Shocker AMP Deuce Trigger from Super Stanchy Customs Installation

What is going on guys! It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I'm going to show you how to install The Super Stanchy Deuce Trigger for the Shocker AMP.

[Mark] What?


[Mark] They have a new trigger for the Shocker AMP?

So, yeah, we got Mr Stanchy out there. He made four different colors of the Deuce Trigger. It's got so you can get your two little fingers on that bad boy. He's got red, we've got a gunmetal gray, we've got blue, and then we've got an all black. So today, what I'm gonna do, like I said, we are going to install it real quick, and then we're gonna shoot this bad boy.

[Tony] Alright guys, so first off it's very very simple. You're gonna need a 1/16th Allen wrench, and you're gonna get it right in there. It's one set screw, pretty much, and that's how you get the trigger, on and off. So grab your 1/16th, and lets get her going.

[Mark] So simple!

[Tony] It's very...I love how they made it... ...obviously, like this, so you can... Lets pull that. I'm working on it, obviously, backwards here so... Gotta be able to get that sucker on out. So working on it from behind is a little difficult, but, as you guys can see, that is the only screw that goes in there that holds the trigger in. So lets pop open...I'm gonna throw a... trigger in the black gun. I think that will look pretty nice.

[Mark] Do you use the same screw putting it back in?

[Tony] Yes sir! That would be a question, but that's a great question to ask. And once again, you're gonna need a 1/16th guys. And literally, that install, If I wasn't backwards, would have taken me about 15 seconds. Alright guys, now that I now have the new trigger installed in the gun, the Deuce Trigger by Super Stanchy Customs, lets shoot this bad boy and see how she feels. Let's do it! Alright, first impression here, I've always been a fan of the triggers that have, the second hump so you can get two triggers comfortably on there. Sick dude, sick! So uh, yeah. That's that.

[Mark] So did it feel good or did it feel bad, man?

It felt good man, it felt real good man. I was waiting for that truck driver that was making all the noise in the background to go away. So yes, Deuce Trigger by them feels good. It's very nice, I like it. So once again if you guys are a fan of the double... double hump style triggers, I would definitely recommend it. Comes in four different colors.

[Mark] Are you... You're in ramping, right?


[Mark] That's not a fair analogy, you gotta do it in semi like you shoot everything else.

I already said dude, I got old fingers now. They don't work like they used to. But, I can tell you guys this, if you guys are good in semi-auto, you're definitely gonna appreciate this bad boy.

[Mark] Let's see you left handed.

Oh yeah!

[Mark] Does the trigger works both ways?

Dude, it works better left handed.

[Mark] Thought it would.

Definitely, yeah. And that's it, a hopper and a pod through it, this is the Shocker AMP, with the Super Stanchy Customs Trigger on there. If you guys like this style hit up the website,, check them out.

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That's right!

[Mark] See ya!