Deadlywind Fibur-X8 Carbon Fiber Barrel


Make sure to select the correct barrel threads for your marker when choosing the Barrel Adapter on the drop down menu!

The Deadlywind Fibur-X8 Carbon Fiber Barrels are ultra-lightweight, accurate, and quiet. They utilize the Freak XL  8" Barrel Inserts, so one barrel and a few inserts will do the job of multiple barrels. And with the ability to affordably swap to different threads, the Fibur-X8 has you covered!

The Fibur-X8 is 2x to 4x lighter than other replaceable insert barrels. And it it is strong enough to be driven over with a car (Yes, we have done it-- And we do not suggest you try it on purpose!)

The Fibur-X8 barrel system consists of three parts- The thread adapter to match your gun type, a carbon fiber "main-barrel" which is the main part of the barrel (sets the length), and a Freak XL Barrel Insert which sets the bore size of the barrel.

Please Note:

You MUST use GoG Freak XL 8" Barrel Inserts with this barrel. This barrel does not come with any inserts unless you add one from the drop down menu.