Infamous Silencio FL Barrel Tip

Hey guys, what’s goin’ on, it’s Tony and Travis and we are bringing you a very interesting video today that you guys might truly like. What is this prototype thing we have here, Travis?

[Travis] – So, this is a barrel that’s been under tape at practices for the past I don’t know how many months, but–

[Tony] You can see all the tape Mark, yep.

[Travis] Yeah, but basically it’s a new style of porting that we’ve been testing. This will fit on the Planet Eclipse FL tip paintball markers. So it’ll replace whatever the current tip is, whether it’s the carbon fiber or whatever version. And this really thin laser porting does a few things. So there is, you know, it doesn’t look like it’s porting a lot but it does. And the way it ports makes it super silent, hence the name.

[Tony] Did you already say the name, did you say it?

[Travis} I don’t think we said the name.

[Tony] Do you want to say the name or no?

[Travis] You just got back from Italy.

[Tony] Sicario Silencio! 

Infamous Silencio FL Barrel

[Travis] The Infamous silencio barrel, yeah, so it’s, you know, it is really quiet, it’s much quieter than, you know, the current tip. And the other cool thing that we found out during practice is that because the porting is so laser thin–

[Tony] Light.

 [Travis] Yeah, that the water doesn’t actually penetrate it when it’s raining. So it’s a great rain barrel and it’s quiet. Which is kind of unheard of.

[Tony] So if you guys can see real quick,

[Mark] I’m gonna kill the lights too, just so.

[Tony] Oh, you’re gonna kill the lights so you can see it better. Oh, I like that, yeah.

[Travis] Trendy.

[Tony] Trendy.

[Tony] Trendy, and it works great in the rain. All the other spiral ports or the ports on barrels that aren’t spiral, they’re bigger holes so the rain can seep down in there. These ones, the little raindrops aren’t getting’ in there.

[Mark] We don’t recommend flashing your light in your barrel when it’s on the marker.

[Tony] No, definitely, you definitely don’t wanna do that. So hopefully you guys got a good look at the inside of the very, very nice super slim ports. When do you– I know it’s a prototype, but when do you expect to be, or will this only be available for infamous guys or?

Infamous Silencio Barrel Coming Soon!

[Travis] No, so, so the goal is to have the Infamous Silencio Barrel out by the end of May so pretty much anybody that has this style barrel that wants to upgrade it, we will have these tips available.

[Mark] Any interest in expanding into other thread styles and–

[Travis] Yeah, so once we kind of get these out there and there’s the demand that we think there’s gonna be behind it, we will have other threaded barrels.

[Tony] And you guys, like you already mentioned, they’ve been shooting these at practice, they’re workin’ pretty well, huh?

[Travis] Yeah, yeah, we’re pretty excited, I mean–

[Tony] That’s awesome.

[Travis] We’re at the point now where we’re ready to talk about it a little bit, so.

[Tony] Well, you saw it here first. Maybe not, but pretty darn close. Let’s close this out. Do you know- did we talk price point on em at all or is that-

[Travis] I don’t actually have the price on it yet.

[Tony] Gotcha, no worry, it's a prototype.


The Infamous Silencio Barrel is now available!

[Tony] Yeah. Mark, any other questions?

[Mark] How many prototypes are there out there right now floatin’ around?

[Travis] About a handful.

[Mark] Okay, enough for a five man game...

[Travis] Yeah, pretty much.

[Tony] There you go, okay, so if you see ’em rocked up using tape around the barrel, it’s probably one of these.

[Mark] I was just wonderin’ if any draggage might wanna play with them and–

[Tony] Yeah, I feel ya, I feel ya.

[Mark] In June, ’cause they would’ve already have dropped by then.

[Tony] Yeah, yeah. We might be shootin’ a couple of those if they’re full on the market by that time. So, until next time, check out check out Infamous Paintball Barrels and hopefully we’ll have these available for sale soon. And what’s that, what is that? Jerky, oh.

[Mark] You keep forgetting to mention the jerky.

Visit The Jerky Den, buy some of the best lean protein in the game and we will see you guys later.

[Mark] No after show this time guys.

No after show.

[Mark] We’ve been milkin’ Travis’

This jerky is goin’ with me!