The Best Paintball Barrel System

What is going on guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you the most versatile paintball barrel system on the entire market.

[Mark] What system is it?

Best Barrel Kit Features and Options

Freak XL Kit

Baby, you already know. If you don't know, now you're going to know. It's called the Freak XL Kit with a plethora of options. We'll start out over here to my right, your guys' left. We’ve got these stainless steel, 8-inch control bore inserts. Now, there's another video that I've done where I compare these stainless steel over to the aluminum. Go check that video out with the comparison between stainless steel versus aluminum.

One key feature I'll tell you right now. Stainless steel is a harder metal than aluminum. So watch the video. You'll gain some knowledge on that. So, furthermore, let's just stay here and cross the board, baby. 

The Freak XL Kit 8-inch control bore one of the most, if not the most, accurate barrel systems on the entire market is here, it's ready. It's been rockin' and rollin'. We sell a ton of them and we've got some custom options you guys have never ever seen before. I'll start here.

Freak XL this is their 14-inch carbon fiber barrel and the best thing about this is it's light, it's not as noisy, according to some players, as your standard aluminum tips but it's super light. It's super stylish. And the best part about this is it does take the 8-inch control bore and you can buy different adapters for this bad boy. So if you want to put it on a Luxe or a 98 or an A5 or whatever, anything other than an autococker barrel thread, all you've got to do is buy your insert and you can put it on whatever gun you want to. So it's beautiful, it's light. A little pricey, but you can head on over to Lone Wolf Paintball’s website and find out about all of these great options.

So this is the carbon fiber barrel 8-inch insert control and different options for different guns. 

Moving on. You've got your XL tip in the original all-American spiral, which is nice. Standard aluminum You've got your they call it the Freak, the original Freak porting on the actual tip itself. Just all straight lines to release the air. So I don't know. It's personal preference. People are going to say, "Well which one's quieter "between the spiral porting and the straight porting?" I don't know. It's whatever you guys want to go with between the two when looking for the quietest paintball barrel. 

[Mark] If you could turn them sideways so they fill the There we go.

Like this?

[Mark] Yeah, now I'm seeing it.

So you've got your straight porting there. You've got your spiral in the back. I don't know. It's personal preference. They're both great options, but options nonetheless. 

Freak ACP

So moving on to the ACP tip by Freak. Boy do I have a treat for you. So you've got your ACP tips here. This is the 14-inch tip. Mark, do you know what ACP stands for?

[Mark] All conditions performance

All conditions performance Yeah, you're right. Yeah, right.

[Mark] I was at World Cup. I saw that.

There you go. All conditions performance You guys have seen it, I'm sure. I don't know if you can really zoom on in there with the spirals and the--

[Mark] Turn towards this one with it.

Like this?

[Mark] Nope. Turn the barrel towards this one.

What do you mean?

[Mark] Turn so the tube Look down the tube so I can see the--

Here? That's what I'm saying.

There we go. That's what I was trying to do.

You should've just said "bring it closer" and we would've brought it closer.

[Mark] Okay, back it up a little bit. There it is.

So now you guys are watching

Look at those teeth!

All you had to say was "bring it closer". I thought you meant turn sideways. Anyways, guys this is all conditions performance as this thing goes through the dirt, the mud, the water, the broken paint. It shoots it out without even needing a squeegee. Shameless plug: we did a video on that so search the Lone Wolf Paintball All Conditions Performance video and we'll show you exactly what this thing does.

[Mark] You want to see Tony with a surprised face? That was a great video.

Boom. Awesome. It is. It's a great video. You guys can actually see how the barrel performs. This is now the 16-inch ACP tip that fits the XL as well. So if you want a little bit longer tip. Still the same thing, same porting all conditions performance, baby. Right there.

[Mark] Now we've got to do a test. Does one clear out easier than the other one?

We shall see. But very important now. Moving into these are our custom tips. Had a little collaboration group going on on Facebook, which is very very nice. Shout out to all the guys in that group and ladies as well. We did a custom run of tips here. One, two, three, four, five, six all factory anodized coming straight from GoG Paintball. We didn't buy tips and have them done at some other place or wherever.

These are custom from GoG Paintball. So we have a nice dusk black finish. These are all ACP tips, by the way. These will match Luxes perfectly. They will match your Shockers perfectly. They will match even Planet Eclipse guns perfectly. So whatever color gun you currently have, you can buy the ACP tip for and we'll get you out there rockin' on the field.

[Mark] I don't believe you. Quick, grab that purple Shocker.

Dust red No way.

[Mark] No, grab it. Put it next to--

I will, dude.

[Mark] I need to see. I need to see it next to each other.

You want to see it match?

[Mark] Yeah I want to see it match.

You want to see the purple with the purple?

[Mark] The purple ooh


[Mark] Those are purples.

Yeah those are very very nice purples. So it's a custom factory anodized exactly designed to match the shade of your gun, baby. Very, very nice. We have them in dusk black, the red, the blue, the clear or white as they call it, the purple, and then the green as well. So those are available, once again, on Lone Wolf Paintball’s website only exclusively from us and a couple of the other dealers in the collab group. Awesome. I'm not naming price points on these because things always change in the industry.

Head to our website. Go check it out. You can buy them in kits, combos. You can put them on even if, like I said, if it's not a GoG gun you can match it to any other gun. We've got a large selection of guns that you can fit this XL ACP tip on. Furthermore, this is just your standard XL back. So if you need a back If you want to get into the XL game That's it. Just your standard back. And then onto now Shout out to Travis from Infamous Paintball. He is making his Silencio tips.

Which, another plug Mark because we do a ton of videos. If you haven't watched our Silencio water bottle or rain video, go ahead and check that out as well. He makes Silencio XLs that have very very unique porting, one-of-a-kind. This barrel is supposed to be quieter and also deflect rain. So it's not like the all conditions performance tip. This one is mostly meant for rain unlike the ACP. This is all conditions performance. Blows out dirt, mud, water, broken paint. But if you're playing in the rain, check out the Infamous Silencios. Silver, black, and red as well

[Mark] In that video we poured a bottle of water over top of it and we did a sound test, a decibel sound test with that barrel as well.

That's true.

[Mark] I'll try to remember to put the links to all these videos in the description or in the title card so you can click them and watch them because you ain't got nothing else to do.

Final Thoughts

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video of explaining the breakdown of how the Freak XL Kits why they work, why they're so accurate with the 8-inch control bores, all the options. You can buy them in the aluminum with all your color coated bore sizes directly right on the inserts. And don't forget it also does come with more inserts in the bottom as well. Same over here with your stainless steel. And, I'm done talking for now Mark.

Until next time, don't forget. Check out all these color options available on our website and the Freak XL kit I can definitely say is one, if not the best, barrel kits on the market. Shout out to Tim over at Shocker, GoG, Russell at DLX. Thank you guys very much. You guys are a pleasure to deal with and work with. And Mark, what's your question?

Question from our Audience

[Mark] Crap, I lost it.

This guy.

[Mark] I know. I'm horrible.

This guy. Three

[Mark] No don't give me a countdown. Who are you?

Two, one

[Mark] Jean Carlo

Gene Simmons?

[Mark] Oh man, I can't even I'm not even going to try.

He's just butchering names over here.

I'm butchering your names. We did the Tippmann Stormer series video of all the three ones.

Go ahead

[Mark] So Jean wants to know Or it might be Juan Carlo. Crap. Either way, which is better this new--

Sorry, Juan or Jean. I can't read it so

It's on the screen.


[Mark] Which is better the new Tippmann Stormer Elite or the Tippmann TMC? Which do you recommend buying?

They're both very very comparable. I'm looking at it right now, Mark and I don't know. They're both... They do the same thing. Mag fed, hopper fed same internal valve systems I mean, the Stormer Elite has the front handle grip but you can put one of those on the TMC. Personal preference, the looks. They definitely look different but they both have the stocks, mag fed, hopper fed. If you're going to put me--

I would say do you want to look at traditional machine guns?

If you're going to put me on the spot, I'm probably going to go with the new style Stormer. I like it because they've done some internal upgrades as well. So I'm going to go with the Stormer but either way you're not going to go wrong. Thanks for the question or the comment. Hopefully Mark didn't offend you with his name butchering skills. Don't forget guys, visit us on our website. Head on over to the Jerky Den. Until next time. I'm getting out of here. Take it easy.