SP Shocker AMP Tournament Paintball Gear Package

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you the all-new Shocker AMP Tournament Package.


[Mark] You got Shocker AMPs in packages now?


I do. We've got 'em in stock, ready to go. These things are absolutely amazing. And as always, one of the most popular sellers on the site is packages. People wanna know, you know, what... I just want everything. I need a goggle, I need a tank, I need a hopper, I need a gun. Put it all in one, and I'll go there, click it. We're off to the races. So, today we put together a very, very nice Shocker Speedball package. This is obviously the brand new AMP that they've come out with. 


Air Tank | Ninja SL2 Pro V2 68/4500 

We're gonna start with the tank. Tried and true, made in the U.S.A. by Ninja Paintball. This is a 68/4500 Ninja SL2 Pro V2 tank. Ninja, if you guys have been living under a rock, they've been around for a very, very long time. They make some of the best regulators in the game. Tank is a great quality product. They have shims on the inside that you can actually adjust for lower PSI if you wanna run your gun at a lower operating pressure. So Ninja tanks are really great, would highly suggest them. No doubt about it. That is why this tank is coming along with this package. Mark, do you rock a Ninja tank?


[Mark] I do, I have the SL.


You've got the SL. So yeah, Ninja, this is their Lite bottle. They also make an SL called their Superlite bottle. And they also have a different Pro V2 Regulator which has some other, you know, amenities to it, which I've done videos on that as well. So onward. It's gonna come with the Ninja air tank. 

Hopper | Virtue Spire IV

Next thing we're looking at the Spire IV hopper by Virtue. This thing is fairly new to the market. It's had some updates. It does have the iFI board inside, which will connect currently to a couple other guns on the market but it's very updated, sleek, and it has a lot of cool designs. Got a nice hinge in the front. It does come with a nice spring ramp so when you start to get low on paint, it'll guide the paint down into the drive cone so your hopper feeds faster. You know, a magnetic lid for easy cleaning, operation on three AA batteries. The list goes on. The Spire IV Hopper will be included in this package. These things are awesome. And I'm sure you guys have heard about these hoppers before as well. So, we're gonna throw that back in the box. Mark, we're gonna go to the goggles next, huh?


[Mark] Ooh, skipping the gun, it's a beauty.


We're gonna skip the gun obviously. We're gonna go to the gun last and kinda hit its key features in points. This package is gonna retail at $1549.95. So you're talking 1550 all day long for some of the best products in the game.

Goggle | Dye i5

Dye i5 Goggle. We're gonna do this package as best we can, to kinda match the color of the goggles to the color of the gun. Once again, as best we can, depending on inventory. So this is the Dye i5. These goggles have been known. They've been around for a little minute now. It is their newest model for the ratchet strap in the back. This is how you actually loosen and tighten the goggle system. It does on the inside, right in there, have a quick lens change system. You see those blue tabs. They'll push forward, hinge out and you'll, you know, easily be able to throw in a different lens in this goggle within the matter of a minute to two, depending on how good you are. 


Another great quality of this goggle is the foam, interchangeable foam. Easily rips up, tears out. If the foam needs to be replaced, if your dog chewed it or you sweat too much in it, you guys can pop the foam out and put in a replacement kit that Dye also sells. And guess who also sells it? lonewolfpaintball.com. So, the Dye i5, one of the best goggles on the market hands down is gonna come in this new Shocker AMP package. 

Marker | Shocker AMP

Lastly, Mark, here we go. The brand new Shocker AMP on the market. Do you know anything about this? I'm gonna ask you before we get in.


[Mark] I watched the previous videos with Russell.




[Mark] And what we shot with the guys from AC Dallas while we were at PV Paint.


Is there anything different with the bolt system on how that comes out?


[Mark] I believe so.


Okay, he believes so. It's called the quarter-turn bolt system. There is no longer a push bolt system, where the button is in the back, like the XLS. This is now a quarter turn. So to actually get it, a quarter turn, the bolt slides on out. It's got the divorced spool valve system on the inside which means these don't slide together, they operate independently. This will actually come on out and you can take a look how easy it is to, you know, maintenance, O-rings, grease, stuff like that on the actual system itself. So, that's a very, very nice feature. 


Next, I'm gonna actually talk a little bit about the operating pressure. But is that gonna be a video we're gonna be doing sooner or already out, maybe? I don't know, possibly?


[Mark] Maybe.




[Mark] I think this will come up before the-


Okay, so I've heard that there's a word on the street that this gun has dropped down to an operating pressure of about 100 PSI, and it's gaining three more pods. So, the way they've designed and engineered this AMP system, an advanced modular platform is absolutely amazing. Truly incredible how you're gonna drop efficiency and then you're gonna gain three more pods. We'll find out. Just watch another video and you'll be able to see that. 


It is the first on the market to my knowledge, recently anyways, that with the one screw here mark, it's an eighth inch. You can pull this screw out, the frame will come off and you can actually have a tool-less solenoid. If you wanna go electronic or mechanical, like the Shocker CVO, you can do a hinge on the actual noid that sits in here, slop in the other one and you're ready to rock. Up front for you guys, these grooves. These are new. 


Milling on the gun is all new, but these grooves especially. Some people like to hold their thumb over top, this provides a little bit of resistance so you're not slipping and sliding on the gun. And as always, it is coming with the Shocker or the Freak XL kit system. We sell a ton of those, they're amazing. Probably one of the best selling barrel kits that we offer. And then it does have a slimmed down front grip. 

Final Thoughts | Shocker AMP Package

So, this is the brand new Shocker AMPed package we put together. Dye i5, Shocker AMP, the Spire IV hopper and the Ninja 68/4500 tank. Mark, do you have any questions for me?


[Mark] It has an On and Off ASA, correct?


Of course, it's got the On, Off ASA. It's got the clamping feedneck on there too. So you got a thumb wheel. You can clamp any size hopper you want on there.


[Mark] Is it a double As, nine volt?


Should be a nine volt.


[Mark] Okay.




[Mark] Easy access eyes, but they're not-


Yes, so, okay. So I like that you brought that up. So when we pop that one screw off, the frame hinges and the eyes they're completely wireless per se. You're not gonna pinch the frame when you're putting it back on, like a lot of other guns on the market. You take the frame off, you're trying to wiggle the wires through so you're not pinching them. 


It's all connected through the board piece, and it's separate. So, there's gonna be no way. I mean, unless you're very bad at taking a gun to pinch the iWires on this, when you take the frame off the back, so.


[Mark] All right. Yeah, I think I'm good on the package stuff.


All right.


[Mark] Anything else you wanna add?


No, I mean, this is a great package. All of these products are... Personally, I use... I literally use every single one of these products myself. So, yeah, if you've ever seen me play before, you catch me on the field rocking pretty much exactly this. I'm excited to shoot my new AMP and we'll go from there.

YouTube Question

[Mark] All right. Well, we do have a question from the YouTubes.




[Mark] And it's kinda related to the AMP. You know, the Super Stanchy soft tip bolts?


Yes, yep, yep, yep.


[Mark] Do they have one that fits the AMP bolt yet?


They do, so the Super Stanchy, I think it's pronounced Stanchy, whatever. They have one for the Gamma Core, PE, and they have one for this as well. It fits the Luxe X and the new Shocker AMP. 


So hit the website, guys, at Lone Wolf Paintball. You will find their super soft tip bolts on there, that will fit this brand new Shocker AMP.


[Mark] There you go. If you've got a question, leave in the comments below. Otherwise, go along to lonewolfpaintball.com. Get yourself this sweet package or one of the other hundreds of hundreds of things we've got on the website.


Take it easy guys, we'll see you later.


[Mark] See you.