best automatic paintball markers

The Best Automatic Paintball Guns

Many players have held a semi-automatic paintball gun before and thought, “yeah, this is cool. But what about a fully automatic paintball gun?” Well, there’s good news, not only do they exist, they’ve basically become the standard for any paintballer who owns their own gun. These automatic paintball guns carry many advantages such as increased fire rate, better internals, and more. So whether you are new to paintball or an experienced player, a full auto paintball gun can completely change the game for you and bring your skills to the next level.

Semi-Automatic Vs. Full Automatic

Due to safety, the power of each paintball gun is strictly regulated. On average, paintball guns will fire at around 300 feet per second. But should you choose a semi-automatic or a fully automatic paintball gun?

Semi-automatic paintball guns have a slower rate of fire and are available usually with mechanical triggers. For every pull of the trigger, one paintball is shot. These types of paintball guns are ideal for beginner paintball players. 

Ramping is a sort of middle ground between automatic paintball guns and semi automatic paintball guns. Ramping uses the onboard electric systems in the paintball markers to help increase the firing rate. With ramping, you would begin shooting at a normal rate and after a few shots, the onboard computer and electronics automatically “ramp” up the firing rate to a predetermined balls-per-second rate.

Automatic paintball guns have the greatest firing rate of all paintball guns. With one pull of the trigger, the stream of paintballs can be sustained until the loader or hopper is empty. These types of guns are perfect for players looking to increase their rate of fire in the field and take part in tournaments or speedball rounds.

For a video explanation of the differences between semiautomatic, ramping, and fully automatic, take a look at our demonstration video below:

Best Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns

Choosing the right paintball gun, whether it’s semi-automatic or fully automatic can be a complex process. To help you decide which paintball gun to buy, take a look at our helpful YouTube video buying guide below:

Once you’ve opted for a semiautomatic or a fully automatic paintball gun, finding the right paintball marker is the next decision you’ll need to make. The following are our favorite semi automatic paintball guns.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

planet eclipse emek 100

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is the perfect starter marker for players just getting into paintballing. This semi-automatic gun is of high quality with industry-leading technology. It is also legal for use within tournaments and suitable for all player levels. 

The EMEK 100 has a GRN composite outer body and aluminum inner body, making it lightweight and cost-effective. The tool-less grip access provides easy maintenance and cleaning along with the single-piece GRN frame. The EMEK 100 is also PAL enabled which provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of paintballs.

Pros - 

  • Customizable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Perfect for entry-level players
  • PAL enabled

Cons - 

  • Composite outer shell
  • Not CO2 compatible

Check out our video review of the Emek 100 to learn more.


gog enmey

This marker is another perfect option for beginner paintball players. With no need for batteries or electronics, the GOG eNMEy is a high-performance paintball gun without the fuss. The main valve and bolt can also be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance.

The eNMEy is fully pneumatic, which allows quick and smooth shooting. There is little to no noise when firing and less recoil which makes the eNMEy an excellent, user-friendly starter marker. 

Pros - 

  • Cost-efficient
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Cons - 

  • Fewer upgrades available
  • Not as visually pleasing

Check out our video review of the GOG eNEMy to learn more.

Tippmann TMC

tippman tmc

The Tippmann TMC (Tactical Carbine Marker) is a tactical-style, MagFed, fully pneumatic marker. This paintball gun has the option to be MagFed or used with a traditional hopper to give the player the best of both worlds. The TMC is fully customizable for tactical scenarios with a rubber grip and easy-pull trigger for maximum functionality. 

The over-molded rubber grip and easy-pull trigger allow for maximum comfort. The TMC is incredibly accurate with front and rear adjustable sights. This marker is perfect for players on a budget who want to try a tactical, MagFed marker.

Pros - 

  • Dual feed option
  • Fully customizable
  • Authentic look and feel

Cons - 

  • Heavy to carry
  • Complicated to disassemble

Check out our video review of the Tippman TMC to learn more.

First Strike T15

first strike t15

The revolutionary First Strike T15 is a durable, MagFed paintball gun perfect for players looking for a 1-1 AR rifle platform. The rugged yet lightweight body can endure harsh conditions while delivering .68 caliber paintball rounds. Unlike the Tippmann, it is quick to disassemble and can be fed by a magazine or hopper. 

What makes the First Strike T15 so desirable is that it can fire First Strike rounds. The T15 can support continuous feed magazines and features an integrated 13CI/PSI tank/stock combo. It also features polymer iron sights for increased accuracy when firing. 

Pros - 

  • Fires .68 caliber paintballs and First Strike rounds
  • Fully customizable
  • Extremely durable and lightweight

Cons - 

  • Higher investment required
  • Better suited to scenario players

Check out our video review of the First Strike T15 to learn more.

Best Fully Automatic Paintball Guns

If you are looking to rain increased firepower down on your enemies, then a fully automatic paintball gun is an excellent choice. Here are some of our favorite fully automatic paintball guns that are guaranteed to blow your opponents away.

DLX Luxe Idol

The DLX Luxe Idol is set to be officially launched in March of 2024 and has already set high expectations as the heir of the esteemed Luxe line. This latest addition stands out with its optimal blend of design and functionality, featuring refined ergonomics and an all-metal contact surface for a sleek, minimal look. It boasts a redesigned Freak XL barrel that combines aggressive styling with practicality, easy maintenance, and the iconic Luxe sound signature. The IDOL's design emphasizes a thorough enhancement of every aspect to improve performance, lighten weight, and increase reliability, maintaining its legacy as a top-tier choice for players.

Pros -

  • Big Luxe Energy
  • HD grip screen for easy firing selection
  • Freak XL Barrel
  • Sleekest Luxe design yet

Cons -

  • Currently not released
  • Comes with the Luxe pricetag

Dye M3

The DYE M3+ is at the forefront of paintball marker technology, integrating revolutionary advancements with tried-and-true features for a superior gaming experience. Featuring the innovative FL-21 Bolt System for exceptional performance in various conditions and the DYE SLAP ASA for easy, reliable air supply engagement, this marker sets a new standard for reliability and performance. This marker not only excels in smooth, quiet shooting and fragile paint handling but also offers intuitive control through the MOSair OS, making it a game-changer in the paintball world.

Pros - 

  • Sleek, simplistic design
  • Air efficient
  • Lightweight 

Cons - 

  • Some plastic parts
Check out our full YouTube video review of the Dye M3+ for even more information: 

SP Shocker Era

The SP Shocker ERA paintball gun marks a transformative advancement in paintball technology, designed with input from dedicated players. It features a newly designed bolt assembly for improved efficiency and reduced ball breakage, ensuring consistent accuracy and versatility with different paintball qualities. Despite the premium features, it's priced to offer exceptional value without compromising on high-end performance.

Pros - 

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Lightweight frame
  • Durable double trigger system

Cons - 

  • Weird eye covers
  • Underwhelming ASA

For more information on the SP Shocker Era, take a look at our YouTube review video below:

Planet Eclipse CS3

The Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker sets a new standard in the sport with the innovative OP Core drive train and a sub-100 PSI operating pressure for reduced wear. The CS3 is designed for reliability and performance. With its aggressive styling and focus on overpowering the competition, the CS3 is the ultimate choice for players aiming to elevate their game with cutting-edge paintball technology.

Pros - 

  • Easy to program and maintain
  • Air efficient
  • Fully customizable

Cons - 

  • Higher investment required

FAQs on Automatic Paintball Guns

Now that you have had an opportunity to look through some of the best paintball guns on the market, you may have some important questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about fully automatic paintball guns. 

How Do I Program to Fully Automatic?

Not all paintball guns can be programmed to be fully automatic. You can find easy-to-follow guides on our Youtube channel at Lone Wolf Paintball by searching "how to program" followed by your paintball gun type.

When Should I Do Maintenance and Replace O-Rings?

This depends on the type of gun you have and how dirty it is getting. It could be every 5-10 cycles of paint if your marker is very clean, to begin with. If your marker is getting very dirty, then you will need to maintain it more often. Greasing your O-rings will also be helpful every few uses. 

When Should I Clean My Marker?

It is best to clean your paintball marker after every use. This will ensure your marker lasts longer and requires less maintenance. You do not need to do a full clean after every single use, but make sure you remove any dirt and paint that may have gotten into the components of the gun. 

How Many Cases of Paint Can I Shoot Before Needing Maintenance?

It depends on how dirty your marker gets. You should reapply grease or replace your O-rings after shooting 5-10 cases of paint. You should also do maintenance on your bolt and similar components around the same time.

Upgrade Your Paintball Experience

When deciding which paintball gun you are going to choose, you should take into consideration how often you will use it, your budget, and where you will use it. Take your time reading information on each marker so that you can find the perfect paintball gun for your needs. 

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