Why You Should Upgrade Your Barrel | Paintball Barrel Guide

What's going on guys, it's Tony from Lone Wolf paintball. Today, I'm going to talk to you about why you might want to upgrade your barrel system.

[Mark] Why? Because accuracy. It is as simple as that. A lot of guns out there are not knocking anybody but they just come with your standard stock barrel, a bore size that's probably not relevant in today's age of paint size. So there are a ton of different companies out there on the market. You've got Shocker or Gog or Freak whatever you want to call them. You've got Field One. You've got HK, you've got Infamous, you've got Deadly Winds. You've got Inceptions Designs. There are so many companies that make upgraded barrels for all of the guns out there on the market. So first off, why would you want to upgrade your barrel? A standard barrel kit back tip in a bunch of different inserts. It's going to be around 200 bucks. You don't have to spend that much. You can kind of go piece by piece. Deadly Winds has the fiber X eight barrel. You can buy the back with an insert. Whatever insert you think you want. And that's just a one, you know, one barrel system instead of an entire, like a freak XL kit or something like the HK army laser kit. So there's definitely options that you guys have out there depending on you know, your budget and how much you want to spend. So back to the main point of this video is accuracy. You want to be the most accurate out there on the field as possible. So a lot of paint these days, the standard sizes that I've noticed your paints running anywhere from a .685-ish to like a .682 or sometimes even smaller. So first off,

[Mark] I've got a question.

Yeah, in the back.

Why Does The Paintball Bore Size Matter?

[Mark] Okay. I just started playing. I have no idea what a .685, .682 what that even means. What are you referring to?

These are all separate bore sizes. So let's say the HK army laser kit since it's all right over here to my right. You're starting out with a .692 that's the inner diameter of the actual bore size. So if you don't know what that is we've already done a video on that in the past. And how is it important to actually bore you know to get the correct paint that's going to go in whatever insert you guys decide to use on your barrel. So we'll just pull this one out, Mark.

[Mark] So the number is the size of the paintball and I'm trying

That goes inside the barrel.

[Mark] to find an insert that matches.

Using a Paintball Ball Gauge

Correct, so HK army. I'll just pull this out cause I'm going to use it soon. We're going to use that. We're going to pull this out. HK army's laser kit comes with an actual gauge on here. You see, we've got eight different inner diameter sizes here on this gauge. You want to find a paint ball that's going to be a perfect fit on the inside of the board. Not too tight, not too loose. It's too loose, you're going to be having balls hook left hook, right. It's too tight, you're going to be breaking paint on the inside of the barrel. So with this handy-dandy gauge that they give you here you can grab a paint ball and kind of figure out. So we're going to start. It's hard to see in here, silver. So there's, this is a .690, Mark. .690 I'm going to drop this paintball into. Ooh, you think that's a good size?

[Mark] I, Went through, I mean, that's good.

It went through.

[Mark] I mean, don't I want it to go through the barrel?

Yeah, you want it to go through the barrel but you don't want it to be too loose.

[Mark] Why?

Finding the Right Gauge Barrel Insert

So, because it's going to be, when it comes out it's going to be hooking left hooking, right. It's not going to be accurate. So let's go and see a .678. This is going to be a .678. Paintball is tight. It's not falling through and I'm pushing it and it's definitely getting stuck. So a .678, it's getting close but I'd probably not do that. It looks a little tight and don't forget guys. You want to use multiple paintballs. Don't just test it with one or two test it with three, four, five, six test it multiple times because some of the paint differs. So that was a seven eight. So I'm going to try an eight two. This is going to be an eight two. So this eight two here, Mark looks like that might be the winner in my book. It gets in it's nice and snug. It's snug in there but it's not too tight where I can't completely push it out. So I go there next and I find my .682 in my kit. So that is a .682 insert. It's all laser, these ones, laser engraved. On the Freak XL's I have all of these sizes put right on there as well, so you'll know. Next thing I want to do, use this ball gauge. And even if you don't have a gauge just grab the inserts and you can try it out. You don't have to use the gauge first. That's just an easy way. They made it for buyers that you can test it out with that. I grab the insert and put the paintball in. It's a little tight. So we'll see. It's a little tight. We'll see. Maybe that's not the one. It's not the one, Mark.

Not the one. Let's go .684. And once again, that's only one paintball. So I try to...

[Mark] I enjoy the chipmunk cheeks.

So let's see. Oh, .684. So you pretty much want a very tight, you want to be able to blow it. It's going to get stuck in there. You want that. And then you want to be able to easily blow the paintball out. So the .684 might be a better bet. You can even go back to your gauge if you want to and see does it fall through the .684? No, it doesn't. That's the .684. So it's not really falling through there by any means. So that's probably going to be your best bet. And that is why kits like this and give you eight different inserts to choose from so there's different brands of paint. They're all different. They're not always the exact same size by any means. So I think the .684 is good. I'm going to set this paint ball off to the side. I got a couple other ones over here. Let's test it out. We're going to see. Yep. Yep. See you later. And we got one more. Oh, maybe let's try. Yup. All right. So personally, I'm going to be using the .684 in this barrel.

Using a Barrel Insert That’s Too Small

[Mark] So, what happens if I use too small of an insert?

If you're using too small of an insert you're going to be breaking paint all inside that barrel. It's just going to obviously, see the chipmunk cheeks here. You wanted a very, it's a good fit, but it's not too tight where it's going to get stuck in there and break a bunch of paint. So we're going to do that. I'm going to choose the .684 for today. And like I said, even before I did the testing .685 to .682 depending on the paint brand is probably where you're going to want to be. So I put my .684 insert in there screwed the front tip on. And then now I've got my handy-dandy, trusty EMEK. And we're going to throw this barrel on there. And you know, this is probably going to be the most accurate shot you're going to have and see in the field all day long. So there you go. You got your EMEK, got the barrel on there. You've got the correct insert that you guys wanted. That's it. Mark, what else do you want to talk about? Obviously the other kits. This is a Field One light barrel kit. I think it's coming with two different inserts. They have a full kit as well. This one's just a little bit cheaper. Coming with a .683 and a .691. So two huge contrasting barrel sizes. I'm sure that .683 inside of the light kit works very, very well. And then the freak XL kit, one of our best sellers obviously these things carry you got five and then you even got a couple more down there on the bottom covering all the entire range of, you know what you're going to need. And depending on what paint and what field you're playing at

Which Markers Can Use Barrel Kits?

[Mark] Do they have aftermarket barrels and kits for just about every marker on the planet?

A hundred percent, yeah, there's adapters. So even like this, this is a carbon fiber freak XL barrel. You can get different adapters. If you're shooting in a eight five and 98 you can get an adapter. This thing is going to take an eight inch XL insert. So there's barrels. I mean, there's so many different options. If you guys want to be have the most accuracy as possible on the field. So this can take different inserts. You've got a Deadly Winds. I showed you already. The X8 has different inserts. They also make a no barrel. Deadly winds makes a ton of great products as well. And then you've got Infamous paintball in the building. This is, they make an FL for like Planet Eclipse guns and then an FXL to accept the eight inch freak inserts as well. So tons of great companies that are making barrel products all across the map.

[Mark] So, I have a, I have a choice then. So I bought my gun and I could probably the best bet would be just to buy a kit to start because it gives me the most options. But if I'm tight on a budget I can buy individual backs and tips.


[Mark] So just what I want.

How to Choose a Barrel Kit

Exactly, so if you don't want to come and drop 200 or plus off the rip you can buy an individual barrel with, you know like I just showed you man, that .682 or that .684 insert looks like it's going to work pretty well for most paint. You can just buy the barrel with that one insert and you don't have to spend all the extra money but if you do, if you're really into it I would highly recommend getting a full barrel kit for whatever market you guys own because you got options for days. Like I said, even the weather, sometimes, Mark you've known this we've, we've traveled over the country and played. The weather sometimes if you're playing in a hot humid condition you're going to want to, you want bigger bore sizes that paint's going to swell up and you want to find the correct size for whatever you're going to use. So that's why they give you so many different options because all the different manufacturers in places of the world that you're playing in it all fluctuates temperature wise. So, you want to keep that in mind. And hopefully if you're a new player, obviously the guys who've been playing for awhile you already know all this. If it's a new guy I hope you found this video informational and hit us out. You know, check us out on the website and subscribe, Mark keep talking while I put this away.

[Mark] Leave comments. If you've got any questions if there's something else you want to touch on let us know, head over to our Facebook group. You can ask us stuff. We put up a poll there and we're going to have more come in. And that's it. Like, comment, subscribe, head to Lonewolfpaintball.com and pick up your kit today.

That's right.

[Mark] Or an individual barrel cause we didn't even touch on ACP tips and there's so many options but in a general starter, a good solid bore kit is probably a good way to go.

A hundred percent, no doubt about it. Thanks for watching guys. And don't forget a lot of these guns don't come with barrel kits. So you might want to get one.

[Mark] See ya.