Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 Paintball Gun


Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 Paintball Gun

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 paintball gun carries forward an 18-year legacy as a pivotal marker in both Planet Eclipse's history and the paintball industry. It redefined performance and reliability benchmarks, setting the standard for others to follow. In addition to its longstanding success, the Ego LV2 represents a new chapter, shaped by competitive triumphs and intended to uphold the Ego name for future generations.

Championing a relentless drive for enhancement, the Ego LV2 builds upon the esteemed LV1 model, known for its durability across various paintball scenarios. By retaining the groundbreaking Lever-Valve design, renowned for generating a remarkably quiet and gentle shot, the LV2 takes a stride beyond. With an updated body design, expanded internal volume, and the novel Cure FT bolt configuration, it operates at even lower pressures (approx. 115psi), resulting in a quieter and smoother shot quality. This culmination establishes the Ego LV2 as an unparalleled stacked tube marker.

Noteworthy is the hoseless construction, a highlight for Ego enthusiasts and a long-awaited feature. The LV2 introduces more than just this innovation, incorporating toolless wraparound rear grips, ergonomically designed foregrip housing the advanced HPR and LPR package, enhancing both performance and stability. The space between the foregrip and trigger guard fosters player maneuverability. The toolless rear grips also offer sealed pushbuttons for protection against elements. This grants easy access to key features, such as the battery, new MME (Modular Marker Electronics) package with USB, optional BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capability, OLED display, toolless eye covers, and user-serviceable solenoid with adjustable flow controls.The trigger mechanism allows customizable adjustments for pull feel and contact points.

Setting itself apart, the LV2 excels in its versatility. Factory-set for immediate competition, it caters to tinkering players with an extensive range of adjustments: HPR, LPR, Dwell, and rammer speed control. This is further complemented by optional rammer weights. The LV2 introduces the Shaft S63 barrel system, featuring the Eclipse PWR Insert, designed for quick and precise insert changes while maintaining remarkable accuracy. Each LV2 comes with two micro-honed inserts (.689 and .685), with additional bore sizes and accessories available.


  • NEW Hoseless design
  • NEW HPR and LPR assembly
  • NEW OLED display module
  • NEW LED status indicator
  • NEW Wraparound grips with sealed pushbuttons
  • NEW Fully contoured foregrip
  • NEW MME (Modular Marker Electronics) electronics package
  • NEW Shaft S63 modular barrel system (2 PWR inserts included .689 & .685)
  • NEW BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) compatibility (optional)
  • NEW Toolless eye covers
  • NEW Cure FT bolt
  • NEW Larger valve chamber and lower operating pressure
  • NEW Semi rigid carry case
  • NEW Spare onboard detents
  • NEW Lowrise feedtube w/lever locator
  • NEW 2 Year manufacturer warranty
  • User-serviceable SMC solenoid Dual SFR (flow controls) bolt speed control adjustment
  • USB E-Portal compatibility
  • Stacked tube poppet Lever Valve operation
  • Zick3 Rammer assembly - Heavy and lightweight rammers included
  • 115psi operating pressure
  • 9V battery powered
  • Blade trigger (compatible with 170R/CS1/GEO4 trigger shoes)
  • 5-point trigger adjustability
  • Spring and magnetic trigger return mechanisms
  • Micro-switch trigger sensor
  • Deftek offset feed system
  • Comprehensive spares bundle
  • SFR Adjustment Tool
  • Online instruction and tech videos
  • FaceBook Planet Eclipse Tech Hub support