HK Army XV Autococker Barrel Kit Review | 15 Inch Barrel

What is going on guys, it is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I'm going to be doing a quick overview of the HK army XV Barrel system.

[Mark] XV, what could that stand for?

XV. I don't know what it stands for, Mark.

[Mark] It's Roman numeral 15.


[Mark] Cause these are how long dude?

15 inches.

[Mark] Dang.

You got a nine inch back and a six inch front. And that's what we're going with. So they're XV cause they're 15 inch. Mark, he's got all the smarts behind the camera. He does Roman numerals very, very well. So let's, you know, let's jump on into it. We've got, I think they come in five different colors. Mark's panning in probably. A red and green. And then we're looking at you got a purple and a black, and then right here I have a gold. So five different colors. And these kits are going to be coming with three different sized backs. As Mark already said, the XV, Roman numerals for 15, 15 inches long. The backs are nine. The tips are six and then there's three different sizes. You've got .681, .685 and a .689. So let's kind of go over it. Let's say this kit is closed. One thing I do like about HK is that they actually have this is their hard shelled Exo case. So it's cool, it's blingy, it actually serves its purpose here. So it's a hard shell, it's not going to get squished or crunched inside of your gear bag. So I do like that and it looks nice.

[Mark] How much does that cost?

This whole kit?

[Mark] Yeah.

This whole kit is $129.95. Once again, coming with three different backs and then your tip. And then you have accent rings that you can interchange, if you want to kind of add a little flare or a different look to your marker that day.

[Mark] Available at

Well of course it is.

[Mark] And before he opens this case, make sure you like comment and subscribe and all that.

Oh, that's good stuff, Mark. And let's take a look on the inside. So I was talking about those accent rings earlier. So first off, these accent rings that are on here, they are reverse thread. So this one, gold on gold, you probably can't see it that well. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to throw the black one on and then you'll be able to see exactly what's going on here.

[Mark] What's going on.

What's going on is add a little bit of flare to your gun. You know what I'm saying? So now we've got the black accent on there and then we're going to screw on our let's just grab this one, .689 back. So we're gonna do this. And now you've got your complete 15 inch barrel here. So once again, we've got a nine inch back and then the tip is actually six. So there you go. And then today I'm going to show you, obviously this is an HK Army custom 170R. And all of these barrel kits are going to be autococker thread. Just to keep that in mind. I don't know in the future if they're going to make adapters or different threading you know, A5 or 98, something like that. But for now all of these are autococker threaded, so.

[Mark] Well that doesn't match at all.

No, it definitely does not match, but you know I figured an HK gun, HK barrel system, you know, it goes together. But that's what it looks like. I think it's, you know, it's definitely stylish, it's sleek. It's a little bigger in the back and then slims down towards the front with plenty of barrel porting out there, so. Stay tuned in the future, we're going to do a shooting video with these and see how accurate they are. Sound signature and stuff like that.

[Mark] How much do these things weigh? Are they heavy or?

The weight, I thought it was kind of funny. The weight on these things, it's 116.5 grams. Mark, let's translate that. How many pounds is that, do you know?

[Mark] I'll put it on the screen.


[Mark] It's right there.

It's right there on the screen. He got me with his editing technique. So once again, guys, this is the Exo, it's a three-piece kit, three backs 81, 85, 89, comes with the tip and you have plenty of color options available. And I think I've gone over most of the specs on it. It's $129.95. Obviously it's coming with the interchangeable accent rings. You either got your standard color or a gold. And yeah, I think that's about it. Like I said, stay tuned though. We're going to do a shooting video on these bad boys and see how they perform.

[Mark] Yeah, I suppose they were supposed to change the internal milling to make them even smoother.

Yeah. I think they're micro honed and they're supposed to be made out of the highest grade aluminum possible. I'm not an aluminum expert but these are pretty nice looking barrels from what I can see and what I've definitely seen across the platforms in general. So Mark, do you have any final closing comments on this bad boy?

[Mark] I do, you know what I'm going to do?

What are you gonna do?

[Mark] I'm going to buy a black kit and then I'm going to buy the color kit that matches my gun. So I can have a black back with a gold ring, and then the color tip, just to blow people's minds.

I see what you did there. So I think before we close this out, honestly, I think for 130 bucks, you've got the bore sizes that you need and you've got plenty of color options available. So I would hit up the website, shop now. Even if you guys don't want one of these, we've got tons of other great HK Army products at We certainly appreciate the support. Like Mark said earlier, ding subscribe. Don't forget to do all that stuff. And lastly, if you're still watching the video follow us on TikTok, we're new on there. Get our followers up, get our likes up. We got some funny behind the scenes content that you guys won't ever see on the YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

[Mark] There you go.