Inception Designs Stella Slimline 14" Barrel Kit Review & Shooting

What is going on, ladies and gentlemen? Today, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and I have such a treat for you. The Inception Design Stella Slimline Barrel Kit.

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[Mark] I am ready, sir.

Stella Slimline Kit Components

So this is the, like I said, Stella Barrel Kit. It's the Slimline, 14 inch kit. This thing has so many different options, I don't even know where to start to be honest. So, first off, you got two different barrel tips, you got two different insert backs, and then on the flip side you have four more true insert backs that... Not insert, but just barrel backs. So the ones on the backside don't take inserts, these two up front do. So, let's kind of jump on into what this kit actually does.

It's a 14 inch Autococker Thread kit and... Which one should I start out with, Mark? What do you think? Small insert, big insert, his barrel kit, the actual backs? What do you think?

[Mark] I have no idea. I guess it doesn't matter.

All right. Well, let's hop right on into it then if we're going to go that route. So first off, this kit does come with a barrel back that takes Freak XL Inserts. So this is the Freak XL Insert barrel back that does not have an extended tip. So I'll set that down real quick. I'll show you the difference between the two. Now this is a Freak Insert barrel back that takes your standard Freak Inserts, not the XL that does have the extended tip, as you can see there. So this one you're using your standard smaller Freak Inserts, and this one you're using the Freak XL Inserts. Very, very great options to have.

So the different tips here now. So this one that actually says "six, nine, seven..." I don't know if you can zoom in and read that, Mark? Is it better there, here, eyes good... Can you see it?

[Mark] Keep moving.

Where are you going?

[Mark] I don't know...

Got it?

[Mark] Maybe.

Okay. So the "six, nine, seven" tip is going to be what you want to use if you're using either the XL or the smaller Freak Inserts. So this is "six, nine, seven", it's clearly marked right there. On camera, it's probably hard to see, but "six, nine, seven" does go with the bigger inserts, XL's, and the smaller inserts that are standard.

Next, you have this one that reads "six, eight, nine". So your "six, eight, nine" is going to go with the actual barrel backs on this side that do not take inserts, these are just true-sized barrel backs and I'll go through the sizes here in just a minute. So we'll pull one out. This one reads... This is a "six, seven, five", this one is a "six, eight, zero", this one is a "six, nine, zero", in case you're shooting some bigger paint. And this last one out of the four is a "six, eight, five".

So once again, the tip that reads "six, eight, nine" goes with the four standard barrel backs. And then you've got this tip that takes big inserts for Freak XL and the smaller Freak Inserts as well. So enough boring stuff. What we're going to do, we're going to shoot both the XL insert, and we're going to shoot one of his barrel backs.

Stella Slimline Compatibility

I would like to, Mark, show them real quick before we get into the shooting video, kind of how his whole kit here works. So this is a smaller standard... What's this, a "six, eight, seven" Freak Insert there. And what I want to do so we can get a good comparison between what his barrel backs, obviously machined, offer, I want to pick a good size. So does he have... These are eight, four and eight sevens, so you know what I'm going to do?

Okay. We're going to go with a "six, eight, five" here, and we're going to take out, since I don't have an eight five in the kit, I'm pretty sure... Nope. We'll just go with an eight, four. Very, very close in bore size accuracy. These are the two we're going to shoot, Mark. How about it, does that work? What do you think?

[Mark] Sure, yeah.

Cool. So let's show them how the kit works. Standard, little baby Freak Insert is going to go, once again, into the tip that's extended. It's going to go in from the backside. You're going to slide up and then you're going to put this on. Reverse thread, boom, ready to rock. You've got your insert inside the barrel. Once again, standard Freak Insert.

Yeah, Autococker Thread. So with this one now, moving on to the XL, what we're going to want to do, it's not going to slide in through this side. We're going to take the XL kit and insert inside it in from the front and you're going to feel it, it stops, it won't allow you to push any further, and then you're going to put the tip on. So this is going to be interesting to see how these things shoot. So we're going to be shooting "684" Freak XL. Pretty much kind of, not in competition, but versus per se, the "685" on his kit.

[Mark] Did you say how long these barrels were?

It's a 14 inch. Yeah, it's the 14 inch Stella Slimline. Yeah, by Inception Designs. So we're going to battle, a little "685" action here versus the XL insert, which is a "684", and kind of get the difference in feel for them.

[Mark] What are we going to shoot them on?

"What are we going to shoot them on?"

[Mark] Yeah.

We're going to shoot them on this beautiful CS2 Pro here, by Planet Eclipse. And I'm rocking the Ninja SL2 Cerakote Black Tank.

[Mark] All right, so we're going to let the people stop cutting the lawn and then we'll come back and shoot.

That's right.

[Mark] All right, guys. Now that the lawn people have been done with their jobs, we're going to actually shoot this thing now so you might be able to hear it.

Shooting with the Stella Slimline

I'm going to shoot the Stella back, the "685", with no insert, just the standard barrel back. "685", two things to clarify. Once again, the inserts, the Freak XL insert and the standard Freak inserts, are not included with the kit. You do have to purchase those separately.

And secondly, these kits do retail at $199.95. So the kit's pretty much $200, it comes with everything you saw except the XL insert or the smaller insert. Those are separate. So let's shoot this. CS2 Pro is going into action, let's do it. Of course there's an airplane now overhead. Good days.

All right Mark, where do you want me to start? On the right and go left? Left to right? What do you think?

[Mark] Hit the circle targets first.

Hit the circle targets first.

[Mark] If you can.

Now what, sir?

[Mark] Oh, just aim for any of the-

Bowling pins?

[Mark] Yeah.

All right. I'm going back to the circle targets because those bowling pins aren't oiled. They're not falling down, dang it. That one fell down.

I mean, it's pretty fricking accurate, I could say. With the "685" I didn't even really get a true bore sizing per se, but a lot of paint these days is running "684", "685-ish". So super accurate, first couple of shots are pretty much on par. On top of the target, on top of the target, on top of the target. We're what, what do you think Mark, 50, 60 feet away? Something like that?

[Mark] Yeah, at least 60.

Okay, at least 60 feet away. All right. So this was shooting the standard "685" back. I'm going to unscrew this, screw on the Freak XL, see if there's any difference. We'll find out.

[Mark] What'd you think about the sound of that one, versus the stock tip that comes with the marker?

I don't know, they're about the same. It wasn't something that was super quiet I guess. I mean, it's definitely very, very nice. I just-

[Mark] No, I was just curious. I didn't think there was a big difference in sound, the CS2 is pretty quiet to begin with.

It sounded like a paintball gun.

[Mark] Ah.

Good. So now it's going on, you can even see the little gold in there. It's got the XL insert, so let's shoot it.

[Mark] Stella kits, they're gloss tips with matte backs. Do you know if they have a gloss on gloss too?

Mark, I do not know. That is a good question.

[Mark] You know where I could find out?

The internet?

[Mark] Over at Lone Wolf Paintball.

You could, maybe. If you check it out and see what they got going on. All right, some more GI field paint going in. The shit shoots really, really well.

[Mark] And you guys sell inserts separately too-

Oh yeah, we sell all the inserts, all sorts of stuff. So yeah. All right, here we go. Eyes on, hoppers on.This is now the Freak XL insert. I'm starting at the round ones, Mark.

[Mark] Okay.

Extremely accurate. One shot, one target.

[Mark] Well, I mean it is 1/100th of a...

It is a little bit smaller. "685" was here, we're shooting a "684" XL insert now. Wow. These kits are impressive. I think these are extremely accurate. Yeah. Ball on ball. Like I said, I'm not shooting a high end tournament paint, just shooting the GI Sportz field stuff that shoots amazing by the way, shout out to them too.

[Mark] Give me a good stream so they can compare the two...


[Mark] It doesn't matter what you shoot at, just so we can see the ball... Nice.

Ball on fricking ball. These kits are awesome, guys. Check them out. They take small inserts, they take the XL inserts, they have their own barrel backs, four different sizes. Stella did a great job or, well, Inceptions Designs did. Shout out to Simon as well, did a great job. This is the Stella Slimline Barrel Kit, 14 inches for the Autococker.

Ball on ball. She is too shooting great, hoppers loading fine, so don't forget guys, visit Lone Wolf Paintball. We have these kits available, hope you guys like them. A beautiful carrying case by the way. Very, very nice and put together and it's a hard case, so it's going to stay safe in the gear bag. What you got for me, Mark?

YouTube Question

[Mark] Got a question from the YouTubes, of course.

All right.

[Mark] Chase wants to know, "Does the Shocker take the same threads as the Luxe?"

Nope. Shocker's Autococker.

[Mark] "And is the M170 Autococker threaded?"

M170 is an Autococker thread; the Luxe and the Shocker are different.

[Mark] But is the Shocker different from the Luxe?

Shocker is Autococker, Luxe is Luxe

[Mark] Okay. So the Shocker and the M170 are both Autococker?


[Mark] There we go.

Yes sir.

[Mark] All right, that's it. You got a question, leave a comment below.

Thanks for watching guys.

[Mark] See ya.

Oh, I turned my hoppy off. This thing does shoot really, really well. Damn.

[Mark] You can't knock a single target down.

I can't knock any of the bowling pins down, they're not oiled. The only thing that was knocked down was the other one that was on rough terrain.