What Paintball Gun Should You Buy | What to Look for in a Paintball Marker

What's going on guys, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I'm gonna tell you what paintball gun you should get.

[Mark] How presumptuous of you to tell me what I should get.

You, you're correct, but people just wanna know. So depending on, if you're looking to get in the sport very basic or go all the way to the top end right off the bat, we're gonna get a run through some different options here. So we'll start off with the Stormer Basic. This is a Tippmann Stormer Basic gun, as you can tell by the name title, very basic. It's gonna get you what you need to get done out there, if that makes any sense. It's durable. I mean this gun, the internal platform has been around a very long time. So it's still based on like the '98 custom platform. So the internal still work the same, not gonna cost you an arm and a leg, has a nice front grip, some other extra features, like you can actually use a clamp on hopper, tighten it down with an Allen wrench. But once again, very basic, these retail about 140 bucks. If you're getting into the game and you don't wanna hop right up to the best of the best and wanna get a feel for it, so this is a Tippmann Stormer Basic.

[Mark] So hold on, hold on.


[Mark] I have questions on that. Pick it back up.

Okay. I'm gonna pick it up for you.

[Mark] So like you said, this is for somebody that's just they don't wanna rent anymore.


[Mark] They want something of their own.


[Mark] Would I play with this in a tournament or on a speedball field?

No, that's why we got different options.

[Mark] Okay, so this is, this is

This is like, you're going out there just recreational maybe once a week, once a month. I don't know what you're doing, but very recreational probably gonna be a woodsball play. So, and it's durable. So it's not gonna break down on you. It's got a very, very well-known name backing behind it. So it's not gonna go out there and fail on you the first time I can probably guarantee that much.

[Mark] And these turn into nice little backup guns.

For sure. Yeah. Or, you know, one day you have a kid and you give it to little Tommy or a little Jimmy or whoever. And I mean, these guns are gonna last you a very long time and not gonna cost you a ton of money.

[Mark] Why didn't you say a girl's name? That's sexist.

I don't know. Okay. Little Lily or little Jessica.

[Mark] Thank you.

That's fair. Okay. You're welcome. Gotcha.

[Mark] All right. Moving on.

On to the next. So now we're gonna call this one. You're don't think you're trying to get into tournaments right away. 'Cause you're you're could be new to the sport or you're just not into that type of stuff. You wanna go in the woods and that's fun and cool too. No doubt about it.

[Mark] Want a simulation?

For sure, yeah. I mean, this gun is called these Tippmann Stormer Elite. As you can tell, compared to the basic here this one's got a front shot on there a collapsible rear in front sight. It also does have a stock, five or six different position, collapsible stock, depending on your arm length and how tall you are. The biggest thing about this Elite Dual Fed is it can do magazine or you can put a hopper on this gun and shoot it that way. So if you wanna be like a mag-fed player and not have to worry about a big hopper sitting in your way, you can actually run this gun with paint balls inside of the longer magazines. And you can do it that way too. These guns retail around 200 bucks. So you're going from the basic to a little step up with a stock, a front shroud. So you know, some folding sites and then obviously having the option between mag fed and hopper fed. Other than that, it's the same exact platform and very, very durable, very, very reliable.

[Mark] And you look a lot cooler at those scenario games...

For sure.

[Mark] with the elite than you do the basics.

Exactly. And well about the shot. Obviously all these guns have different features, push of a button you can get in there, clean easily, take off your barrel if you need, but this is not something I would also recommend for tournament. Now we're gonna go into that aspect of it kind of woodball beginners. If you don't wanna play tournaments get stuck, you know.

[Mark] Are, is the leader or the basic or either one of those electric?

No. Nope. They're all semi-automatic. So they don't, they're not gonna be able to go into any ramping modes or full auto mode something like that, but very, very reliable guns. So you were kind of, maybe you played paintball before or you saw it on TV or on YouTube, something like that. And you're like, I wanna get into speed ball. There's pro players. It looks fun. Let's hop in, do something and mind you right now. It's paintball is not a cheap sport per se. You're always gonna have an expense of buying paint at the field. Once you get your good setup, you don't have to worry too much about spending extra money other than paint and your registration. Hopping into the speed ball round something like the Dye Rize Czr, these guns do retail $325. They are fully electronic powered by a nine volt that sits in the grip frame. You can actually turn the gun on. And by that light, they're in the grip. Once it's in programming mode, which I also have a video on that as well. You can program the gun by the electronics in the board buttons in the back. It's got an on-off ASA. This gun is gonna be more for your beginner tournament stuff. You're gonna be able to shoot a lot more paint balls per second, than you will with these other markers as well. So something like this is gonna run you 325 two piece barrel. And then obviously you've got to have electronic hopper in a tank, but gun only, this is probably something you wanna steer towards. If you know, you're really gonna get into it. And yes, this can compete with some of the higher end tournament markers out there. It's not always the gun it's just the player and you know what you can do out there.

[Mark] So this is also one of those first batches of guns that when you go to play at your local field they're gonna start separating you...


[Mark] from other players.

Yep. They're gonna be like, wow that guy's got a pretty good gun, a decent gun. He probably knows what he's doing. So like Mark said they're probably gonna put you over here. A couple of other guys in the other team. Cause they they're gonna look at you and know what you're doing.

[Mark] Just a warning because if you're a brand new noob and you buy that and also your like,


[Mark] wait on by by not with the rentals, with all the rental gear.

Right.Yeah. Once you step away from something that's just mechanical and go into the electronic side, people are gonna look at you differently and probably assume and maybe you do that they think that, you know what you're doing. I don't know if that makes any sense, Mark. Maybe. But once you get something like this they're gonna be like that dude is a sweet player and he's got to go on the other side. He's not gonna be with the renters anymore.

[Mark] You start earning egg points.

That's it, exactly. Taken out on up to the tournament level something I didn't grab a $2,000 Lux or anything, but this this gun is the shocker AMP amazing operates like 110 pressure. So you're gonna get a lot of pods out of this gun. These guns retail 8, 899, 895. So 900 bucks. You can get something that literally is used by professional teams for tournament paintball for under a thousand bucks. Shocker amp comes with the freak XL barrel, super super light quarter turn bolt system in and out just like that. If you need to do any maintenance or regrease the engine. Yeah. I mean feed locking feed neck as well. Your on-off ASA with a twist knob and it is fully, like I said, I know I know you're got a good camera, but it's fully programmable with an old led screen in the back. So this thing has all, what do they call it?

[Mark] Bells and whistles.

Bells and whistles. Of course they do.

[Mark] Well you said this is a professional level gun name name one paintball team that uses this.

One paintball team that uses this got right at the top of my head is AC Dallas. So they are professional paintball team that plays out of Texas and they do shoot all of the guys on that team do shoot the shocker amp. It's a hell of a gun it's super light, very very comfortable to hold and a fully customizable and programmable.

[Mark] That's the barrel inserts so that you can set up your feet properly.

It's got the eight inch, freak Xcel barrel inserts with the freak barrel on they're all American tip. And yeah, other than that kind of basically people wanna search like, "Hey, what gun should I buy?" It depends on the player you wanna be in. Like what you're looking to get into. You can start off very basic with the Stormer or go all the way up to the shocker amp and even above and beyond that, if you're really feeling, feeling a little foggy out there. See green, see what I did there, Mark. Haha, got jokes for sure. All right guys. So thanks for watching. This is, you know, a little very, very quick and...

[Mark] And there's other guns in there. And I think, I think an easy guide is yes. The more you wanna be involved in paintball usually the more you're ending up spending on the gun. So...

A lot of kids trust me. A lot of kids start here. They realize they love the sport. Then they go here. Okay. Not too bad. Still pricy. The parents are kind of yelling at them, but as they get really into it, they're going, you know, up to the amp and maybe even above and beyond this price-point wise. But anyways guys, thanks for whop..

[Mark] Thanks for whopping...

Thanks for whopping. Get on the website, guys. I see what you did there too, Mark you little stinker, lonewolfpaintball.com. We have tons of beginner packages, speedball packages woodball packages, whatever you want. Check it out and let us know, call us here. If you have any questions about anything.

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