Infamous Silencio Shaft FL Barrel Tip Overview

What is going on, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you the Infamous Silencio FL Barrel Tips, version 2.0


[Mark] 2.0.

Silencio FL Barrel Tips 2.0 | What’s New

So you might be wondering, okay, version 2.0, there are different porting up through the tip of the barrel, there's different milling on the barrel tip as well, and also you'll notice down here, Mark, do you see all the PRO DNAs? Do you see them?


[Mark] I see them.


Okay, those used to be skulls and now it just says PRO DNA.


[Mark] There's still a skull.


He's obviously coming out with different colors. He's got the gold, the dusk black, red, silver, polished black. So a bunch of different options for you guys to kinda fit to whatever custom color gun you guys are rocking. Or if you wanted to be different, I've seen people throw a gold tip on a purple gun or vice versa, whatever you guys want to do, but he's got different color options for you guys now, which is great. 

Silencio Barrel Tips Overview

So let's talk a little bit about the barrel itself. So Silencio, it's meant to be very, very quiet, meant to be very, very consistent. And also the biggest thing, we shot a video on this, was that a couple years back now, Mark?


[Mark] Yeah.


Remember with the water, we were pouring the water on it. So these are meant to be water intrusion resistant. So basically this thing is gonna perform extremely well for you guys in wet weather conditions. If it's raining outside, the very, very slim porting on these barrels, I don't know if you want me to grab a different color, you can see it better Mark, or-


[Mark] Just rotate it very slowly.


Very slowly. The different, very, very slim porting. Most barrels out there have circular porting, either in straight or in a spiral type fashion. This one, these are going a long ways, horizontal, or vertical technically, whatever way you want to call it. If you're holding it like this or if it's on your gun and you're holding it like that. So long slots that are meant to reduce the actual sound signature of the gun. 


And then also, like I said, help you if you guys are playing in super rainy or wet, muddy conditions, stuff like that, so it does not get inside of the barrel and make you break a ton of paint. So these are the new 2.0 Silencio Tips and they do fit on these Shaft FLs, which would be something along the lines of this beautiful CS2 Pro here. Those have them, and the LVs also have them in stock. 

Any Autococker gun out there, you can buy Shaft FL backs, which we have a full stock of now in all the different bore sizes. And then you can throw on one of these great Silencio tips, the 2.0 version, and be rocking out there on the field.


[Mark] Those are, what, eight inch control bores? The Shafts?


Correct, yeah. Yep, yep, so the Shafts are very, very nice. And a lot of the PE guys use those as well, like I said. So Mark, where are we going next, man?


[Mark] I don't know. I mean, Infamous makes some great stuff.


They do.


[Mark] If you guys aren't familiar, they do the barrels, they do some triggers, they do... They've had their own custom colored guns, exclusives, pants, all kinds of stuff.


Pretty much everything.


[Mark] Yeah, we're big fans of Infamous and-


And PE products in general, very, very nice. So obviously this is what your standard shaft back will look like coming off the CS2 Pro.


[Mark] Oh, screw a barrel tip on.


Which one?


[Mark] Gloss Black!


Gloss black, okay, we'll pick it up.


[Mark] Are you sure?


And it's always reverse threaded, obviously.


[Mark] Tricky. 


So then we're gonna slide that bad boy on there and it's looking mighty fine. These things do retail, the tips retail $89.95. And then there you are, right there. Infamous Silencio Shaft FL Barrel Tip, beautiful. It's gonna keep your barrel shooting absolutely top performance in wet weather conditions. Gonna keep you a little bit, you know, more silent on the field out there. If you guys are a sneaky woods ball player, you don't want to have the super loud sound signature, it does help with that as well. Mark, didn't we do like a decibel testing on this before?


[Mark] We did the decibel test. I think it was four to five decibels quieter.


And it helped out.


[Mark] Doesn't sound like a lot, but when you see what the scale is for that, it's significant.


Correct, yeah. Definitely helped out. Just wanted to let you guys know we do have these back in stock. They are revamped. Like I said, the milling on them is different, the new porting is different, and they are meant to be pretty much water resistant, so-


[Mark] Awesome. And I like the new colors.


So that's it, that's it. Available at Lone Wolf Paintball, obviously. Yeah, and the new colors are killer. I like that he came out with the gold and he's got kind of the red, which is looking to be a newer red than he used before, so.


[Mark] Awesome.


I like it.

YouTube Question

[Mark] We got a question from, or not really a question. It's more of a-


Go ahead.


[Mark] It's a question/comment, I guess. Jay Time says, "Why do most of the more expensive hoppers look like bird beaks?"


Why do they look like bird beaks? Like they're supposed to be aerodynamic. You know less frontage, per se, for you guys to get shot in. You guys can run quicker with them. It's like a car, like the Corvettes. Why are those cars so small and kinda, you know, you know what I'm saying?


[Mark] I don't know, my cars have all been big shoe boxes.


Well yeah, that's fair, you're not a sports car guy.


[Mark] Pew pew. Why do they look like bird beaks? Just because, yeah, less frontage to get shot in when you're coming in and out of a bunker. That would be my guess, I'm assuming.


[Mark] There you go. You got a question, leave it in the comments below, maybe we'll pick you randomly. Otherwise, go to and pick up one of these sweet Silencio PRO DNA tips from Infamous.


They are nice.