Tippmann TMC Elite


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Tippmann TMC Elite

Presenting the latest in cutting-edge MagFed technology - the Highly Authentic AR Styled Tactical Carbine Marker, now featuring an 8.25" Lightweight Aluminum M-LOK Handguard with Picatinny Rail and an Air-Thru stock! Embrace the flexibility of going MagFed or utilizing a traditional loader, and enjoy the best of both worlds, all conveniently packaged into one extraordinary product. With the TMC, players can fully customize their experience, gaining access to a myriad of unique options for Tactical Games. This innovation seamlessly combines functionality with the renowned reliability of Tippmann, setting the new standard for MagFed Products.

Included in this version of the TMC is an adjustable Air-Thru Stock, capable of accommodating a 13ci 3000psi tank, along with the M-LOK handguard. Please note that the tank is sold separately. We recommend purchasing the Tippmann Aluminum 13/3000 tank for seamless integration.

For a full review of the Tippmann TMC Elite, take a look at our helpful YouTube Video Below:


  • Full pneumatic marker
  • Proven high performing in-line bolt system
  • Dual feed option: can be hopper or magazine fed
  • Extremely authentic ar look and feel
  • Fully functional charging handle
  • Easy-pull trigger
  • Over molded rubber grip
  • 12” high performance barrel with muzzle break
  • Internal stainless steel gas line
  • 2 position external selector
  • 5 position collapsible stock
  • Durable aluminum receiver
  • Front and rear adjustable sights
  • Integrated sling mounts
  • 8.25" Lightweight Aluminum M-LOK Handguard with Picatinny Rail
  • Air-Thru Adjustable stock - Tank Sold Separately

Players Want To Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers

Does the Tippmann TMC Elite Take First Strike Rounds?

The short answer is that the Tippmann TMC Elite does not take first strike rounds. The longer answer is that some people have modified the magazines to take first strike rounds. This, however, may void Tippmann’s warranty and will require some machining. However, if you’re interested in playing around with your TMC Elite and modifying it to be a first strike marker or a home defense weapon, then a quick search on YouTube will show you how to do this.

For a full review of how the Tippmann TMC Elite shoots right out of the box, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

How Long Is the Tippmann TMC Elite Barrel?

The barrel is 8.25” long and comes with a picatinny rail to mount optics and lights on. The barrel is made of a stainless steel/aluminum alloy. 

How Much Does the Tippmann TMC Elite Weigh?

With an empty magazine and no tank, the Tippmann TMC Elite weighs 96 ounces. Additional weight will be added when you add paintballs and the air tank. However, the marker is still light weight in spite of it being a milsim marker and is extremely maneuverable in tight areas.

Is the Tippmann TMC Elite Reliable?

Anything that Tippmann makes is built to last and many people refer to the markers that Tippmann makes as the AK-47s of the paintball world–they just keep working and keep shooting. That being said, the one great thing about Tippmann is that most fields carry Tippmann replacements so even if your TMC did break down for whatever reason, you would likely have the necessary replacement parts on hand.