Indoor Paintball Tips and Tactics for New Players

Indoor Paintball Tips and Tactics for New Players

Looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush? Paintball provides fast action, physical activity, and a thrilling team sport environment. 

Although you can play paintball outdoors, indoor paintball offers even more excitement. Here's information to help you get started with this incredible sport, along with some general paintball tips and tactics. 

6 Tips and Tactics to Dominate Indoor Paintball

Paintball is a fast-paced game of tag, with individuals or teams attempting to mark their opponents with colored dye.

Each player has a paintball marker (sometimes called a paintball gun) that uses compressed gas to shoot a small paintball capsule. When a player is hit, they are eliminated from a round. 

Rules vary by type of match. Sometimes players will need to complete an objective (like finding a specific object or capturing an enemy base). Other times a match is based on who can survive the longest.

Some paintball matches are held outdoors, but indoor paintball can take the experience up a notch. The closer quarters means faster-paced action. Even better, you don't have to worry about weather conditions impacting play.

No matter what the match objective, winning at paintball requires physical endurance, stealth, teamwork, and even a bit of luck. How can you improve your winning odds? Here are a few time-tested tricks to help you dominate the field in indoor paintball.

1. Use Cover

Unlike paintball matches that take place outdoors, which can cover large areas of land, indoor paintball has a smaller playfield. This makes cover much more essential. You won't be able to simply outrun your opponent. 

Cover can be used in a variety of ways. Use structures on the playfield to hide behind, or set up a sniping location. 

Make sure to look for opponents behind cover. Assume that if you see some cover on the field big enough a person can hide behind, that someone is likely hiding behind it.

Some covers may work best to stand behind. Other covers may only work if you're squatting or lying prone behind it. Be creative with each piece of cover to make it work best for you.

2. Communicate

For indoor paintball, teamwork is essential. In a smaller space, it is easier to coordinate with teammates.

Gather with your teammates to discuss strategy before making an offensive push. Use hand signals or other visual cues to let your teammates know where to find the enemy.

Signaling a warning for a teammate who is about to be ambushed is always welcome. The teams that find ways to communicate skillfully have an advantage. 

3. Come Equipped

A benefit of indoor paintball is that you don't have to bring out gear for changing weather conditions. There are a few items that you will need for a paintball match, however.

In addition to a paintball gun, you'll need plenty of ammo with your indoor paintball gear. After all, no ammo means that you won't be able to take out your opponent. 

Special tubes called paintball pods are the best way to carry extra ammo. These pods can be worn on a harness or tactical vest so you always have ammo at hand.

Extra CO2 tanks are always a must. Even if you don't run out, make sure you have extra on hand to help a teammate out. 

Finally, safety is always a high priority in any sport. Invest in a quality mask or goggles, along with protective gear such as gloves and knee and elbow pads, plus durable shoes. 

4. Study the Rules

No matter how much preparation and strategy you have at the ready, you will not win if you are not following the rules of the match and know how to play paintball.

Each facility, and even certain matches at a facility, will have different rules. Make sure to go over the rules before a match to avoid careless penalties.

Paintball matches will have marshals or referees in the field. These individuals will look for rule violations, but also help ensure safety of players.

If you have a question or concern, the marshals are a fantastic resource to get clarity about the rules of a match.

Also, keep an eye on your teammates to make sure that they are adhering to the rules. No one wants to lose a match on a technicality that can be easily avoided.

Above all, keep good sportsmanship and safety in mind. Do not dry fire your gun, use unauthorized equipment, or have physical contact with another player. Do have fun and be respectful towards marshals and other players.

5. Keep Moving

It is much harder to hit a moving target than a sitting duck. Keep moving on the field to become harder to take down.

Whether you are running between pieces of cover, climbing over structures, or doing a crouched run to stay just out of a line of fire, you will be physically active throughout a match. Paintball is not just a workout for the tactical mind, but is also a great workout for the whole body.

6. Pair Up

Two heads are better than one. In paintball, having a teammate can be the difference between success and failure on the field.

Pairing up with a partner means you have someone to watch your back. Your partner can scout out the opposition or storm in with you for an offensive push.

In armed forces operations, you'll see a buddy system employed to help keep everyone safe and ensure the success of a mission. This same technique works well on the paintball field.

Many corporate organizations use paintball as team-building exercises to foster communication between partners.

Take the Indoor Paintball Field by Storm

Playing paintball with friends is an amazing way to stay in shape, have fun, and reduce stress. Indoor paintball allows you to keep the fun going all year round.

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