Virtue Ace Luxe X + Spire IV


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The Virtue Ace Luxe X is a collaboration between legends. We've taken the Luxe X and built the Ace around it's ultra performance firing system and designed all new electronics in the gun that integrate perfectly with the new Spire IV. This is no private label gun; the Ace represents many ground-breaking firsts in collaboration from the ground-up between legends in the paintball industry.

  • Wireless iFI performance integration between the Virtue Ace gun board and Spire IV loader
  • Wireless control of settings and functions of the Virtue Ace gun board via Android or Apple devices.
  • Integrated, matching Chromatic parts on the Spire IV and Ace fore grip, back cap and grips.
  • Custom, Limited Edition body styling
  • Custom Ace trigger with tactile racing groves
  • Highly limited edition colorways

Virtue Ace Custom Electronics

Wireless Loader Syncing • Live Bluetooth Programmable • Smart Stat Game Tracking

The Virtue iFI board brings several new performance and usability features to the market. By wireless syncing with your Spire IV, the iFI enables your loader and marker to fire even more consistently and reliably as a single unit. And if the connection is ever lost for some reason, the Spire IV will function using the new standalone Spire IV Proactive feeding logic.

Live Bluetooth Programming allows you to make changes instantly using your mobile device or tablet without ever needing to turn off the gun. And the marker can still be fired, which makes configuration and adjustments so convenient without ever turning the gun on and off and re-entering the programming menu.

Smart Stat Game Tracking keeps track of game play and shot statistics automatically sensing the start and stop of each game without requiring you to do anything. These statistics can be published through your mobile device to a worldwide leaderboard database. As the database expands over time, you’ll be able to view and compare your own stats, your overall team stats, and other players as well.

Spire IV Enhancements

What's new on the Spire IV? The main differences are in the electronics and feeding logic. The Spire IV has been upgraded to work with the Virtue Ace wireless iFI platform. This new feeding technology allows for a tight integration between the loader and the gun and also maintains backwards compatibility on guns without iFI technology using the new Proactive Feeding logic pioneered on the CTRL loader. 

Spire IV iFI Wireless Technology 

When the Spire IV is paired with the Virtue Ace, the loader maintains instant communication with the marker's eyes which allows for significant improvements as both the gun and the loader are now synced together for faster and more consistent feeding, stopping and idle performance. And if the gun's eyes are turned off, dirty or if the Spire IV is used on a different gun, the Spire IV automatically transitions to the new proactive feeding mode, which will automatically feed with every shot until the stack is full.

Spire IV Upgraded Cosmetics

To help differentiate the Spire IV and give this latest model of the Spire family a new look, we've upgraded the color ring around the side with a more aggressive racing stripe that's also injected in stronger, more reliable glass filled nylon. Additionally, the side badges now feature injected Virtue logos, rather than a sticker badge.

Spire IV Toolless N-Charge

Near the end of the Spire III production, we upgraded the circuit board to allow for plug-n-play toolless installation of the N-Charge battery pack to make the transition to the Spire IV. All Spire IVs come with the electronics designed to install the Virtue N-Charge without the use of any tools. 

The Virtue Ace + Spire IV represents the finest engineering and design in both paintball loader and marker technology. Here's what's included in each package:

  • Virtue Ace Luxe X Marker
  • Matching Virtue Spire IV Loader
  • Matching Chromatic Back Cap, Fore grip, and Grips
  • Custom Ace Trigger
  •  14" Freak XL Barrel
  • Gun Case
  • USB C-Charger
  • Additional non-Chromatic Backcap
  • Barrel Cover
  • Parts Kit
  • Allen Key Set
  • Lube