Exalt Marker Cases and Bags Review & Overview

Hey guys, what's goin on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I'm going to be reviewing  the Exalt Marker Bag. Coming in at a great price point.

[Mark] How great of a price point is it?

It is a great price point. It's a good price point.

[Mark] Is it $50?

No it's not.

[Mark] Is it $40?

No sir.

[Mark] Is it $30?

Little less.

[Mark] Is it $29?

Exalt Marker Bag Overview

No! It's $26.95, Mark. $26.95. The new Exalt Marker Bag. I'm going to pop into the Marker Case over here, in just a couple minutes and then the XL Marker Case, just so you guys can kinda see a couple of the differences. 

So the new Exalt Marker Bag is $26.95 guys, and you're wondering, "Yeah it's small, it's light, it's tiny, has a nice little carrying handle for ya and everything. What does it fit, and why would I wanna spend $26 on something like this?" 

First off it looks cool. Small compact and gets the job done. Second off, Mark, it's got some like hidden zippers in the front, so you can get in here and you can store extra tools, parts, barrel covers whatever you guys need, up in the front. And in the back, I believe it also has its got the neoprene back pad but then also another zipper for more, whatever barrel covers or whatever you guys want to throw in here, you want to throw a credit card in there, you know, keep it safe, you can spend some money at your local fields, whatcha think Mark?

[Mark] Yeah, so that way if you steal my gun you steal my credit card too. Brilliant, Tony 

Okay I probably wouldn't put your credit card in there but it's a good point Mark.

[Mark] I might stick a manual, a cheat sheet, an extra Allen wrench or two.

I like the manual idea better. Okay? I do.

[Mark] Stickers! Flags and patches that I get at the field when someone's like "Dude! Check out our team on Facebook, here's a sticker!" That's a good spot for it.

Yeah exactly so you can reach into your marker bag and show them a sticker, as always.

[Mark] But that is a small bag so what can it hold?

It's super tiny.

[Mark] What could possibly fit in that very thin, slim lined bag?

I don't know, you tell me. The Exalt standard and the classic as always have their lime green microfiber liner, on most of their products they always keep that in there. Scratches, stuff like that keeps your product safe or whatever you're putting on the inside.

[Mark] Is that little black thread thing in the middle of the green extra? Or does that come standard?

Oh this one?

[Mark] Yeah.

That comes standard from the factory, beep beep. Yep so, got that, and now you've got spots for your barrels and you have extra elastic straps on this side too for whatever you guys want to throw in here. Once again, when they make cases like this it's kinda up to you to customize how you want it. Some cases have "This goes in this spot, this goes in that spot," it's your case! Put whatever you want wherever you can get it to fit in. This one...

[Mark] I'm putting a barrel swab, a tip and four backs.

I like that. It's a good idea, but in this case I think we put a little you know what I'm saying? A little barrel? [Mark] I like that handle.

Yeah it's nice, it's a nice handle, you can only get it here at Lone Wolf Paintball. Little red and black tip and on the other side of the case let's take a look and see what we got.

[Mark] There's more?

More Features for the Exalt Marker Bag 

Wait there is more, and this one only zips halfway down. As you guys can see it's a half way down zip, this is where the actual marker or the gun goes so that you can flip it over and then once again the green microfiber lining. We're gonna find a custom anode Lone Wolf Paintball 170R. So you guys can think "Yeah, that's super small, what can it actually fit?'' 

Well I can tell you right now it definitely holds a marker and it can hold a bunch of different barrels, backs or inserts, whatever you guys want, inside of the new Exalt Marker Bag. Retails at $26.95 so not a bad value overall. Let's flop it, this is where the gun goes, opens halfway, slides in and out easily, fits most standard or modern markers. If you're trying to talk about an auto cocker or something bigger, bulkier like an Impulse or an old DM, you're probably going to want to go with this bad boy over here which I'll open up in just a minute, their XL case. 

And then this side, obviously whatever you guys want to fit, barrels, inserts, barrel covers, whatever you guys want, but it has two different compartments, one for the gun, one for your extra stuff in the back, a nice carrying handle and two little secret pockets in the front and back for you to store also extra stuff. So this is the new Exalt Marker Bag and let's kinda dive into their products that have been out a while.

[Mark] Wait, I have to know how much is that Lone Wolf Paintball GTech 170R?

These ones retail $945.95. All right, good question Mark. 

Exalt Marker Case Overview

Setting it off to the side, just a real quick dive in, we've done overviews on these before. These ones are also, they have a nice hard outer carbon fiber shell, and then this one opens up, has a little divider you can pull out if you'd like. Compartments here. This Exalt Marker Case retails at $39.95. The XL is a $49.95 case, so you can always pull this out and kind of design, once again, you guys buy the case, you can do whatever the heck you want with it so whatever your needs are, this one does hold the barrels, backs, inserts, stuff like that. 

You guys can do whatever you'd like with your own darn marker case. Flipping it over this way and on this side we have once again a spot for maybe another marker, spot for whatever you guys want. So on this one I suggest you get barrels and backs, you can hold another marker here, put the cover over it, keep your barrel safe, and maybe even another marker on this side too if you guys have two modern, or you know fancy speedball guns. So real quick overview of that hard shell case, that's $39.95 bucks. 

Exalt Marker Case XL

And then onto the XL Exalt Marker Case, this is the big daddy, it holds plenty of stuff. I suggest older guns or if you have multiple guns, this is the case for you. Huge amount of microfiber lined space in here. Mark this one doesn't have any threads.

[Mark] Nope. So this XL...

They freaking gypped us dude. Why'd they do that? Flipping it over this way, we can also see that this one just being the XL, once again has the removable barrier. Tools, parts, all sorts of stuff you can throw in here as well. Good little combo to have and if you guys don't want to use this, pull it out, throw it in your closet, throw it in your gear bag, see ya later, bye. I do like this on the XL case, you guys can do very customizable things with this. Long barrels, short barrels, inserts, backs, whatever you guys want, it has each one of these are elastic straps that, god you could, I mean the possibilities are endless.

[Mark] Yeah, you could put a lot in there.

There are lots of things to do here, you also have another you know, we're back to this. Two smaller guns, maybe one bigger gun in here, whatever you guys want.

[Mark] One thing you didn't mention on these is you unzipped it all the way so we could show it in the video but you can unzip them just slightly there is a slight fold in the case itself so you can...


Yeah both of these right here, so if you guys don't wanna unzip 'em all the way, you can use this fold here, do the halfway fold, and then just easily access your marker that way. Same with the smaller case as well, it does come with the top quarter we'll call it, folded over to just pull the gun out. So you guys these are the cases, the Exalt Marker Case XL, your standard Exalt Marker Case, and then the new Exalt Marker Bag itself, holding the beautiful 170R by PE. All right guys, quick overview of the cases, I would recommend if you guys have expensive guns get a case for it if you don't have one already, protect your gear.

[Mark] I use the XL for my auto cockers, I can stick two auto cockers, a bunch of backs and stuff in there and inserts, and all my freak inserts, which is really nice. And then I use the small marker bag for my Planet Eclipse EMEK and the extra barrel that that has, because I know I can dip into the XL case to get the inserts that hold the most.

Correct, yeah. 

[Mark] But I didn't have to spend as much for something to protect my gear.

I think the cases are great, like I said if you don't have them already, get yourself one, make the investment, they're going to last you a long time and they're not that expensive. All right Mark, do you have a question? 

[Mark] Yes of course I do. 

Of course you would. 

[Mark] Right after they went to lonewolfpaintball.com and picked up a case.

Of course.

YouTube Question

[Mark] Fernando Gomez wants to know, is the Spire IR going to be back in stock?

Spire IR, yeah it's going to be back in stock, we just got 100 of them in couple weeks ago, sold every single one of them, so shout out to you guys for the support, those are all gone but we do have a fresh batch coming in within a week to a week and a half, so stay tuned, sign up for actual alerts on our website, so whatever one you guys want, red, blue, black, whatever, sign up for the alerts when they're back in stock it'll send you an email, "Hey Lone Wolf has them back in," and you'll know that we've got 'em. Thanks for watching guys, we'll see you later.