Deadlywinds Null Barrel Review and Shooting

What is going on, ladies and gentlemen? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you, Mark, the Deadlywinds Null Barrel Review.

[Mark] Null.

Null. N-U-L-L. Yes, you heard that correct, but before I hop into it, Lone Wolf Paintball. Check them out on the website, see what they have to offer, and head on over to buy some of the best lean protein in the game. 

Deadlywinds Null Barrel Features

So, Deadlywinds Null Barrel. This thing retails for $59.95. The biggest thing with this barrel, let's pull it out of its fancy little case, Mark. I do have the autococker thread one today. It is carbon fiber, 18-inch barrel. So you're like, "Okay, so one piece carbon fiber." Did I say 18-inch?

[Mark] You said 18. I'm like, wow.

Okay, so restart. It's not 18 inches.

[Mark] I didn't think so.

That was a complete lie. It's not 18 inches.

[Mark] Liar.

Are we just going to roll with it then?

[Mark] Just roll with it then.

Alright. So this is a 14-inch barrel carbon fiber, not 18. Autococker thread. The biggest thing with this, the first few inches inside of the actual barrel itself, you probably won't be able to see down there, are bored to a 684 size. So right here, the first few inches you're going to see are 684, and then it tapers off to a 688. 

So technically, I believe Deadlywinds did this because a lot of paint these days ranges from the 680 to 685-ish range. So they said, "Let's why not make a very affordable one-piece carbon fiber 14-inch with 684 in the beginning where the accuracy really matters the most, and taper off to a 688 as it gets further down the barrel." So other than me explaining to you what it is, what it features, they do make it in, let's see, like I said, this one is an autococker. I know they make it in A-5, X7, Spyder, and a couple other different threads. Once again, hop on the website and check them out.

[Mark] Do they also make different bore sizes? Are they all the null?

I don't. I think null, this is just what the null is.

[Mark] Okay.

As of right now, I think of a one-piece carbon fiber. I mean, the thing is extremely, extremely light. Hopefully it's going to be a little bit quieter than your standard aluminum, and for 60 bucks, you've got a barrel that, I mean, you don't have to technically have inserts, but I think it's one heck of a product here. So let's start on the Shocker CVO, Mark, and shoot this bad boy.

[Mark] Do it!

Oh, we're also going to, we're going to chrono it too. I got a chrono here.

[Mark] Yay!

Okay. Alright. So let's chrono this bad boy.

[Mark] Chrono the barrel.

Yeah, this thing is extremely light. Good lord.

[Mark] 17%.

And it doesn't look too bad unlike my stone gray Shocker. I think it's a good look.

[Mark] I like the carbon fiber barrel.

Test Shooting the Deadlywinds Null Barrel

It's a good look. Alright, well let's turn this bad boy on. Let's turn on the hopper. I'm going to shoot one pod just at the targets, Mark, and then we can chrono with the other one.

[Mark] Sure.

How's that sound?

[Mark] That sounds swell, Tony.

Alright, 14-inch Deadlywinds Null Barrel. Let's see the accuracy of this bad boy. Is it shoots fricking straight. I think it's just the operator error, Mark.

[Mark] Yeah. I think your aim sucks.

Yeah, I know. It's been awhile. Targets are rusty. I've definitely hit a good majority of them I'd say.

[Mark] Yeah.

But let's chrono this thing. Put some more paint in here.

[Mark] I like when you ramp because it's easier to see the streams than when you're one-shotting.

Okay. Alright. I'm more of an accuracy by volume, you know?

[Mark] I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just saying.

It's been rusty. It's been a long year. 2020 has been hard for all of us. Oh, oh, oh. First shot. Alright, let's chrono it. 264. You getting me?

[Mark] Not the chrono.

Are you getting the shot? Okay. Alright. Oh, 264. 264. 266. 263. 266. 264. 265. 260. So we're plus or minus three or four?

[Mark] Yeah. That's pretty good.

Review Conclusion

Pretty darn good. Obviously it shows me that I got to turn up my gun, but ... this thing shoots awesome. Super, super light on the front of the gun. It's extremely quiet. I don't know. I got a helicopter flying above us, but the barrel's extremely light, quiet, and very accurate. I would highly suggest it for a $60 purchase. Already comes pre-bored out first few inches in a 684. So guys, check them out. The Deadlywinds Null Barrel is available from Lone Wolf Paintball. Thanks for watching, and I'm assuming that Mark's got another one of your questions for me.

YouTube Question

[Mark] Of course I do.


[Mark] xMG. This was on how to fill your paint.

Oh, and I didn't break any paint. So go ahead.

[Mark] Oh, cool. That's good.

It's always ... Heck yeah.

[Mark] I love when I don't break the paints. Are you ready?

What's the question? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Mark] On how to fill your paintball tank, xMG wants to know, "Can I fill up a tank with an air compressor?"

You cannot fill up ... Well, it depends. On a standard garage compressor, no. You're going to need a compressor that at least pushes up to 3,000+ PSI obviously. That is an actual great question. A lot of people will call the store here and ask, "Well, why can't I just fill my tank off of my garage compressor?" Standard garage compressors, anywhere from 150 PSI to maybe 300 if you got a really good one, so no, you cannot fill your HPA tank off a standard garage compressor.

[Mark] You can put 100 pounds to 300 pounds of pressure in there, which might get you about five paintballs if you're lucky.

Maybe. You're going to need a real one, so thanks for the question. That's actually a good one because we get asked that a lot.

[Mark] Alright, you got any questions-

Take it easy.

[Mark] Leave it in the comments below and maybe we will pick you randomly. See you.