, you would just have to replace 37 million O-rings on the inside of the Dye Rize. Yes or no who has more O-rings on their bolts?

[Jake] Me 100%, but what happens if you need to get into your gun at the field and all of a sudden, you take it out and your spring launches across and now it rolls around in the dirt, with the bolt and everything else, because that's under spring power?

Then it sounds like my guns are not gonna be functioning the rest of the day, Jake.

[Jake] Yeah, exactly, you don't have to worry about any springs with the Rize CZR paintball marker. You take this out from the back, super easy, you don't have to worry about this whole thing shooting out at you and guess what you're good to go. You just wipe her down, super easy to maintain you don't have to worry about potentially replacing a pop it after so many shots, or having an issue with it, or over pressurizing it.

Okay, that's good we are fair. AHH! This is a long lost thought, there's two things actually. Can you put an OLED readout display screen on the Rize CZR? You can buy the redline board for the Mini GS already installed from us and you guys can program it with the readout display screen.

[Jake] You can, you 100% can

Boom! There's one, gotcha!

[Jake] But then you're $200 more expensive.

What do you do with that? 

[Jake] You just turn it on I don't think there's a battery in this, but you just turn it on and there's a little light thing that comes up over here and it just tells you that its on or you just can program it that way by using the lights.

I was just throwing that out there.

[Jake] Sure, I mean yeah you can spend a lot of money ricing out a Empire Mini Gun, you really can that is what is really cool about the minis is that you can make this gun cost you about $1000 by the time you're done with it, it is the modern day ION. That's the cool part about it, there's a million parts, you can do extendo frames, you can do better barrel kits, and better feed necks. Aw sick dude I just spent $500 on my $300 gun. Sick!

[Jake] It's the Honda Civic of paintball guns, that's exactly what it is.

Accessing Detents

I'm leading you into your next point, how do you access your detents man? What's up with that? I'm just on the outside here ya know?

[Jake] Oh so you still have to worry about your detents, or you have to worry about your eye spring popping out. Isn't there a spring?

Yeah there's a spring but they're pretty secure, but there's a spring. What is that? Oh that I-pipe that you're probably gonna lose again? If you're 14 you're gonna shoot that straight out of the gun 100%.

[Jake] I mean you might, you definitely might 100% You probably will or you can lose all your screws when you take apart all your I's and your detents.

So I have external access on the Mini GS, you've go to unscrew your barrel on the Dye Rize, make sure the I-pipe is still in there.

[Jake] Yeah, its super easy, that's how easy it is to take care of your detents, your I's, no springs, no nothing. You don't have to take out your I-wires. You have I-wires in there don't you? Cause Axes are the ones that don't have I-wires. So once you get in there, you might accidentally pull out some I-wires, it’s not the easiest to pull those out if they are caked in there. It's easy just right here you just easily put it back in.

Oh gosh, Mark is gonna bleep that part out. That's Jakes' personality, he's definitely kidding. Do you have an aluminum clamping V-neck lever? Or is yours a piece of plastic?

[Jake] Mine is composite, mine is actually stronger than that aluminum.

No way! No way!

[Jake] Way bro! They make Glocks out of this plastic.

Mark is that true?

[Mark] Is that real aluminum or is that aircraft aluminum?

I don't know but it's definitely hard metal.

[Jake] For $300 it’s no aircraft aluminum, I can tell you that right now. Oh and the Rize CZR is a low rise feed-neck. Is the Mini GS a low?

It looks pretty low! It might be lower than yours. Oh I don't know I might've got ya

[Jake] Yeah but the difference is where my hopper is gonna sit in here inside the breach, where yours is gonna sit, my gun is a little taller.

Oh okay now we are getting down to the nitty, gritty

[Jake] But that's all right.

What about your barrel? You didn't go over that yet did you?

[Jake] I didn't want to drag you too hard honestly.

Whoa, whoa okay!

[Jake] So this barrel comes on your $1500 or however much the M3 is, this barrel right here is the same exact Diul minus the tip, the tip is a little bit different, it has different porting, so it's a touch louder, but it's not that much of a difference but you're still getting the tried and true UL two piece barrel on this price point of a gun which is incredible, which is 100% incredible.

Okay well the highest gun that Empire makes, you can still get 2 piece, 14 inch driver barrel. Let me check my size real quick, check my size I got a 688.

[Jake] Yeah, that's why when you see everyone that is Empire sponsored, not using Empire barrels. Cough cough to AC Dallas who had to run all those vanquishes without all those barrels on them.

I don't know dude we gotta fact check that one, fact check

[Jake] Yeah fact check it, fact check it.

Rize CZR vs Mini GS ASAs

All right Mark, lets talk about the ASA finally, flip it dude, I like this I'll tell ya that.

[Jake] I'll give you a little bit more points on the ASA for the Empire Mini. The ASA is a little bit better, not serviceable, whereas the Rize CZR is serviceable.

And yours is attached to an ugly macro line, too. You know what I'm saying though?

[Jake] It is macro lined but, I would rather pay to have that extra spacing. Macro line is very very easy to service, that is why Eclipse took so long and did their itty bitty pipe, that's why so many people didn't go away from the macro-less for a hot second, now let me ask you. That bolt is the same bolt that's in the invert minis right?

Yeah and pretty much the same system that's in the AXE.

[Jake] Yeah, and how old is that? When is the last time that was updated? When did that invert mini come out?

It’s been around a minute, while it’s been tried and true so you know that's why they still keep it.

[Jake] So, Empire hasn't been updating their guns? They've just been slapping better grips on it? And just having the same gun for 10 years?

Because they know this bolt system works! Don't fix something that's not broken.

[Jake] Yeah, yeah we just don't want to update our technology, yeah.

Alright just saying

[Mark] Like the rotor hopper system?

[Jake] I mean yeah, fair enough.

Dude what's that plug in the front of your gun for? What is that? What's that do? Cause I don't even know

[Jake] I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how air gets in or out, I'm not 100% sure.

Just extra stuff you don't need.

[Jake] You just don't touch it that's all it is

But they will! They will touch it

[Jake] 100%

Is this where you adjust the velocity, let me get in there.

[Jake] Oh hey is that where you adjust the velocity, oops I have to send my gun in.

That's true! All right Mark we've covered


[Jake] We didn't talk about the trigger, I'll give you the trigger

I like it, I like the trigger

The Empire Mini GS has a better spring on the trigger. The Dye Rize CZR doesn't have as bouncy of a spring, the Mini GS does have a very aggressive spring, that is the one thing that from the original invert mini that they changed was the trigger and that was one of the best and biggest changes that had to come about that and the ASA. But other than that nothing has changed, it's the same thing.

Yeah that old ASA was terrible

[Jake] Yeah it was, not even on, off, it would screw up all your tank threads. It's the same thing minus an on, off so, yeah it's just old technology you're buying something that's 20 years old. If you're 14 years old you're probably gonna buy something that's older than you, the bolt system has been around longer than you.

Cause it works. All right what you got! Mark, keep it down over there!

Come on!

All right mark questions? Come on? We've covered pretty much everything.

Grip Frames

[Jake] The Rize has a composite grip frame.

The Mini GS has a Metal grip frame, I like that.

[Mark] I only have one question, are these still both better than the Azodin Blitz?


[Jake - Sarcastically] No! I'd buy the Azodin Blitz any day of the week

I really hope he's lying, I really hope so.

[Jake] You can shop now at the Lone Wolf Paintball website and you can get your Azodin Blitz right there online.

No you cannot, no you cannot

[Jake] No, you can't there's a reason why there's only one person that actually sells the Azodin Blitz, cause they suck! Don't buy Azodin, buy a Tippmann.

That's Jake, that's Jake

Question from Our Audience

All right mark! Do you have a question for us or what?

[Mark] I do, from YouTube. 

We did the custom grips and barrels sleeves for the planet eclipse. Riley Keoughan wants to know, does anyone know if these are compatible with the Planet Eclipse Emek? They look like the same grip up front.

[Jake] Wait, which grips are they talking about?

[Mark] We did a video on custom grips for...

[Jake] No emeks don't have any customized grips, you can 3D print something.

Yeah I don't think they would, like the ones that would slide on or off? I don't think those are

[Jake] No, that's only their higher ends.

I don't think those would work

There ya go!

[Jake] CS2 grips only work with CS2s

Thank you for watching! Jake is about to go, if you want a paintball dictionary he's your man. Don't forget LoneWolfPaintball.com! Take it easy.

[Mark] He still puts out a video like every 6 months right?

[Jake] Every now and then yeah.

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All right we're out of here.