Pro Paintball Guns for Top-Tier Players

Pro Paintball Guns for Top-Tier Players

Crushing the competition requires professional paintball guns that perform time and time again. This type of paintball gun does come with a higher price tag, but it’s often paired with unparalleled quality that players can depend on. The longevity, performance, and durability of professional paintball guns far exceed the quality of markers more suited to recreational use. Professionals choose particular markers to dominate the field and complement their skills. 

Factors to Consider when Buying Professional Paintball Guns

Choosing the right professional paintball gun requires taking a good look at several aspects. Price is probably one of the bigger factors, next to performance and serviceability. In addition, professional players carefully consider quality and the manufacturer’s warranty before choosing their marker.


Almost all paintball guns have a certain stylized look, but it’s more important for professionals to determine how well they perform on the field. Professional paintballers will want to evaluate how reliable the internal components are and what issues owners run into. Many of these questions can be answered by reading and watching reviews of the different markers.


Performing reliably in gameplay is one thing, but cleaning and servicing are another. Professional paintball players look for markers that are easy to service and require minimal maintenance. This includes cleaning external and internal parts, as well as replacing any damaged parts. 


Nine times out of ten, paintball players will pay a bit more for quality. This is especially true for professionals, who know that quality markers are durable and are often a prerequisite for any tournament. With such a large investment, professionals are more willing to trust a quality brand, even if it means paying more. 


Though warranties are more of a side note for most professional paintball players, it’s always a good idea to have this guarantee. Warranties speak to the quality of the company as well as the marker being purchased. Ideally, professionals invest in a marker that doesn’t require using the warranty. 


The DLX TM40 contains the aesthetics of the Luxe brand combined with optimized internals to give every player an edge in competition. The marker itself is simple in design yet stunning in performance. With countless drivetrain redesigns aimed at improving shot quality and efficiency, nothing handles a paintball quite like the DLX TM40. The new mechanical conversion doesn’t require a single tool either. 

Truly a competition-grade paintball marker, the Luxe TM40 has proven itself time and again in competition. Compared to other markers, the TM40 prioritizes ergonomics to improve any player’s game. The DLX TM40 does command a higher price tag, but it holds all the potential a player needs to rise to the top and win the game. 

Planet Eclipse CS3

The world has yet to see the full potential of the Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker. This particular gun is available in several color schemes with plenty of slick internal components to keep players on the cutting edge. Plus, it builds on the reliability that Planet Eclipse is known for. 

In addition to a Fully Double Decoupled drive and auto dwell dynamics, the CS3 incorporates a longer grip that allows for more ergonomic contact. This paintball gun is extremely efficient, actuating each shot with less than 100 PSI. An adjustable trigger gives players customizability. The Planet Eclipse CS3 does require a bit of technical knowledge to understand the interior electronics, but seasoned players shouldn’t have too much trouble learning the platform.

Dye M3+

With a stunning metallic color scheme and potent internals to match, the Dye M3+ makes a statement that’s hard to ignore, both on and off the field. This particular marker features the latest in design and advancements to give players a leg up in any competition. It even comes in a hard case players can use to protect the marker during travel. 

The Dye M3+ is based on the DM series platform. Combining superior performance with the convenience and confidence that players need results in a platform that reduces recoil, allows for multiple player profiles, and features some of the best ergonomics found in a paintball marker. The FL-21 Bolt System incorporates a two-stage flex bolt tip in an all-aluminum frame. 

Compared to other professional paintball guns on the market, the Dye M3+ is a platform built to dominate with fully optimized internal components. The higher price tag reflects hours of research and development spent refining this professional marker for a better experience right out of the box. 

Planet Eclipse LV2

The all-new Planet Eclipse LV2 seamlessly combines proven components with cutting-edge technology. Increased ergonomic maneuverability characterizes the toolless rear grips, which house sealed pushbuttons. An increased internal volume aids the new Cure FT bolt design in delivering a powerful punch with barely the sound of a whisper.

Planet Eclipse tunes this marker to be competitive straight out of the box. However, players can micro-tune this marker to their heart’s content. This can seem overwhelming for players not comfortable with tuning, but it’s an additional feature that serious players are sure to appreciate. Plus, Planet Eclipse includes a two-year manufacturer warranty to protect such an investment. 

Field One Force

The compact frame of the Field One Force hides a deceptively capable marker beneath the surface. This affordable option combines an industry-leading warranty with solid components proven to help players improve their game on any field. It may not be the most expensive or sophisticated marker on the market, but it certainly holds its own against the competition. 

Through extensive research, Field One developed the Force Nucleus engine. This drivetrain meshes efficiency and performance for a reliable marker ready for action. GripShift technology allows players to customize the fit of their marker and the AccuLock Barrel System ensures accuracy. In addition, the Field One Force runs on either AA batteries or a LiPo battery to bring an element of versatility to the mix. 


Paintball players wanting to step up their game should consider investing in professional equipment for next-level performance and quality. These professional paintball guns bring with them a certain value and prestige, which can take any skill set to the next level. The best markers and other equipment are currently in stock right now at the Lone Wolf Paintball online store. Check out our wide selection of professional paintball markers and accessories to dominate the field.