Planet Eclipse Gtek M170R Mechanical Tournament Package

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, Today I am bringing you, the Planet Eclipse M170R package. That's right. That's right guys. This one doesn't have the hair trigger installed yet, but it might soon. M170R by Planet Eclipse. We're going with the gun. We're going with the Push Unite Basic Goggle. We are going with the Ninja 68 light tank. And then the Virtue Spire IV hopper. Let's start with the gun. We'll just hop right on into this bad boy. Planet Eclipse, obviously if you guys have been sleeping under a rock ,is currently, one of the most sought after marker-making companies. If that makes sense? Mark?

[Mark] Marker-making companies, yeah.

Marker-making companies, they make other soft goods and gear bags and stuff like that too.

It is a marker manufacture.

But a lot of people highly highly preach Planet Eclipse, and we found that to be true as well. So this is the M170, it is the fully mechanical version of the gun. We're going up and out Mark, it's brand new, going up and we're going out. Taking a look at the core here,So simple. If you guys never need to grease, change O-rings on the internal system of the marker, you guys can do that with ease. You guys wanna get in there and just look at the front grip. You wanna change your barrel tank, front grip just pulls sides on, pulls off. It's got removable covers right here. So you guys can access any barrel tanks in case those ever get worn out, or they fall out so easy as that. Slide it back in , front grip goes back on, ready to rock coming with a 14 inch two piece barrel system and this gun does have upgrades. So if you guys, like I said earlier you want to throw a different trigger on it. You can do that. Do you want to upgrade the actual internal valve system, to a deadly winds hair? You guys can do that as well. And it already comes with the pops ASA on here. So easily engage and disengage your hair, whenever you're ready to play, or when you're done playing and want to get off the field. So this is the M170R obviously, lever locking feed neck, thumb wheel, the whole nine. This gun is absolutely amazing, super light and it fires super smooth, I believe. Do we do a shooting video on this one? Mark?

Probably, but I kept..

Check the the channel. If we didn't, put in the comments below, and we will definitely do a shooting video with one of these bad boys. So before I go into the other items, this package, you know, it's sticker shock. It's gonna be about 1200 bucks for everything that you see here. Completely worth it though. Guys, you guys are.. It's not really that bad,Idon't think that's that bad.

No, it's not. I mean, you're getting, obviously we'll go. We'll jump into the goggle next. The Push Unite Basic Goggle. Obviously you're going to pull this bad boy out, when it wants to come out, take a look at that, plenty and plenty of different lens options. If you want to Chrome purple, blue,red, they make all different lens options for it. The removable foam is, is an excellent thing. In case your foam gets worn out, gets all nasty. You guys can simply, it clicks off from the top and bottom. You guys can change the foam out. Once it gets worn out. The lens change system on the inside, that'll take him maybe 30 seconds to get a lens out and then put a new lens in. And then the adjustable nose piece as well, plenty of breathability down below, throughout the sides and even up top, when obviously you're hot and sweaty, and want to release some heat. And I believe they even did these little marks up here. So you guys it's like a sun. I believe they call it like a sun reflector, something along those lines. So you can't, you're not getting a bunch of downward sun, and you can't see inside of the Goggle. And other than that, yes, Push Unite does come with a little kit here: a Goggle bag, a LN wrench to adjust the nose piece, to however your facial features are. So pretty cool. I like it. It's a very, very nice goggle. All right, Mark. Onto where are we going next? To the tank,


the Ninja tank. There's not much to say, about the Ninja tank. You guys already know. They've been around a very, very long time. All their products are made in the USA, and these bottles are extremely light. This is their newest version. They actually call it the LIT bottle, Ninja light 68 4,500 and you know, coming with one of the best regulators on the market. So that is the Ninja light bottle. Super comfortable looking pretty. And lastly, in the package, and by the way guys, we do these packages, cause you guys ask quorum. You guys, it makes it easy on the website, When you guys are looking, you know, I need a new setup. What can, Oh, they have already got a package set up. So that's why we do these bundles per se, on all the product. Next Mark, We're going with the Spire IV, Spire IV a lot of people, See, they see a lot about the spire IV.

I wanna add something to what you just said though. If there's a package you are interested in, and you don't see it already listed on the site, shoot us a message through Facebook, put it in the comments and you know we'll consider making it one for you, even personally. So just let us know.

Very true. All right. Spire IV, Mark, It's got the reload sensors, on the left side and the right side. So when you guys are actually low on paint, there's a clear button there that'll actually flash at you. Let you know you're getting low on paint. If you want to keep your rain lid on,that's cool. If you want to throw a speed feed on this bad boy, you can just simply press this button there, click it. We'll just show them real quick. Boom, boom, in and out. Change your speed feed through a rain lid on there. As quick as you guys want to. Do you guys want to get on the inside to clean it, or change the batteries? Hinge,press the button in the back, hinges right on open. You got the spring ramp for feeding paint, when you're getting low you've got the magnetic and removable cone, which is nice. So if you guys did happen to break a paint ball in there, you can get in, clean it out with ease. And then lastly, you want to change your batteries, That's it. Literally I can take this whole hopper part, in like five seconds.


Press of a button. Get in there. Three AA batteries, clean out the tray, whatever you guys need to do. Slide it on back in clicks in place. And you guys are back together, Ready to rock.

what does the button on the very bottom do?

Just like that.what? This one's the power button.

No, lower. Well this, that hooks up to the Virtue Ace Luxe. So if you want to sync it up, you can press that button on the bottom. It's a fancy little feature. All right,Mark: gun, tank, mask,hopper. I think we've hit all the points on here. What you got anything else for me?

So I want to touch base on something. I'm not sure which order will come out, but we have another package. It's almost identical to this, but with the EMAC instead.


Can you give me two or three features, of why I might want the M 70 over the EMAC.

Two or three Features of why I would want, the M 70 over the EMAC?

Correct,cause everything looks similar.

Two things,First off, it does have any longer 14 inch-two piece barrel. The barrel on the EMAC is definitely shorter. And I'm gonna go out on a limb. I haven't done an accuracy test but I bet this one is going to be more accurate. Second off it already comes with the ASA, on the bottom already. So you don't have to buy a on-off ASA. The M 170 already comes with a gun. And lastly, Mark, for thanks for throwing me on the spot. This does have a pull up, up and out easy removable bolt system. As with the EMAC. You guys don't have that option.So.

I was going to throw, I got one more for you, that I noticed just even playing around with the gun.

I was gonna say the barrel tents next to, you can slide the front grip off and you have access to the quick and easy removable change. What would you, what were you gonna say?

I was gonna say stack out of the box, that's a lighter trigger that it's easier to pull.

It is And also this gun also has a mild-out, aluminum body instead of a composite body. So, I mean, there it is. You got the, the body, the ease of the bolt system, the on-off, the barrel. and also, Hey, we're talking clamping feed neck, So way more than three Mark. Yep. All right.


Was that the question?or you still have a question.

No, that was the question. I just wanted to point out, Cause that's the question we're going to get.

People wanted to ask why is that one so much more?


There's a ton of it.

I just wanted to make sure they could see. Now the actual YouTube question is from Andrew Wiethorn. Wiethorn that's an R, I'm blind. Sorry.

It's okay He can't read.

Does the freak barrel kit work on an empire axe syx?

A hundred percent.A freak barrel kit. As long as you have the auto Cocker thread, it'll definitely work on the gun.

There you go. If you've got a question,leave in the comments below, otherwise head over to the website, and check out all these sweet packages. We keep doing more.

Thanks for watching guys. Take it easy.