Infamous EMEK Murder Machine Trigger Review: Gen 3

What's going on guys. It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you the Generation 3 Infamous EMEK Murder Machine Trigger. Three generations later, they got this baby nailed down, right, Mark?

[Mark] Murda!

Wouldn't you say? We're talking, we're talking murder.

[Mark] What does the Murder Machine Trigger go in?

It goes into the EMEK, of course.

[Mark] Oh, I wasn't sure.

Oh, can you, you got a zoomed in shot of these bad boys?

[Mark] As far as I can go.

What’s New: Generation 3 Infamous EMEK Trigger Upgrades

Oh, as far as he can go. So let's talk about 'em, ah, third generation. We're not gonna, we're not gonna play nice here. Let's get down to the cut here. The first two generations, agree with me, Mark, they had some flaws. There were some things goin' on with them, but now they've got everything refined, dialed in and ready to go now for these infamous triggers. As you guys know, well, if you don't know, now you're gonna know, there is new milling on these triggers.

[Mark] You sign my paycheck. I'll agree with anything you say, Tony.

That's fine. You see that though, Mark? What is that also? Those are those carrier bearings. Smooth, smooth baby smooth. So we've got black, red and gold. Onto the actual stats of the trigger themselves. So it does come like the other ones. Which trigger shows it best for your camera, Mark?

[Mark] They all do, the red one.

Okay, the red one. You've got the skull at the bottom of the trigger there. Can you see it?

[Mark] Yes.

Tiny skull, you've got a skull there. Just adding a little extra flare and lettin' you know who you're purchasing it from. I wouldn't even be able to show these with my fat fingers, but there are tiny skulls on the actual new pin itself. Right there there's a tiny skull engraved. Just adding a little bit of extra flare on there. And also there on this new pin. There's only one way this pin is going in the trigger and onto your gun. They've made it easier to understand now. 

Before it was just literally a silver pin that could slide through both ways. Now there is only one way that this can be installed on your EMEK marker. Has a fatter end here and then a skinnier end on the backside. Obviously you probably won't, I don't know if you can zoom down that much, but-

[Mark] I think that's a challenge. Let us know if you can get the fat end to go through your gun.

So yeah, if you can get the fat end to go through this Infamous trigger, your carrier bearings are going to be destroyed. So I wouldn't recommend it, but that is Mark's challenge. 

EMEK Murder Trigger Specs.

Onto the good stats of the trigger. Other than the bearings, you do have pre-travel and post-travel setting options on there. Some people like a longer trigger pull, some people like a shorter trigger pull on their EMEK. I'm personally the guy that wants a shorter trigger pull to get as many paintballs out per second as possible. It does have an actuation point too, as well, located, I'll grab the red one, the actuation set screw gonna be up, up top in there. So you guys can actually, how quick you want this trigger to snap back on you. So there's definitely, there's multiple options. It's not just a new milled out fancy trigger with a nice new pin. You guys have the pre-travel, post-travel, and actuation set screws you guys can mess with to customize a gun to your, you know, specific preference. So Mark, what do these things retail at? Are they?

[Mark] These are $46 or $47.

$46.95, I think. So you're between $45 and $50 bucks for these infamous triggers. I think they're $46.95, I want to say. Check them out on Lone Wolf Paintball. You guys can do color options for orders there. A quick little video on introducing the new EMEK Murder Machine Gen 3 trigger. So stats, Mark. Pre-travel, post-travel, the new carrier bearings. Oh, aircraft aluminum. These are made out of aircraft aluminum. So they're gonna be durable for ya, and-

[Mark] Which I think the old ones were too, but I think the milling on these is a little bit nicer-

And there's no sharp edges. I didn't want to get into completely bashing the older, ya know, generation ones, but hey, there were flaws. People fix 'em and new models always come out. I mean, there's recalls on cars, right? So sometimes you don't nail it right the first time, but they're back.

[Mark] People give their cars back?

Yeah, dude, they get recalled.

[Mark] Oh.

Your airbags are faulty. Your tires are gonna fall off. So yeah, they refined it. I like, I like, I like what they did with it over there at Infamous Paintball. So thanks for that. Available online. Do you have anything else that you'd like for me to say?

YouTube Question

[Mark] Yes, cause I have a question from YouTube.

Oh, okay.

[Mark] The triggers are great. I'd grab one if you don't have a-

Correct, and the EMEKs are super popular, we can't even keep these things in stock. So, yes. Yes.

[Mark] Ah, zen-ky? Zen-ski?


[Mark] I'm not sure. Does he purchase an ETHA 2 or save up for a GTEK 170R?

Good question. Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh. Um.

[Mark] I've got my, but I'll, here's-

ETHA 2 or save up for the 170R. ETHA 2's a workhorse, but for an extra $300 bucks, personally, I would save up for the 170R. You're not going wrong either way though. So if you think it's gonna take you too long to get an extra $300 bucks, definitely go with ETHA 2. But if you can wait it out and save it up, get the 170R. What do you think Mark? 

[Mark] Yeah, if you can wait it out, my answer was gonna depend on how long it's gonna take you to save up that extra. 

Correct, yup.

[Mark] If you want something new that's gonna work for a long time, and you wanna go play with it this weekend, you got the money, buy the ETHA 2.

ETHA 2's a work horse 

[Mark] Yeah, but if it's only gonna take you like a week or two to get the 170R and you've got something else to play with, just hold on.

Do it, do it that way.

[Mark] Yeah.

Thanks for the questions, guys. Hope you enjoyed this quick little overview of what is new on the trigger and shop Lone Wolf Paintball.

[Mark] See ya.