High End Luxe X Speedball Package

What is going on, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today we put together a specialty Luxe X package for you guys to check out. 

All right guys, first off, I am going to be shooting this thing at the end of the video. This is our chosen Luxe package. A lot of you viewers out there wanted to see a high-end package. We've put together a lot of beginner and intermediate packages, stuff like that. But today, we went around the shop, found some very, very special products that worked excellent and we're gonna show you, talk about it just a little bit and then we're going to shoot it. 

Paintball Hopper | Virtue Spire IV

So first off, let's talk about the hopper, Mark. We're talking about the Black Fire Spire IV.

 [Mark] Sick!

 So this hopper does have the iFI technology that will hook up with the Virtue ACE. Not this one, but talking about being backwards compatible, it'll work on any gun on the market. As you guys can see, it's got a newly detailed trimming here. New graphics, new fire windows, and the thing is absolutely amazing. Super easy to throw a speed feed on it, change the batteries, three double A's, and it looks absolutely fire. Not to mention, on both sides of the gun, it does come with reload indicators. So whether you're shooting left-handed or right-handed, this will tell you when you're low on paint. Onto the gun itself. So this is one of these special addictions. Addiction?

 [Mark] Addiction? I have an addiction to --

 Oh man.

 [Mark] Twinsies!

That's a special edition splashed by them. And this entire package that you see here will run you about $1979.95 depending on which splash you went with or which price point Luxe you guys went with. Train.

Paintball Marker | DLX Luxe X

All right, so the Luxe X, if you guys didn't know, this thing is fully rechargeable. The gun does talk to you. You can take the frame off by simply pulling the front latch. And then you got a flip here. This gun's aired up right now. I'm not going to pull it out, but yeah, this is one of those special edition splashes that we really like around here. They come in multiple colors. So that's what we chose for this Luxe video. And to say, if you guys don't want to buy a Luxe package, you guys can buy the tanks. We've got plenty of the Ninja SL2's back in stock, ready to go. We've got plenty of Luxes in stock, plenty of these Spire IV’s in stock. So if you don't, if you're looking at this one going, "Wow, that's sweet, but I don't have that much money to spend", buy the hopper separately, buy the tank separately. We have all of them currently ready to go at Lone Wolf Paintball.

 [Mark] What if I'm not a fan of the red and black splash? I don't see why anybody would, but.

 If you hit the website, I have all different colors available. Red, black, green, blue, you name it, we've got it.

[Mark] Shiny gold?

 Yeah, not a Ninja tank, but another brand.

 [Mark] Ooh.

Air Tank | Ninja SL2 Pro V2

So, onto the tank, you guys. If you've been around paintball for a while, you know Ninja Paintball has some of the best products on the market. This is their SL2 77 tank. You're going to get a ton of shots out of this. Great air efficiency. And it is coming with the Pro V2 reg, which you can fully adjust, position of the gauge in the fill nipple, and you can also add shims or take out shims depending on what pressure you guys want to run on your marker. So enough about that Spire IV sweet. Obviously, this is a beautiful splashed Luxe X, and then the Ninja tank. We think this combo came together pretty well. Mark, overall, I mean style points. Is it looking pretty good?

 [Mark] If this was a Rate My Gear, that would get a solid nine and a half.


It's a pretty good looking gun, solid nine and a half. You might be being biased. All right, guys. So once again, talked about the Spire IV hopper, talked about the splash edition Luxe, talked about the SL2 77 tank. Price point wise, one more time, around $1979.95 for a set up similar to this. So check the website, Lone Wolf Paintball, and you guys can shop on there and check out the DLX Luxe X package. All right, so enough of me talking. Let's throw some paint in this bad boy and let's rip it.


[Mark] He's gonna shoot it, boys and girls! He's really gonna do it!

 We told them we were gonna.

 [Mark] Oh boy, I thought you was fibbin'.

 No, sir. All right, so today I am shooting out a GI ball here, and let's see how this bad boy performs.

 [Mechanical Female Voice] Powering on.

 Welcome to the Luxe experience. When you're lonely, Mark, do you ever turn your Luxe on at night or no?

 [Mark] I turn it on probably three to five times a day.

There you go. Just so someone can actually talk to him.

 [Mark] All I see is rope.

 I know, extremely, extremely smooth. Obviously, I think this insert is a six, eight, seven, which normally, in my opinion, I'd run something a little bit smaller, but thing shoots absolute ropes, super smooth, and super air efficient. So without further ado, guys, head on over to the website. Check out lonewolfpaintball.com, because simply we are the best source for paintball. We carry some of the best products on the entire market. So do you have a question for me?

 YouTube Question

[Mark] I do, I do, I do.

I know you would.

 [Mark] I've been making sure. Marcus Gross wants to know, "Are there differences in the hoses for CO2 versus HPA for like a remote line?"

 No, they're both, output pressure is riding around 800 PSI on either an HPA or a CO2 tank. So remote lines will work for either or.

[Mark] Perfect. If you've got a question, leave it in the comments below. Maybe we'll pick you randomly. Otherwise, we will see you next time.

Take it easy.

[Mark] Later! 

[Mechanical Female Voice] Powering off.