Tippmann Bravo One Elite the AR-15 of Paintball

What's going on, guys. It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I'm going to be shooting the Bravo One Elite. Yes, it is elite because it's exactly that. It's got the front shroud. It's got the carrying handle. It's got the stock that does six different positions, depending on how big or small you are. And it even holds tools up front, o-rings and Allen wrenches for when you need to do a little work on the gun.

So that's actually practical, not just good looking.

Correct. When you open it up. You want me to show you real quick?

Oh, if you got a second.

Yeah. Oh, I'm gonna have a second here . So you're gonna crack her on open, and you can see those little slots in there, Mark?


Allen wrenches. O-rings a little oil if you guys want to. So it's not just a dummy mag. It actually has, you know, practicality to it.


So, it's nice. That because, you know why? It is Elite.

It is Elite.

It's the Bravo One Elite. So let's, let's shoot this bad boy. You guys asked for it on a serious note. These guns, obviously Tippmann has been around a very long time. These guns are rock solid. You can run them through the dirt, the mud and the water and they're still gonna work for you. So let's shoot this bad boy and see what it says. And of course, I've got my electronic hopper on it today. Cause it's going to be shooting so fast. Probably won't be able to see it.

Can we do that in a video once though?


Can we like stick them in the dirt, the mud in the water?

Yes. Yes we can.

And shoot it. We'll do that next video.

All right.

Let's go.

Appreciate it.

Take that safety off cause we're always safe here at LoneWolfPaintball.com.

Let me move this stock back so I can get serious with it.

Shooting that right pillar with no problem, Mark.

I see that.

You see that bad boy? Yeah

I did

I think more paintball guns should have big sights make it easier

Stock barrel and all that. That's because I'm a deadly wind.

And if you guys didn't get that reference, follow us on tic-tok. Second going in.

Now does having a spoiler three electric hopper help with this kind of gun or no?

I would definitely say instead of using the gravity fed kind of shake and bake as they call it, if, I mean if you have an electronic hopper I would definitely rock it on this.


You can squeeze them out quick, Mark.

It's honestly surprisingly accurate

Yeah? to be obviously stock out of the box. It's actually pretty solid.

I like it. It's actually not bad. Yeah. So if you guys are getting into paintball you want something that looks fairly realistic. Check them out. Bravo One Elite by Tippmann. And that is it.

We are out of paint balls.

I do like the hip shooting though.

It's, right?

It always looks cool.

It's nice, yeah. Cause you got your tank. You get your stock. I mean, get it here. You can bring it down low.

Give them one more? For the champion. All right. So Bravo One Elite and it's Lonewolfpaintball.com. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Mark says these videos people always ask for. I don't know if he's lying to me or not, but here it is. Anything else to say, Mark?

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dead lingo

or head over to our Facebook group, ask us anything and we'll see what we can do.

That's it. Thanks for watching guys. We appreciate all the support. See you later.

Bravo! Alpha! Go, go,

Elite dude

Go! It's elite. Cause it is Elite.