The Best Paintball Barrel System


The Best Paintball Barrel System

Having the best barrel system in paintball is important for avid and professional paintballers. These paintball barrel systems usually come in two or three different parts and sections. First, the paintball barrel back connects the rest of the barrel to the actual paintball gun. The paintball barrel tip provides enough length to the barrel to optimize accuracy without sacrificing range with extra barrel friction. Finally, the barrel inserts are metal tubes that fit within a paintball barrel and allow the paintballs to fit within 1/1000th of an inch in the barrel. This ultimately leads to better accuracy and less paintball breakage.

Freak XL Kit

Freak XL is one of the most popular and perhaps the most accurate paintball barrel systems on the market.

Freak XL Aluminum and Stainless Steel

The Freak XL Kit comes with a ton of different options to upgrade your current barrel. First, the stainless steel barrel inserts are a great option for players who favor a more aggressive approach. These barrel inserts are more robust than aluminum and will hold up to the damage of jumps, slides, and dives. For more information on how these barrel inserts stand up to the Aluminum Freak XL Kit, take a look at our comparison YouTube video below:


Freak XL 14” Carbon Fiber Barrel

The Freak XL 14-in Carbon Fiber Barrel is another great barrel option and is one of the lightest barrel systems on the market. Despite its weight, this barrel is robust and can stand up to the hardest beatings on the paintball field. The best part about this is it does take the 8-inch control bore and you can buy different adapters so it fits other paintball markers. So if you want to put it on a Luxe or a 98 or an A5 or whatever, anything other than an autococker barrel thread, all you've got to do is buy your insert and you can put it on whatever gun you want to. 

Freak XL Tip All American

The Freak XL tip in the original all-American spiral is an aluminum paintball barrel. These All American barrels come in both spiral porting and straight porting. One of the main questions that comes up with the different porting styles is which reduces the sound the most. The fact is that they sound almost the same so it really comes down to personal preference. Try both and see what works for you!

The Freak ACP Barrel Tip

The Freak ACP Barrel tip is one of our favorite barrel tips because of its versatility and the ability to clear debris without any barrel swabs. The ACP is 14” or 16” long and is the ideal barrel for playing in extreme conditions. The barrel has straight rifling that collects debris and isolates it from the paintball as it travels down the barrel. On the next shot, the air will blow the debris out of the end of the barrel and eliminate the need for mid-game cleaning. For a full review of the Freak ACP Barrel Tip, take a look at our YouTube demonstration video below:

Lone Wolf Paintball also did an exclusive anodization collaboration with GOG Paintball. These ACP tips are custom factory anodized to fit especially with the color of your paintball marker with one of the best barrel tips on the market. They will match Luxes perfectly. They will match your Shockers perfectly. They will match even Planet Eclipse guns perfectly. So whatever color gun you currently have, you can buy the ACP and rock the field. Lone Wolf Paintball offers them in dusk black, red, blue, clear or white as they call it, purple, and then green as well. 

Infamous Silencio

The Infamous Silencio Tipsj were developed by Travis from Infamous Paintall. The Silencio tips have special porting which is meant specifically to keep out rain and other moisture. The narrow porting slits are smaller than what raindrops will normally fit into given the surface tension of the water. This allows the excess air from each shot to escape without any problems and will still keep the rainwater out of the barrel. Unlike the ACP tip, the Silencio Tip will not clear out different kinds of debris; this barrel is only meant to keep rainwater out of the barrel during the game.  

To see how the Silencio Tips perform, take a look at our YouTube test video below:


Final Thoughts

The Freak XL kits are by far some of the most accurate if not the most accurate barrel kits on the market. The kits come in both aluminum and steel so you can decide if you prefer a robust barrel kit or a lightweight barrel kit to help you with your paintball goals. Until next time, don't forget to check out all these color options available on Lone Wolf Paintball’s online store. Shout out to Tim over at Shocker, GoG, and Russell at DLX, and happy paintballing everyone!