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Field Force One Paintball Marker

The all-new Force paintball marker from Field One Paintball is a re-imagined spool valve design that combines durability and performance in a comfortable and stylish platform. This paintball marker was crafted through deliberate design processes and was subjected to rigorous testing under the world's harshest playing environments Its user-friendliness and low maintenance needs make it an ideal choice for paintball enthusiasts across different expertise levels. Field One Paintball stands staunchly behind their products, offering an unparalleled warranty and support program, ensuring your equipment not only meets but surpasses your performance expectations.

At the heart of the Force is the Force Nucleus engine, epitomizing top-tier performance and efficiency. What's more, it requires minimal upkeep to stay operational.

To run the nucleus engine, the Force boasts a unique dual power source feature, named Power Select. This allows users the flexibility of powering their marker with AA batteries housed in the foregrip or an optional Lithium Polymer battery nestled within the grip frame. For those wanting an added safety net, both power sources can be equipped, ensuring a backup power source is always just a switch away.

With GripShift technology, players can adjust the marker's fit tailored to their individual preferences. Enhanced features like the LeverLock feedneck and Cam Drive ASA simplify the setup process, all the while ensuring a sturdy and trustworthy system for connecting the air system and loader to the Force.

The packaged AccuLock Barrel System is one of the most important parts of the marker. It provides players with superior precision and flexibility, adapting to diverse paintball grades and brands, yet never compromising on the Force marker's hallmark dependability. It also secures the barrel and barrel inserts so that they never have the opportunity to fall out while on the field or doing quick maintenance. Finally, every Force marker is accompanied by a top-tier Field One Marker Bag and is shielded by the robust Field One Warranty and Support initiative.

For a full unboxing and review of the Field Force One, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

Does Field One Have Good Customer Service?

Field One’s customer service is industry-leading. While no gun is perfect, many players have commented that when they have issues and get in touch with Field One, they’re dealing directly with the owners of the company. This, in addition to Lone Wolf Pantball’s superior customer service, gives paintballers the peace of mind to know that they’ll be taken care of.

Is The Field One Force efficient?

The Force operates at relatively high pressure compared to other paintball guns. However, there is a silver lining and a few modifications you can make. First, the Nucleus Core engine is regarded by many players as the best bolt mechanism in the industry. It handles even the most brittle paint with extreme gentleness. Because of the soft Nucleus Core, the higher operating pressure is not an issue when it comes to paint. Furthermore, if you’re worried about efficiency, you can also get a regulator with a lower operating pressure to make the Force more efficient.