Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 | Mechanical Tournament Package

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Tournament package, which is one of the best paintball package deals today. 

[Mark] Ultimate.

Ultimate. All right, Lone Wolf Paintball, hit the online store, that's where you can find all of these amazing products. All right guys. You might be wondering why I've got a 68/45 Ninja Tank, a Push Unite Goggle, and a Spire IV Hopper

You're like, "Why would he rock a Spire IV on an EMEK?" Because when you install a hair valve on this bad boy, this thing's gonna be shooting so fast, you're gonna need the hopper that's gonna be able to keep up with it. So, we're throwing the Spire IV in the package today. Mark, what am I talking about first?

[Mark] Uh, lets- 

Left to right?

[Mark] Let's knock out the tank first. That's probably the-

Air Tank | Ninja Lite 68/4500

All right guys. the Lite Ninja tank. You guys already know Ninja has been around the game for a very, very long time. I'm gonna struggle to get it out. It's about to start raining. So, here we go. So Mark, Ninja tank, you know, we'll just pull it out of the package here. Just, just, just gonna, it's gonna rip that open. All right. Put that aside. Don't litter. All right. Ninja Lite 68/4500 Tank.

Obviously, as you guys know, Ninja does make some of the best regulators in the market. We sell a lot of these tanks. And they work very, very well. I'm not gonna give individual prices. I just know that this overall package is gonna be $839.95. So Ninja Lite Tank, looking good, looking mighty fine. You're probably gonna get it, with the EMEK. What would you say Mark? Like 800 to a thousand shots?

[Mark] Yeah, I was gonna say, I mean 8 pods easy?

I was, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Mark] So-

So, I would probably say around a thousand shots.

[Mark] We're gonna do an efficiency test on it here next week. So, we'll let you know. We'll see if it stays true.


Goggles | Push Unite Basic

All right, so Ninja Lite Tank is in there. Push Unite Basic Goggle. Let's crack that bad boy right open. We're gonna pull it out as much as we can, cause it's strapped in there. So it doesn't go anywhere. Nice and tight.

[Mark] Yeah.

Like Jake's mama at night.

[Mark] Here try it out with the cardboard.

So there we go. Looking good. All right, Push Unite Goggle. You guys already know, Pushes makes some of the best goggles on the market, does come with the adjustable nose piece right upfront, removable foam. Tons and tons of different lens options. Like I said, dumbed, a ton of videos on Unites. And you guys can watch those on the channel. Quick, easy change lens system two, different straps. It doesn't come with a magnetic chin strap in this one. But you can buy it separately if you guys want it. 

And yeah, I mean, pretty comfortable, sleek, plenty of breathing room, and communication towards your players or teammates. Very, very easy. So that is the Push Unite. 

Hopper | Virtue Spire IV

Let's go over to the Spire IV. Once again, if you guys are subscribed to this channel, you already know about the Spire IV Hopper. Looking good, looking mighty clean, mighty fine. Easy, quick change. You can throw a speed feed or keep your rain lid on there. Whatever you guys wanna do with the ease and press of a button. To actually get in the inside of the hopper, it does have a front hinge in this area. It does already come with the spring ramps. 

So, you guys, when you're getting low on paint, your spring ramp will slowly rise up, forcing the paint balls down into the feed tray. And that is so you guys won't be missing a shot out there on the field. It does have the magnetic and removable inside drive cone top piece. So obviously, if you guys break any paint, or have any issues, this thing simply clicks in, pulls out, and you guys can get in there, and clean it out with a piece of paper towel or a nice microfiber, which you can also find at Simple plug there Mark, right?

[Mark] Simple.

You guys wanna change your batteries, press and pull tab in the bottom, access to the bottom battery tray right there. Simple as a press of a button. All right, Mark. 

Marker | Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

Onward now to the EMEK 100. They're like, "Why are they doing an EMEK package?" We're doing an EMEK package because I absolutely cannot keep these things in stock. Every time we get an allotment of X amount of numbers, they sell out right away. So yeah, I mean EMEK's one of the top selling mechanical markers in the industry right now in my opinion. I know nobody else who can keep them in stock. We can't keep them in stock. These things are bullet proof. I think what are these guns retail Mark? $299.95, right?

[Mark] Something like that.

 Yeah. Under 300 bucks. You guys can do upgraded triggers, upgraded valve systems, upgraded POPS, ASA's. You guys want it. EMEK has it. And is also PAL compatible as well. Planted Eclipse makes a PAL loader. Every time you shoot, the red plunger goes up and down, agitates the hopper, and helps you with feeding. But, you wouldn't need that. Obviously, if you're already rocking a Spire IV, or something along those lines. And the gun's just literally bullet proof. It's short. It's stout. And you guys can put this through dirt, mud, and water. It's still gonna work. And it's coming with the Gamma Core inside, which you can also do some upgrades to as well. So, Mark. What do you think? You got any questions? Concerns?

[Mark] I think it's a great setup. I'm pretty sure we're gonna get hit with a couple people going, "Why are you putting a $253000 gun? Would that cost the same as the hopper, the mask-

For sure.

[Mark] Because, you're probably gonna customize your EMEK.


[Mark] And everything else is gonna stay beautiful and work with this gun for years, and years and years.

And guess what? You don't just have to run this hopper on your EMEK, if you're shooting a Luxe, or a CS2, or a GTEK. You guys, this hopper just isn't meant for this gun per se. You can use this hopper on any high-end gun on the entire market.

[Mark] So I'm an electro guy. I want to get into the woodsball, and the 10 man tournament scene.

That's it.

[Mark] I'm gonna grab an EMEX. I'm gonna slap my freak kit on top of it. I might swap out for the POPS ASA, and I am good to go.

That's exactly right. Do some upgrades to the gun. You're ready to rock. All right, guys. This was the Mechanical Tournament EMEK 100 package. And I'm sure Mark has a question for me.

YouTube Question

[Mark] I do. And it's kind of related. A spoof of 727 says a question for Mark. But I'll let you answer it too.

Go ahead.

[Mark] What barrel do you use on your EMEK?

Barrel that I use, I use the Freak XL Barrel System.

[Mark] So, and I like to be sneaky. So I had somebody Freak more, which means they took one of my DYE UL Barrels, and board out to take Freak inserts, so-

Okay, woo. Yeah, Mark's even getting a little fancy, having DYE barrels a board for freak inserts. But, yeah. Great barrel system. Check them out guys, on the website, Lone Wolf Paintball. And we will see you guys later.

[Mark] There you go. If you got a question, Leave it in the comments below. Maybe we'll pick you randomly. Hey, where'd it go? Where'd it go?

Right away, bye.