HK Army LAZR Barrel Kit Review

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you the brand new HK Army LAZR Barrel Kit review.

[Mark] LAZR.

LAZR beams for days. So first off, let's start out. 

Price Point and Unboxing the LAZR Kit

We're going to hit the price point right off the top at $199.95. This kit is 200 bucks, but it is very, very nice. As you can tell by this EXO nice hard shell case it's going to keep it protected and safe. It also comes with the carrying handle. Mark likes to carry it, and he likes to carry on his purse, so, this will work perfect for him. Let's get down.

[Mark] Show me the zipper. Is it gold zippers like...

It is not, no it's not gold zippers, it's just standard black zippers,

[Mark] Okay.

But there's a lot of, it's a case alone, HK is always doing it, doing it big. I like to call it, they're very innovative in the design process. You know, they make things look cool, flashy and obviously they work very well. So, let's pop this bad boy open. I know that this new kit, this one currently, is only available for autococker. And currently only dust black has eight different inserts.

So, obviously you're reaching all sorts of the, you know, different areas of paintball sizing with eight different inserts. So Mark, right off the bat, just get a zoom in there. I'm going to flip it over on this side, zoom in there, where do you want me to start?

[Mark] What's that thing with all the holes that look like brass knuckles?

Diving In | HK Army Barrel Kit

Right here it looks like brass knuckles. This is going to be the ball sizer. So you guys that are new to the sport, if you want the most accurate shot there on the market you want to have the paint ball to be perfectly fit in size to the inner bore of the insert or barrel that you're using. This little sizing chart will let you know drop a pink ball, or, you know I always test at least three to four different ones cause sometimes they're a little, little off and you want a nice snug tight fit, not too loose and not too tight. So this will allow you to kind of figure out what bore you should be looking at the most. So that's a nice, nice little option right there.

[Mark] Whoa! And It's a metal.

It is. Yeah, it is.

[Mark] You left that part out.

It almost feels like some brass knuckles. So I'm going to flip it back over to this side, that Mark. Okay, I'm going to leave those guys alone. As you can see, you had your five inserts on this side, and you have another three here. Do you want me to start with these, like what are those?

[Mark] So what's the color?

So the colors here pretty much we're going to pull this barrel back out, and this is going to allow you to kind of customize, I don't know if your gun is red, your gun's blue, black, gray, whatever you like, it comes with a black rubber piece on the back of the barrel back. And then you've got blue, red and gray as well. So if you'd like to customize kind of to whatever your theme or set up is you guys can pull these rubber sleeves off and use whatever color, there's four different available to fit your needs. So, this is the autococker barrel back. 

These are the actual inserts. And we'll talk about the sizing here in just a minute. So the inserts, you can see this one is a 678, which is, you know, it's a small, smaller insert, but a lot of paint these days are, you know, they're pretty small. So, it's got a downward arrow, that means you're going to want to put that part into the downward back portion of the barrel back and it clicks and locks in. Can you, are you able to see that kind of ring there, Mark?

[Mark] Right, yep.

Sizing and Equipping the LAZR Barrels

Okay, so this ring, it's a stopper pretty much so, nice and tight snug in, you got a flush fit down here at the end where it's actually going to screw into the gun, and then you have your barrel tip. So we're going to throw that bad boy on there. And now this is obviously a complete barrel. You've got your 678 insert, and then you have your barrel tip. So first off, this is a 15 inch barrel when fully complete and put together obviously, and the porting, if you can notice the porting on here, for increased accuracy and a lower sound signature. 

So you can see there's some lines and you actually have the, I'll call it the classic or standard just as simple tiny holes, in the actual porting itself. So, we will in the future very very soon, do a shooting video on this barrel to kind of test it out and see, you know how accurate and how quiet it actually is.

[Mark] Can you hold the barrel off to the side so that I'm looking through it to the light and then rotate it slowly? I want to see if I can get the light through. So there, turn it back. There we go, too much. Just rotate it slowly. Yeah, cause then I can see the slots…

Okay, all right.

[Mark] …coming through the light. Oh, they look nice. Just keep spinning it slowly.

So you got the slots and then you've got the actual holes themselves.

[Mark] Just waiting, oh yeah.

Oh yeah, Mark's got it. So he's got it. Slots and holes...

[Mark] How big is the insert? Just you said the 15 inch barrel, what's the insert size?

These inserts are eight inches long as well. So there are some other barrel kits out there in the market that use similar sized inserts. But hey, I liked them, they added a little extra length with the 15 inches on, on this kit. So I do like that it does come with the different inserts and they're, they're unique. They're not, I mean they're not like others per se with this difference, like this locking ring that's actually on the insert itself, and the way they made the kit. I like the color coded options that are pretty cool as well. So...

[Mark] You think they put that little ring so I can't stick that insert in somebody else's barrel system?

I would think that and also so you're not going in you know, backwards. So, let's see and test it out. No, I think they actually put that dead center.

[Mark] There was a taper though on one end of the taper on both?

Yeah, yeah for sure.

Yeah yeah, no, I mean, no they both do the same.

[Mark] We have like the end that goes into the tip looks like it had a taper on I can't tell on the backend, is there a taper on both ends of the inside?

You talking inside, no.

[Mark] Outside. Like the edge, the outside edge all the way at the end?

Nope. You're talking like here, it would kind of bevel in.

[Mark] Yeah, that's only on one side?


[Mark] Okay So that's probably important with it going into the tip.

Yeah, so I would, I would say that that would be the correct way to put this bad boy on.

[Mark] I liked the big easy to read letters and numbers though

Yeah, you know. And now you got me, you're talking about this and looking at that, I'm doing it backwards.

[Mark] All right.

That's all right, we'll get there. See it's kind of dummy-proof cause once you get it there, you realize it only goes one way. 

So there's the barrel inserts. We're talking 678 inside, we'll get to the bigger ones later. We have 680, 682, 684, 686, 688. And then you get to your bigger boys, 690, 692. So obviously you're covering a very very large spectrum of paint sizes, you might run into local fields or national events or kind of wherever you go. You've got everything that you need to pretty much size the paint up, including Mark's favorite. 

The actual, you know, the ball size is there. So, I think they did a pretty good job with the kit. Obviously I really like the case, for $199.95 bucks I mean, you've got everything that you need, plus a very very nice case. Mark, would there be anything else you would like to talk about? Do you have any questions you have any like, how does it compare? We can do that in another video.

[Mark] Yeah, I think we're going to do a LAZR versus Freak system in another video.


[Mark] And we're going to shoot these in another video so we can get a sound signature,


[Mark] Just kind of icky outside, I don't want to go outside today.


Yeah, it's cold and snowing in Michigan. So that's not good, but we are going to be doing a video with this accuracy, kind of getting some sound signature feelings from it. 

So, other than that, this is our review of  the new LAZR barrel kit by HK Army. Like I said, retail's around 200 bucks, eight different inserts. Each insert has an eight inch control bore, the barrel full length put together is 15 inches, and it does come with four different color grip backs. If you want to customize it to whatever color you guys would like. So yeah, this is, this is it. And hit me with the question. I know you got one.

YouTube Question

[Mark] From the YouTube, Steel wants to know and steel like the metal, not like steal, like runoff with your property.

Okay, very, good to know.

[Mark] Wants to know –should he get a new Shocker AMP or a Dye DSR?

Oh! Why do you get to hit me with that one? Oh boy!

[Mark] Because, his question got answered maybe in a recent video that we did with Jake. So go back through our old videos, cause I know it's out already of Tony doing the Shocker AMP vs the Dye DSR. And you can get all the points and decide which do you like better? Who's your friend?

That's true. They are both great guns. You're not going to go wrong either way. Do you want me to answer? Do I have to answer this?

[Mark] I've got an answer. I mean...

Okay, Mark You can answer because you can watch the video I did. I versus like Mark said, I did a versus with Jake. He had a DSR. I had a Shocker AMP. So they're both great guns. I wouldn't, I wouldn't be mad at either one of them. What's your answer, Mark?

[Mark] I'm going with the Dye DSR, only because I already have a Freak kit. So I didn't need the extra bonus of the barrel of the shock on the gun.

On the gun already.

[Mark] On the gun So I liked everything else on the DSR pretty solid.

All right, that's Mark's answer, watch the video, and you can see the selling points of each.

[Mark] No, what's your answer?

Shocker AMP.

[Mark] Oh, see there you go. You have a question, leave in the comments below, otherwise we will see you next time and go to

LAZR beams!

[Mark] Get your LAZRs.

Thanks for watching guys take it easy.