Infamous Silencio FXL Barrel Tips and Backs | Freak XL Compatible

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you the all-new Infamous Silencio FXL barrel tips and backs.

What? They got new tips ad backs?

New tips and backs. Tips are coming in four different colors and the backs are coming in six different colors. Currently as this video is being shot. So a huge shout out to Infamous Travis over there, he's an amazing guy. He helps us out a lot, and he's bringing these great products to market. So

Tell me which colors they have.

Ooh, we're talking to dust black, tips or backs?

Both. Why not run them down?

We got tips, dust black like the dust silver, gloss red, gloss gold. And then the backs, dust silver, gloss black, dust black, gloss red, gloss gold, a gloss, silver and a dust silver. Think I fricking nailed it. So let's get on with this bad boy video. Yes. F X L you guys, this is the they're Freak ready for the XL inserts only. They gotta be the eight inch inserts, talking aluminum or we're talking the stainless steel. They are Freak XL. Ready to rock. Why Infamous? Why the Silencio tips? The barrel backs, they do have, Mark, did you put them with the skulls out there?

I tried, but

You did, okay. So you probably can't see them on camera. They do have nice little skulls on the actual barrel backs themselves. Obviously put into what are we going to call it, engraved?

Yeah, it's engraved.

Yeah, it's engraved in there. You can, if you can't see them, if you buy one then you'll definitely be able to see it. So the tips. That's the most important part about the Silencio stuff is they're supposed to be extremely quiet, different from other barrels on the market and liquid intrusion resistant. All has to do with their patent pending linear porting here. So I think their claim to fame here is that some other barrels have 100 plus different circular ports in there. These only have 20 ports total, they're linear which obviously they're stretched out. They're long ports. They're not circular and they're, one-third less size than the other ports. So that's not letting any water, moisture, debris into the barrel affecting your shot out there on the market. We've done videos in the past on shooting these, how quiet they are. We've actually done a video on these exact, not on these exact tips per se, but

The first gen.

Yeah, the first generation. Pouring water on it while I'm shooting the gun. And it literally didn't affect the shot whatsoever. So funny enough that I think they introduced the first gen of these barrel tips in Dallas, which is always a muddy rainy event. And these things shot absolutely amazing. Onward with that conversation. Mark hit me with any more specs. So linear porting reporting.

So how long is the full barrel, do you know? From tip to if you buy the combo?

Probably I'm thinking it's a 14 inch, why? 14 and a half?

Just a little bigger there you go.

Okay. It's a 14 and a half. See, he's got questions behind the camera. I like that. What's next? Come on.

How are they, are they loud? Are they quiet?

Oh, of course they're quiet. That's why they design. They're called Silencio. You gotta be quiet. Shh. Shh. Yeah, that's super creepy on camera for sure. For sure. And you can buy actually you can buy these barrels in kits. I think this kit so you get a barrel back, a barrel tip and the aluminum XL kit I believe they're $259.95. If you wanted to move on to the stainless steel, inserts are going to be more durable in the long run. $299.95 with a Silencio tip and a back. Mark was kind enough. We sell individual pieces on the website. We don't have them in combos yet but Mark was kind enough to put together like a gloss back with a gloss gold tip. That looks really, really nice. And then obviously you guys can mix and match. They also are compatible with other Freak XL tips and backs, vice versa. So like an ACP tip would fit on the back and you know, vice versa. You can also switch it out. So that's pretty cool that Infamous kind of jumped on the XL train. They're great inserts, great barrel kits.

And actually we do have them if you want the matching anodizing. So the red back with the red tip, the dust silver


Those are on the website,

Yeah, yeah

Just the mix-match ones aren't

But like I said, you can buy say you wanted a dust like silver with a gloss red tip. You can buy the back separate and the tip separate and obviously mix and match. Everything's going to be compatible and everything will fit for ya.

And I like that. Cause I've already got a Freak XL system,


But I really like these tips so I can grab that or


Or that gold is hot So I might stick a new

The gold is a nice Yeah. I mean, and a lot of people, even like kind of funky setup, so you guys can kind of mix and match whatever you want. The most important piece of this video is the actual barrel tips themselves. They're very, very good in terrible weather. And they're quiet. They're consistent. They're micro honed and they're it's a solid piece of equipment you probably wanna add into your gear bag.

So beginner question,


You said there autococker threaded.


I'm not sure if my gun is or not. Can you just give me a basic idea


why you did this behind me, huh? So for you guys out there, autococker thread a lot of higher end guns these days are autococker threaded. Whether you're shooting a Diam three plus, it's gonna fit it. Shooting a Dye DSR. It's gonna fit it. Whether you're shooting an Axe 2.0 or Mini GS, it's gonna fit it. Shocker, XLS. It's also gonna to fit it. Shocker amp. It's gonna fit it. All sorts of stuff out there, guys. It's gonna fit it. So I would highly recommend picking yourself up one, at least test it out. If you already have a freak XL kit, or a gun that takes a Freak XL, grab yourself a tip, check it out and see if you like it for yourselves. And don't forget, check out the video I mentioned earlier on I think, Mark, someone was pouring water into the barrel while I was shooting it. And the shots were still dead on accurate. So the water intrusion resistant stuff really does work on these. And We've got it available. Thanks for watching guys. Mark, do you have anything else for me man?


I'm sure at some point we'll do another shooting video, once the weather warms up again with these.


So stay tuned for that. And of course, go check out a new Facebook group. You can ask us anything. Ask us about these tips. Put in the comments below,

That's right. we check it out

Put it the comments below I'm sure you guys already have them too. Put in the comments. Do you like yours? Would you suggest it? Let us know. We always appreciate any info on the products we're trying to get out to you guys. So thanks for watching.

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No, I'm looking at the barrels. I don't care about you.

That's true. Angry dad, back again.