HK Army XV 15" One Piece Barrel Review

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today we are doing a shooting and overview of the brand new 15 inch HK Army XV barrel.


[Mark] XV!


XV, you don't hear it very often. This is a one piece barrel, by HK army. All dust finishes, 15 inch, three bore sizes, three different markers this barrel will go on. 


XV 15” Barrel Colors and Threads

Starting down here, Mark, you've got your dust black. You've got dust silver, your dust gold, dust purple, dust pewter, dust red, dust neon green, and in my hands, the beautiful dust blue. So like I said, I mean, you can get up the actual, like milling on these things. It's pretty, the porting, the way they got the HK Army up near where the second piece of the barrel would screw in, but just kidding, it's a one-piece. HK army there, you can see the porting is bigger in the back and as it goes towards the front of the gun, they get smaller port holes as well. 


So I think they did a really good job on this barrel and it only retails at $45. So you've got three different guns that it fits on, the Tippmann A-5 thread, an autococker threaded gun, which most of your high-end guns are autococker thread, and then the Spyder thread. So three different guns, and then what you have is bore sizes. 681, 685, and 689. Pretty much the most popular bore sizes that fit current paint on the market today. 


So any paint you're buying is probably going to fit within the 681 to the 685 range on these bad boys. So what I have here is a 681 today, I'm going to throw it on this beautiful Planet Eclipse CS-2 over here, and we're going to let this rip and see how these one piece, 15 inch barrels actually work. Like I said, 8-1, that's what I'm going to screw onto this gun, they offer 8-5 and 8-9 as well. Mark, before we do that, what do you think's going to happen? Do you think it's going to shoot well? What--


[Mark] I'm sure it'll shoot well, HK is known for good quality-before you take that barrel off–




Shooting Test with the HK Army XV Barrel 

[Mark] Can you run, just give me like five shots with the stock barrel, just so we can hear a sound difference?




[Mark] It may not convey across the audio.




[Mark] But for us, we'll hear, and I want to know


That's fine.


[Mark] What it sounds like. Thank you.




[Mark] All right. It sounded like a lawnmower. That's cool.


That's good. Lawn mowers in the background, yeah. Let me turn this bad boy off and screw the barrel on it. Okay.


[Mark] But now we physically have a baseline on what the sound is.


Correct. And also just-you are aware of this other barrel that we're using is also a 681 too, so.


[Mark] Okay.


That was a 681, shot very straight, very accurate. Let's see what we got now. XV barrel going on.


[Mark] So I'm gonna have you do the five shots again before I move behind you.




[Mark] Just so I hear from the same spot too, with that sweet, sweet lawn cutting sound.


Yep. Of course, we knew we were going to run into that. It's nice. That's just-it's not that loud. Okay.


[Mark] There's not a lot of difference.


No, it's really not. They're both quiet, man. This-and it looks pretty on that gun too.


[Mark] It does, that looks really sharp. But now the real test, what's the accuracy?


We will see. 15 inch, 681 auto cocker thread, on the gun.


[Mark] Now, let me clear this up. Have you been drinking this morning?




[Mark] So that's not an excuse that you can use if--


But I didn't bore the paint out, but I figured it would be, you know,


[Mark] Pretty small, yeah. All right.


Let's let it rip.


[Mark] Nice.


For a $45 barrel, yeah, it's great. Really, that's nice. That's nice. I mean, and what would you say, Mark? We're good.. how many feet away do you think from that target?


[Mark] 40 to 50.


40 to 50, okay.


So a lot of the shots were definitely right on that little circle and or right around there. I didn't break one single paintball. I don't have any paint left in the hopper. Should I put more paint through this or what? It's up to you?


[Mark] Uh, Why not?




[Mark] Throw a little bit more in.


That's fine.


[Mark] Whatever's quick and easy.


That's fine, we'll do that.


[Mark] I am seriously impressed. Like I said, the, the sound--


I mean for 45 bucks, the sound, everything like that. I mean. Where do we go? Oh, hopper. I would uh-yeah, I mean, I would highly suggest it even at an 8-1 or an 8-5 or even the 8-9, those are very popular sizes. Shoot, I'd probably buy them all. I mean, for that price.


[Mark] Yeah, yeah. We might even have them available on the website as a kit.


Yeah, so yeah. Hit up the website guys. We just wanted to kind of show you the new colors that they have. Oh, we had one hiding back here. Just kidding, it's not that.


[Mark] It's a stock barrel.


It looked so much similar to that. So yeah, that's where we're at. What do you think, Mark?


[Mark] I think they're awesome.




[Mark] I'm wondering if I should get a set for my EMAC.


I would probably say so. I'm just-it's funny to me how the sound signature of this barrel was very, very similar to that barrel, so.


[Mark] Yeah, yeah there was no obvious difference. Like, wow, that one's way louder or way quieter.


No, not at all.


[Mark] I think the HK had a slight ting to it and that just might've been an echo I was hearing somewhere else.




[Mark] But other than that, yeah, I heard almost no discernible difference.


It shot absolutely phenomenal, check 'em out guys. Didn't break one single paintball, the HK Army XV barrels available for grabs, 45 bucks, guys. Hit up the website, Put in the comments below if you guys have purchased these, if you guys like them, what'd you guys think of them? Thank you for watching! I know Mark has a question.


YouTube Question

[Mark] We got a question from the YouTube.


I already knew, I was waiting for it.


[Mark] You knew it!


I knew.


[Mark] Andrew Macedo on the HK Army HSTL Thermal Goggle reviews, those no baseline toggles they have.




[Mark] He wants to know if I just want the smoke lens, do I buy the single pane and then buy the smoke lens separately, or do you think it's better to have both the clear and smoke in thermal?


I would probably do the clear and smoke in thermal. That way it's anti-fog for ya'. And also if it's a sunny day, you can throw in your smoke lens. If it's kind of cloudy and dreary keep the clear lens so you can see a lot better. It's always great to have multiple options for your lenses, guys.


[Mark] There you go. You got a question, leave it in the comments below. Otherwise we will see you next time!


Thanks for watching.