Paintball Gear for Women: 5 Top Picks

Paintball Gear for Women: 5 Top Picks

Paintball is an intense sport that attracts both men and women seeking a thrill. In recent years, women have been taking up the game and showing that they can compete just as fiercely on the paintball field as men can. With the rise in female participation, there has been a growing demand for women's paintball gear designed specifically for the unique needs of female players. We wanted to create a guide for women to help choose the best paintball gear for their own unique needs to promote a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience on the field.

What Not to Wear

At the end of the day, paintball is a sport that presents a fair amount of danger for mild and moderate injury. As such, the main consideration for women who play paintball is the type of clothing that they should wear to help eliminate any unnecessary injury. Many websites sell women's paintball clothing that are form-fitting and offer little, if any, protection. The truth is that this type of paintball clothing will likely lead to substantial bruising and other injuries. While these clothing items may look cute and attractive, they’re perhaps the farthest thing from good paintball attire and should be avoided at all costs. Even clothing like sweatpants and a sweatshirt is better.

Having Style on the Field

Showing off on the field is just a part of the great game of paintball. However clothing is not a good way to show off style. Instead, nearly everything within paintball–markers, goggles, bags, loaders, and more–is modular and modifiable. Changing these areas are great ways of expressing style within paintball.

Lone Wolf’s Top 5 Picks of Paintball Gear for Women

1) Slide shorts

Slide shorts are a crucial piece of equipment for any player but especially for women. Slide shorts help cushion the impact when diving, sliding, and moving from one bunker to the next. Our favorite are the Infamous PRO DNA Slide Shorts which have excellent padding and protection. These shorts not only provide padding from dives, slides, and falls, but they also provide protection from paintball strikes. They’re also very durable, breathable, and stretchy to keep you cool, comfortable, and moving quickly.

2) Protective gloves 

Gloves are another piece of gear that women (and really any player) won’t want to miss out on. Not only do gloves provide protection against paintball impact, they’re also great for getting a better grip on your market in cold weather and wet weather. Some paintball gloves, like the HK Army Hardline, have a hard plastic exoskeleton to help protect from paintballs and other impacts. 

3) Elbow and Knee Pads

For more protection on the extremities, we also recommend that female paintball players look at elbow and knee pads. Great elbow pads like the Carbon SC Elbow Sleeves not only have elbow protection but also offer protection for the forearms. Carbon also makes high quality knee pads (the Carbon CC Knee Pads) with impact resistant foam. As with anything that carbon makes, the materials can take a beating while also being lightweight and breathable. 

4) Padded Chest Protector 

One of the most important pieces of paintball gear for women is a padded chest protector. Getting hit with a paintball anywhere can hurt. However, women should take extra measures to protect their chests from the impact of a paintball because of how sensitive the area is. A good chest protector will have padding that covers the entire abdomen, but with a special focus on the chest area. We recommend the Gen X Global Deluxe Chest Protector since it has the greatest amount of protection and comes with elastic straps to fit as snugly as comfortable.

5) Thermal Goggles

One problem that many female paintball players run into with frequency are foggy goggles. Fogging is common with women because their hair can block the vents and cause heat and humidity to build up in the goggles. This not only makes the game less fun, but it can also be dangerous when some players try to remove the goggles while still in the line of fire. The two goggles that we can recommend to help avoid fogging are the Virtue VIO series of goggles and the Carbon Zero series of goggles. The VIO has the Virtue Stealth Visor Fan attachment and the Carbon Zero has the Carbon Zero Storm Fan. Both of these fans, along with the thermal lens attachments, do an excellent job of keeping fogging to a minimum within the goggles.

Other Essential Protective Gear

When it comes to paintball attire, comfort and protection are crucial. Women's paintball clothing should be lightweight, breathable, and durable. Here are some essential clothing items to consider:


Look for paintball pants designed for women with a tailored fit and adjustable waistbands to ensure comfort and mobility. These pants should have reinforced knee and hip padding for added protection.


Choose a paintball jersey specifically designed for women, featuring moisture-wicking fabric and a contoured fit. It should provide ample ventilation and have padding in the shoulder and elbow areas for added protection.

Sports bras

A high-impact sports bra is essential for providing proper support during intense paintball action. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and adjustable straps for the best fit.

Base layers

Moisture-wicking base layers, such as compression shirts and leggings, can help regulate body temperature and wick away sweat, keeping you comfortable throughout the game.


One of the best rules for women who play paintball is to dress and outfit themselves just like any other paintball player. It’s almost never a good idea to use tight-fitting clothing like yoga pants or similar styles of clothing because of the likelihood of injury. For the best selection of women’s paintball gear, Lone Wolf Paintball is ready to outfit women and to answer any questions and help you with your selection. Take a look at our online store of clothing and other paintball gear for the best selection in all of paintball and happy paintballing ladies!