Tony's Favorite Paintball Gear from 2020

What is going on, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, here are some of our favorite items from the year 2020. Yes, 2020 has been quite the ride for the paintball community. And trust me, everybody else around the world, it's been crazy. This is by no means an exclusive list of what came out in 2020, nor all of our favorites but I can only fit so much on the table. So 2020 products that came out, let's jump on into it. Where do you want me to start at, Uncle Mark?

[Mark] I want to see what that leopard print thing is.

Okay, so this is a control loader. This is not a new loader but these are new colorways. Bunkerkings came out with 20 different new colorways. That's why I brought a couple examples out here. You've got like the leopard, you've got a cash money, you got all your Benjamins on there. I mean, and they've got a ton, like I said, there's 20 different colors of new Bunkerkings control loaders that came out. So the actual technology isn't 2020 new per se, but the colors are. And for a company to come out with 20 different colors of a hopper, that's just huge. Normally you see four or five, six. 20, that's crazy. So that's the new control loader. It's got a great feeding technology. This is Mark's favorite hopper. It does have, you know what that's in the back there, Mark?

[Mark] It's the Nightrider light.

It's The Nightrider light. It's got like a level sensor on there for training drills, stuff like that. So it's a pretty cool hopper. Check them out, guys. Made by Bunkerkings. They've got a ton of color options for you. Next, what you want?

[Mark] So is that hopper a new color as well? On the other side? Nope, all the way across.


[Mark] All the way across.


[Mark] No, keep going, yeah.

Oh, yeah, this is. So I believe they call this Fis this the FGG? This is the FGG. This is the brand new Virtue Spire IR2 hopper. This thing, the biggest, I would say upgrade about this compared to the old IR, is it actually now comes apart in a two piece shell where you can actually clean it. And then when the tray pulls out, it does actually have three infrared eyes right in that area up there to help you with feeding paint, to be most consistent out there on the field. So yeah, this is the brand new 2020 Virtue Spire IR2 We'll just get this bad boy back together here.

[Mark] So now I can really use my old IR as a slipper without having to worry about getting paint on my feet.

That is true, that is true. Obviously, a more durable, nylon shell on the hopper. You can easily with press of a button, quick change speed feed back to a rain lid, you know, vice versa. So yeah, that's a great hopper that came out this year and they made some good strides with it.

[Mark] Well then what's this last hopper? We'll just finish the hoppers off.

Okay, we're just doing the hoppers then.

[Mark] I guess.

So do you want me to justwith its counterpart too?

[Mark] Yeah.

And then we'll go into the other one?

[Mark] If there's something more to it than just a gold hopper.

This is the Virtue Spire 4 hopper gold foiled to match its counterpart. Biggest thing about this is I like its hinging shell And then also Mark, you know what else it has?

[Mark] A removable drive cone?

Well, it does. And it comes with a spring ramp but it also has the iFI board that actually hooks up to its matching counterpart, which is also brand new in 2020, the Virtue ACE Luxe X, this hopper syncs with this gun, it's called the iFI technology. So you pretty much, you don't ever skip a beat and it's fully programmable by Bluetooth technology. So this is, yeah this is the Virtue ACE we've sold a ton of these things, they've worked out great. So this is new in 2020, but also like the fin in the back matches, but that's plastic too, so it does come with a metal or aluminum one as well. But this is a, at the end of the day, you're rocking a Luxe X and these things are absolutely performance-wise, some of the best on the market.

[Mark] Can I see with the hopper on just real quick?

You want to see it with the hopper on.

[Mark] Just 'cause it finishes the look.

Okay, Mark, there she is. Got it? Okay.

[Mark] So pretty.

All right, so there's your 2020 debut, Mark. Just for you, my man.

[Mark] Well then what's that other marker?

Yeah, I was gonna say...

[Mark] That have iFI technology too?

Yeah, it does not. No, sadly it does not.

[Mark] It's blue. I like blue.

It is blue. So this is also brand new in 2020. You guys have probably seen our other videos on it. This is the new shocker amp quarter-turn bolt technology. Quarter-turn comes right on out. You can tool this solenoid disassembly from the gun. Oh man, you could go on. Efficiency's probably the biggest thing on this 'cause you guys want to get the most out of a tank fill. This gun is 20% more efficient than the previous model. We did an actually a test on this and we shot close to 13 pods, right, Mark?

[Mark] Yeah.

Close to 13 pods on a full 77 tank fill. So this thing is super, super efficient. It's a great marker to have, and this is brand new in 2020. So yeah, it's a great marker. Slim down design, different milling. You got a couple million grooves up front for the people that like to do the thumb over holds. So you're not slipping and sliding. It's a great gun and you can convert it to be mechanical to play those tournaments as well. So it's pretty cool. Oh.

[Mark] Yeah, is there any upgrades or anything?

I was just going to say so. This year we've got Super Stanchy Customs coming out with, we've got one bolt, soft bolt tip for shooting brittle paint. You tournament guys out there, these things are phenomenal. This one will fit the Luxe X and that new shocker amp that I just showed you. And then this one is a gamma core one for the planet eclipse markers. So these are also new this year in 2020. God, we've been selling a lot of these, shout out to Stanchy. These things are awesome. And this is just a little, you know, a little, you know, 2020 showcase of just some of the products that have come out during this absolutely crazy year.

[Mark] What are those barrels?

These barrels, Okay, so let's talk about the barrels. These are the HK Army, 15 inch XV barrels. They came out in, I want to say five to seven or eight different colors. And we've got just bins of these things back there. This thing's selling great. They're super, super affordable. And they come in 681, 685 and 689 bore sizes. So very current to, you know, where the paint at as in paint size in our current market, per se. Paint's gotten a lot of smaller, a lot smaller over the years, as you guys know. So back in the day you could be shooting a 90, Now you're 681, 684, something like that. So these barrels are very, very affordable. They're stylish too, Mark, you know. It's got the grooves and they are one piece, but hey, they'll get the job done. So you can pick your size on the website, A5, 98 thread obviously most important, auto cocker thread for most of the high end guns. So those are the HK Army XV, 15 inch barrels.

[Mark] I like one piece barrels 'cause I have less chance of breaking them when I core sample.

Correct. Mark takes a bad dive just into the dirt.

[Mark] All right. So what's the giant silver thing with that silver reg on?

This thing over here?

[Mark] Yeah.

And then it's gonna go along with that other thing over there?

[Mark] Probably.

Okay, so this is, Infamous is always coming out trying to, you know, do new graphics, new logos, keep up with the current trends. Great designs. Infamous always comes out with great designs. This is the skeleton air tank, but most importantly, they've got the Haymaker 500 Infamous addition reg right on the top. So regs in the USA, what do they call it? Dyno? Dyno tested? Like I know they put these regs through like rigorous testing before they release them out to the market. They do leak testing and all sorts of stuff, made with high quality stainless steel. So the Infamous reg and then the new designs of the Infamous, you know, Skeleton air tanks are here ready to go. Obviously, hit them on the website. And we've got tons and tons of options for you to build all your Infamous Skeleton air tanks.

[Mark] And then where would I put that to keep it safe?

You would put that, and also a 2020 new design, they came out with very nice tank cases and reg cases. This is the tank case, stylish cool logo. You've got the Skeleton squad on the front. And then most importantly what's going on on the inside is, we've all seen a tank case before but have you seen a tank case coming with a carabiner? Probably. Have you seen a tank case that will hold the tank with a reg on and also a separate reg over here in that compartment?

[Mark] I had not.

I don't think so. I don't think so personally but this is the new Infamous Pro DNA tank case that obviously this will fit perfectly in there. And then you can take it on your travel excursions and have a good old time while keeping your expensive tank protected and safe. And these things are very, very affordable as well. Obviously, carrying handle comes with a carabiner. If you want to clip it onto your gear bag, backpack, whatever you guys like. And I think that covers everything, right?

[Mark] Yeah, everything we brought out.

Oh, yeah, obviously, like I said, at the beginning of the video, this isn't just 2020 exclusive. Put in the comments below you guys, what is your favorite product? Or even a new design of a product that came out in 2020? Let us know, and we could possibly showcase it in you know, a future video. So that's it. That's all I've got. This is just, like I said, a quick sample of, you know, some of the hotter products per se that's come out during 2020.

[Mark] And where can I get all these?

Obviously We already know that.

[Mark] Ah-ha, I got a question from the YouTube before we leave though.

Ah-ha, you always do.

[Mark] I do. Can't read, it's dark in here.

No, it's 'cause you're old.

[Mark] That too. says, what would be better for a 15 year old? The Stormer Elite or the Stormer Tactical? What would you give a 15 year old?

I mean, you're both right there, Stormer Elite, Stormer Tactical.

[Mark] I mean, one's just got more accessories than the other one. It's the same paint ball.

They're both right there. I mean, if you want the one with more accessories, go with the Elite, and that way, you can have multiple options. So.

[Mark] There you go. Yeah, any questions, leave them in the comments below otherwise go to and pick up-

That's it.

[Mark] some or all of these wonderful products from 2020.

Thanks Mark. You did good.

[Mark] Bye-bye.