What to Wear to Play Paintball for the 1st Time

What to Wear to Play Paintball for the 1st Time

What's going on, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, we're gonna talk about what to wear when paint-balling

Tony, what should I wear? I can't go out in my birthday suit?

Minimum Recommendation of What to Wear to Paintball

No, I probably, well, I mean, yeah. No, I don't think you can. It's kind of a wide range of where you want to start out with. Is it your first time playing? Is it your tenth time playing? Uh, basics, obviously. Looking at goggles. You're gonna need a good goggle, and were gonna talk about that closer toward the end of the video. Basically, you could wear what I'm wearing right now, jeans and a t-shirt, you could do that or you could wear jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. Something like these guys. I'd always recommend it if it’s your first time or even, you know, you've played a couple times. Any coverage that you can get is always gonna be good, covering any exposed skin. So, even jeans and a hooded sweatshirt can definitely get you started. You've got a little padding within the hoodie, so that's good. It's gonna, you know, keep you safe and you're still gonna have a good time. 

So, if you're a little nervous out there and you aren't quite sure, like I heard it stings and I’m don't, not really looking forward to that aspect of it per-say. We've got chest protectors that are available. Multiple brands, obviously, sizes. So, this is a chest protector that normally goes underneath on your actual body like a hoodie or a jersey overtop. So, this is fully padded. It's got shoulder pads, front pads, and it also has full padding on the back as well. So, like I said, if you are a little nervous out there and you want some extra padding, I would definitely recommend picking up one of the chest protectors.

If it’s your first time playing paintball, take a look at our “Top 10 Tips for Playing Paintball” YouTube video tutorial below:


Other Paintball Protective Equipment

Protecting Your Neck

paintball neck protector

Grocery store for sure. Next up, kind of, going in, staying in the realm of if you're kind of a beginner. So, there are plenty of brands and options available for neck protectors. If you guys are worried about getting shot in the throat or the Adam's apple area, get yourself a neck protector here and that'll definitely, and its obviously fully padded, that'll help you ease the pain if you do happen to get shot in the neck area. 

Paintball Gloves

paintball gloves

Same thing, kinda speaking of, the padded protection stuff. We're talking about gloves. If you've ever taken a shot to the hands, you know it hurts, and something like this, you can still move, mobile but there is padding on the front and the actual fingers of this particular brand as well. So, obviously, going back to jeans and hoodie, that's cool. You can kinda step it up, throwing in some gloves and a neck protector for some extra padding. 


paintball headband

A headband. As you guys know, if guys are watching this and you are a paintball player, obviously, a headband. Everybody wants a cool, fancy looking headband. There's 15 different brands, kinds, designs out there, and this one just happens to be the American flag one, and it does have a nice, padded and with a teary cloth on the back as well to help prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. So, I would recommend the headband too and you put that band on top of the goggles. It's gonna give you some more forehead protection, and that always helps, you know, ease in the sting of the paintball. 

Elbow & Knee Pads

paintball knee pads

paintball elbow pads

Elbow pads, knee pads, kinda jump on into that as well. If you want extra padding, if you're gonna be crawling around, sliding or diving, you always want some good elbow pads to, you know, protect the forearms and the elbows. Fully-padded, very thick as well, so. Most of this stuff, guys, it isn't very expensive. I mean, it's definitely gonna be worth it to protect you if you're pretty much getting into it and doing a lot of crawling and balling out there. Knee pads, same thing. Obviously, if you're being rough out there on the field, you're gonna want some very sturdy good knee pads to protect you. You fall down, hit a rock, a root in the ground, something like that, these are definitely going to protect you, and you're gonna, you're gonna want to have a good pair. And this is all stuff, you're not to buy that once, you know, obviously, money on the go so far. So, get yourself a nice pair of elbow pads one week. If you need some knee pads, you know, whenever. In the lower, in the, you know, down the road, but a lot of this stuff is things that you're gonna want to wear when you paintball.

[Mark] Yeah, we didn't bring a pair out. Some of the, some style, you know, like my JT pants have padding in the knees and the shins, so, I don't wear knee pad. But my pants have pretty thick padding which makes me look like an elephant when I run, but, you know, I wanted a protection.

That's true too. Sometimes, like Mark was saying, if you do buy the pants that already have the padded knee pads, you might, necessarily, not need to have another knee pad underneath. Just, there's a lot of different brands and a lot of different styles and designs that have their own unique custom fit to them. 

Paintball Pants

hk army paintball pants

Going to pants. I brought out a pair of, like, these are, we call these, like, camel joggers, pretty much. So, a lot of guys when they think of paintball, like, I'm in the woods, I'm crawling around, or if you're a speedball guy, you're like, "No we wear bright flashy clothes and you know, we shoot at each other in the airball field." So, this is kind of a mix between you're speedball guy, you wanna be cool and flashy, these are just standard joggers. There's no padding in them, whatsoever, but they look cool, and if you want it to wear them in the woods, obviously, you're gonna blend in. But always make sure you get yourself a nice pair of paintball pants if you're really getting into the sport. Reverting back to, you can start off with jeans and that's fine. But if you really, like, wanna get into the sport, I would recommend getting a nice pair of actual paintball-designed pants. 

Paintball Jersey

paintball jerseys

Jerseys, next. Like I said, you can wear a hoodie. You can pretty much wear whatever you want when you paintball other than your birthday suit. So, this is an HK Army Jersey. Just something very flashy design, you know, by paintball players for the paintball player. Very lightweight, dry-wick, dry-fit, wicking material, and it does have reinforced elbows here. So, it's gonna give you a little bit of extra, you know, being durable in that area, but other than that, I mean, it's very thin, it's very airy, and it's bright and flashy. So, once you get into the sport more, you're probably gonna want something, something like this and obviously, they make these in, I don't know 25, 30 different colors and designs. So, overall, I mean, basically, this is what you should wear. Did I miss anything, Mark?

[Mark] Well, yeah, the most important thing. No matter what kind of pants or shirts, or jerseys, or hoodies, or t-shirts, and tank tops you're wearing, you need a good mask.

Paintball Masks

paintball mask

Yeah, obviously, I would recommend it. I mean, obviously, A, you can't play without it. B, you wanna keep your eyes protected, and C, they come in multiple designs, sizes, colors. This is a, you know, very flashy and nice speedball mask, dual pain thermal lenses, this is the Vforce Grill's goggle. And then, I brought out this one as well. This one is a full coverage one. So, if you, guys, are out there and kinda like, "Yeah, I'm new to this sport, I'm not really trying to get shot in the head or anywhere near the back of the head," this is a full coverage helmet. So, it's gonna go all the way down pass your chin and in the top, and the back, as well, are fully covered. So, you're not, and this is hard, hard plastic. So, you're not gonna take any shot that's gonna really, you know, hurt you or affect any part of your head. So, covers, it's a full helmet. Full helmet situation going on here, so, wide range of, if you're a beginner, start off however you want, but just make sure you have a lot of the protective stuff. I mean, a neck protector, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, headband, and like I said, if you want something like this, those are available as well.

[Mark] Yeah, I think, I think, probably, advice wise, I, anyway, would recommend investing in a good mask first before jerseys or any of the other stuff because you can. I played in jeans, I played with hoodies, but I wasn't gonna use the crappy rental mask as they're annoying and worn by 3,000 people. I wanted something that didn't fog and I could see, and it was mine. My sweat, my grossness.

My sweat, my germs. So, yeah, obviously, the mask is very, very important to the sport of paintball. And people do, obviously, your first time, you go out there, and you're, probably, gonna use a rental mask. But, if you're excited and want to play again, you're probably gonna invest 40, 50 bucks and get something, you know, a decent thermal pain goggle for you.

Protecting Your Privates

[Mark] What about, uh, protecting the junk?

Protecting the junk, yeah. I could fill the whole table. Slider shorts and there's all sorts of stuff, but they do have a thing called a slide-short out there made by multiple companies. It has normally padding on the sides for both of your hips and there's padding in the front area to protect the privates. So, that's gonna be good or guys go out there and wear their baseball or football cup. It's uncomfortable to run in, so I'd recommend the neoprene, like sliding shorts that have a built-in cup in the front to protect the boys. 

Will Paintball Ruin Clothes?

If you’re wondering, “will paintball ruin clothes?” – the short answer is no, paintballs shouldn’t ruin your clothes. Still, we’d recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Additionally, washing your paint-splattered clothes on the same day of the game will help eliminate the likelihood of any long-term stains. Remember, it’s not just paint that will get your clothes dirty. You’ll be running through the woods, and your clothes will likely get mud and grass stains too. Your best bet is to wear older clothes or even specific paintball protective gear

Before you start looking for stain removers, know that paintballs are washable, biodegradable, and generally do not stain clothing. A normal wash cycle typically lifts paintball pigment from clothing. While paintballs are non-staining, it’s worth noting that paintballs may stain lighter clothing on rare occasions, but only if the stained clothes are left unwashed for days or longer. Paintballs are designed to be environmentally friendly, meaning that the paintball – including the paint fill itself – is non-toxic and water-soluble. 

To see exactly what a paintball is made of, take a look at our investigative YouTube video below:


Other than that, yeah, I mean, there's, there's a lot of stuff you can wear for paintball. This is just, you know, a wider ray of stuff I would recommend if you're just getting into it or even, you already, you're trying to take the next step and, "What should I get next?" Elbow pads, knee pads, the list goes on. So, this is what you should probably wear when you're paint-balling, and Mark, any other closing comments?

[Mark] So, the whole gist of it is I can, basically, wear anything I want to go paint-balling. It's the level of protection and comfortability.

As long as you're not naked and you have a goggle on your head, you should probably be, probably be good to go.

[Mark] All right


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