Deadlywinds Fibur X-8 Barrel w/ Freak XL Inserts | Overview & Shooting

Hey guys what's going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you a little update and a product arrival of the Deadlywinds Fibur-X8 barrels.

[Mark] Fibur-X8

FiburX8, do you know what the X8 stands for Mark?

[Mark] Extra eight inches?

Close, the Fibur-X8 by Deadlywinds is a carbon fiber barrel, let's pull this bad boy out. That does fit The Freak XL eight inch insert so you were real close Mark. The barrels alone retail at 90 bucks. If you want these little fancy adapters, Luxe, Cocker, A5 pretty much any gun out there in the market, the barrel is 105 so you're 90, you want your insert to fit whatever gun you want 105 if you want it to come with an actual either a Freak XL aluminum insert the eight inch obviously or the stainless steel. I think the stainless steel will be a little bit more. But it's like 120 bucks. You get whatever adapter that fits your style of gun, and then you get an eight inch insert of your choice as well. So yeah, these do fit. Like I said they fit XLs or stainless. Biggest thing people say well, why would I want a carbon fiber barrel? First off, it's a lot lighter than a standard aluminum barrel. A lot of people have said, I haven't found this out personally. But stay tuned because in just in a couple minutes, we're gonna go do shooting video with this and find out is the sound signature any quieter? Is it the same or is it even louder? But people say it's lightweight. The sound signature is a little bit quieter. And let's just be honest, it looks cool. It's carbon fiber wrapped and printed. And then the strength, I've also heard things about the strength. I don't know if we're gonna be testing that today. But apparently, from what I've heard, you can run these over with a car, and they're not gonna break. I don't know if that's true, and I don't know if Joe is gonna allow me to run it over with a car but I'm gonna ask him we're gonna give it a shot but like I said, they take different adapters. And you guys if you guys get one of these. Mark, do you see the holes in there? Can you see them? Maybe on the white, you'll see them better?

[Mark] Yeah, real tiny.

Yeah, the holes. So when we first took these out of the package, like wow, it's really tight. First off, it's reverse threaded, and second off I'm almost positive if the barrel's too tight they had these holes you find this is a one eighth allen wrench. You find an Allen wrench in here, put it through the hole, this way you can get leverage on the actual barrel insert and the barrel adapter and unscrew it. So it's a good idea obviously if you get it too tight on there and you're trying to just get this thing undone put on. Let's say you went from shooting your Luxe for the day to now you need to shoot your CS2 Luxe Adapter, switch it over to the Cocker adapter and you're ready to rock. So I think that's pretty cool.

[Mark] How much were the adapters by themselves?

I think they're about 15 bucks or so. They have their own threads on the actual barrel and then you buy adapters to fit whatever marker that you have if you have multiples that are different threads that's a cool thing that you can do have your adapter sitting around for each style gun. Anyways, this is a 14 inch carbon fiber barrel and it takes the inserts. Let me just pull one of these bad boys out here slide it on in so yeah, definitely fits the XL inserts and let's take this bad boy outside and shoot it and see what it's got to offer. What do you think Mark?

[Mark] Yeah, lets go.

Let's do it. Alright guys, like we said, we're gonna come outside and shoot this bad boy. Deadlywins Carbon Fibur X8. Got the eight inch control, XL Freak Bore in there and I think it's a 687, it's the red insert so it should be 687. Let's let this thing rock while we're talking. It is definitely a lot lighter on the front and I can tell you that much and sound signature. I wanna see if it's gonna be quieter like some people said or not so let's find out. And yes, today I am shooting the Shocker XLS, Ninja SL2 Tank and The Spyder Three Hopper.

[Mark] Did you bring another barrel to compare?

I mean, I know what my stock one sounds like and so.

[Mark] Well look at that stream.

That's ball on ball A and B, how do you feel about sound? You'd obviously, you've been around a lot of paintball guns before I mean. It's not any louder I can tell you that.

[Mark] No, it's not louder for sure. I mean, it's doesn't have the pop, it has a muffle.

And shout out to G.I Sportz Field Paint baby. This stuff is ball on ball. Literally one after another beautiful. Yeah, it might be a little bit quieter than the standard aluminum front. Definitely not louder, like I said. It seems ripping, shoots great. Obviously there's no burrs or defects with the barrel on the inside. Because I've seen people say before, sometimes they're I'm not saying it's Deadlywinds, but their carbon fiber can become unwrapped from whoever company made it, but I don't know. I don't see any issue so far. Honestly I couldn't ask for better performance. I mean, like I said, I'm not shooting GI 5 star. I'm just shooting our Field Paint by GI Sports and stuff is shooting absolutely amazing. You wanna throw in one more pod and let her rip?

[Mark] Yeah, let her rip. That is a nice stream though.

I haven't seen a better stream in a quick minute like other than obviously playing in a tournament not just shooting at the back of our indoor. But beautiful, the paint shooting great the Shocker XLS shout out to them too this gun shoots absolutely amazing. Spyder for making some of the best hoppers out there. Quick plugs for you guys, thanks for watching. Almost out of paint already. And that's it, just like that, ran through two quick hoppers didn't break one single paintball. Shocker XLS shooting great the Deadlywinds Fibur X8 barrel with the eight inch bore from Freak shooting excellent as well so thanks for watching guys don't forget.

[Mark] We gotta go back inside and do the closing and tell them where to get it.

All right, I'll listen to Mark.

[Mark] See you in a minute.

All right we just got back inside we've done shooting the barrel we wanna know comments from you guys. What do you guys think? Accuracy obviously accuracy is gonna be coming from the inserts on the inside. Was it any quieter? Was it louder? What do you guys think? Either way, don't forget shop we have all these options available for it and head on over for some of the best lean protein in the game.

[Mark] And we have a question from the You Tubes.

Okay, all right.

[Mark] It's kind of on topic William Phillips. "Random question, Is it possible "to get the Empire axe 2.0 barrel separately "or any good two piece barrels you'd recommend "for an older Empire axe 1.0."

I don't think you can get it separately because I only think they're selling them directly from the factory in packages. I mean, probably get a used one online but I would recommend the only thing I'd recommend would be getting yourself a Freak XL kit, getting yourself into you know, Deadlywinds Carbon Fiber, and any other two piece out there on the market it's kinda be, it's either A gonna be expensive or B not even worth the money. So get yourself a Freak XL kit. Get yourself a Deadlywinds, I wouldn't just go buy some random stock barrel just because it's two piece that's not going to do you any good. And obviously if we're talking Dye barrels and stuff, you're gonna be spending a ton of money because they're also expensive. So hope this helps you and take it easy, guys. We'll see you next time.

[Mark] There you go. Leave a comment if you want it answered randomly.