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The GoG eNMEy Paintball Gun has revolutionized the concept of an entry-level paintball gun by setting new standards. Unlike other markers, the eNMEy is a fully pneumatic mechanical gun that functions without the need for batteries or electronics. It uses gas to operate, making it effortless to start playing right away. The spool valve design is similar to those of high-end markers, resulting in a lightweight gun that doesn't recoil as much as blowback markers. It also minimizes paintball breakages when firing. Maintenance of the GoG eNMEy is straightforward due to its Bolt Out Back system, and velocity adjustment is uncomplicated with the use of one screw on the vertical grip regulator. The accuracy, simplicity, and top-notch performance of the GoG eNMEy paintball marker surpasses any other marker in its class.

Gog Enmey features

  • Heavy duty solenoid with reinforced housing, improved heat resistance, and metal screw threads
  • Fully pneumatic firing mechanism
  • Low-pressure operations running at 160 psi to reduce recoil
  • Full CO2 compatibility with the integrated relief valve
  • Spool Valve design for both speed and accuracy
  • Simple bolt maintenance in seconds
  • Low-force anti-chop to reduce the likelihood of balls breaking in the breach
  • Composite and alloy components for durability and light weight
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Trigger upgrade option for increased rates of fire, different firing modes, and lighter trigger pulls.

Players want to know

Frequently asked questions by players

How Efficient Is the Gog Enmey?

The GoG eNMEy Paintball Gun is a highly efficient marker that has been designed to provide maximum performance and accuracy while minimizing the amount of air used. In fact, we even did a test on air efficiency for the Gog Enmey and it’s able to shoot seven pods of paint on a 4500 tank. Take a look at our helpful video here: 

Is the Gog Enmey a Beginner Paintball Gun?

Yes, the Gog Enmey is an excellent beginner paintball gun. Beginner paintballers love it for the price point but also because of how easy it is to maintain. This marker doesn’t come with confusing bells and whistles; it just works and throws paint down range when the trigger is pulled.

How Does the Gog Enmey Compare to the EMEK?

The Gog Enmey is a great competitor to the Planet Eclipse EMEK, especially for the price point. The Gog Enmey is about $100 cheaper than the EMEK and even comes with extra features like CO2 compatibility. See more in this helpful comparison video.

Is the Gog Enmey Good for Speedball?

The Gog Enmey is a great starter maker however it can be somewhat limited in speedball, especially against professional markers. However, the Enmey does work quite well as a woodsball marker.

How Easy Is Gog Enmey Maintenance?

One word: easy! The Gog Enmey is one of the easiest markers on the market to maintain. Players don’t necessarily need to be familiar with the inner workings of a paintball gun to make sure that the Enmey stays up and running. The pneumatic bold combined with minimal moving parts makes the Enmey a very easy marker to maintain.