How to Play and Win Woodsball Paintball

How to Play and Win Woodsball Paintball

Woodsball paintball is an exciting and strategic outdoor team sport that takes the adrenaline rush of paintball to a whole new level. The advantage of Woodsball is that it can be played nearly anywhere there are large swathes of uninhabited woods. The natural terrain and setting of the game require quick thinking, teamwork, strategy, and the best paintball equipment. Anyone from brand new players to seasoned professionals can enjoy the game of woodsball. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started in your paintball journey, we put together this guide to help you strategize and win your next woodsball engagement.

What is Woodsball?

Woodsball is one of the most popular versions of paintball which is played in (you guessed it) the woods! Players face off on two or more teams to use their woodsball paintball guns to eliminate players on the other team by marking them with paint. There are many different types of mini-games that can be played in a woodsball scenario such as capture the flag, simple elimination, capture and defend, zombie survival, and more. 

There are a few requirements to play woodsball. First, the woodsball field can’t be close to any structures or roads that might get hit by a stray paintball. Occasionally, woodsball fields will have netting surrounding the field to stop any paintballs. Woodsball fields may also have man made structures or they may be entirely natural, depending on the location and the style of gameplay. In regards to the field size, they can range anywhere from a few acres to a few square miles. Woodsball games on larger fields tend to attract thousands of different players.

Rules of Woodsball

The rules of woodsball paintball are straightforward. First, all players must wear proper safety gear, including masks, and use paintball markers that adhere to field regulations. The game begins with a signal from the referee. Before the referee begins the match, players must stay within certain boundaries at opposite ends of the field. During gameplay, players must remain within the designated play area or they risk getting lost or disqualified by a referee. A player is eliminated if they are hit by a paintball that breaks on their body or equipment. Paintballs can bounce and, while it stings, the player is not out unless the paintball breaks and leaves a mark with paint. Once eliminated, the player must raise their hand, call "out," and promptly leave the playing area. Each field may have additional rules to promote fun and fair sportsmanship among all players.

Paintball Gear

Choosing the right paintball marker for woodsball is crucial to winning the match. For beginners, a reliable and easy-to-use marker like the Empire Mini GS or the Planet Eclipse EMEK is recommended. Other woodsball games are run as military simulation (MilSim) events. The best markers for these events are MilSim markers like Tippmann TMC Elite. Experienced players may opt for more advanced markers with features like electronic triggers and adjustable firing modes. Each player must consider their own playing style and budget when selecting their marker.

Camouflage and Clothing

Wearing the appropriate clothing is essential in woodsball. Players will wear different types of clothing and concealment based on how large the game and field are. This frequently ranges anywhere from shorts and a t-shirt (not recommended) to full ghillie suits. As a general rule of thumb, using dark and earthy colors is better than using light colors as it helps players blend into the mottled forest shadows. In addition, we recommend wearing comfortable boots with good ankle support and using gloves and knee pads for additional protection.

Tactical Equipment

Carrying tactical equipment can enhance any player’s performance. For small fields, a good-quality paintball harness or vest will allow players to carry extra paint. For longer games with bigger fields, players may also want to carry a radio, a sidearm, food, water, and other essential items. For games that last hours, we recommend carrying a hydration pack.

Protective Equipment

Protective equipment like goggles and body armor are also necessary to avoid serious injury. While paintballs are not lethal, they can still damage the eyes, ears, and nose which is why players must use goggles. Other protective equipment such as knee pads and forearm guards aren’t required but are still recommended to avoid injury when diving and sliding. 

Essential Woodsball Strategies

There is no single strategy to win all paintball games. However, approaching the game with precision, forethought, and tactics can mean the difference between winning and losing.


Effective communication is the foundation of any successful woodsball team. Using radios or designated hand signals to relay information about enemy positions, movements, and strategies can be an effective way of communicating with teammates. Players should always be aware of their teammates' locations, and work together to coordinate attacks and defensive maneuvers.

Stealth and Movement

In woodsball, remaining unseen and unheard is crucial. While it can be difficult with extra equipment and a marker, try to move quietly and carefully through the terrain, using trees and bushes for natural coverage. Many fields have man-made bunkers and obstacles for players to hide behind. These can be as beneficial and act as cover, but they can also trap players in a corner. Constant movement and advancement are also key to winning the match. However, when moving, avoid creating a silhouette against the skyline. Keep in mind that slow and deliberate movement is often more effective than running and making noise.

Flanking and Cover Fire

The two most important strategies/concepts within paintball are flanking and cover fire. Frequently these two are often used in conjunction with each other. Flanking is where the team splits into two or more groups. One group engages with the other team as a distraction as the other group goes around and attacks them from the side or from behind. Cover fire is often used in conjunction with a more direct “leapfrog” strategy where two or more people run from cover to cover while their other teammates shoot to keep the opposing team down.


Paintball gives players hours of fun, entertainment, and team building. While even losing is fun (a bad day in the field is better than a good day in the office), winning gives players a sense of accomplishment not found in other areas of life. To help equip players for victory, Lone Wolf Paintball offers the best selection of paintball equipment like markers, protective equipment, paintballs, and more. We’ve even put together Woodsball beginner packages to help you get started. For the best selection of beginner and professional paintball equipment, take a look at Lone Wolf’s online paintball store.