Super Stanchy Customs Luxe X / TM40 / Shocker AMP Super Soft Bolt


Super Stanchy Customs Luxe X / TM40 / Shocker AMP Super Soft Bolt

Paintballers often choose to upgrade to soft tipped bolts for a range of benefits. Soft tipped bolts are designed to minimize ball breakage, which is crucial when using delicate tournament-grade paintballs. By reducing the chances of balls breaking inside the marker's barrel, soft tipped bolts like the Super Stanchy Customs Super Soft Bolt ensure consistent gameplay without interruptions or the need for frequent barrel cleaning.

Moreover, the SSC Super Soft Bolt features wider tips that help center the paintball in the barrel, resulting in improved accuracy by reducing the ball's chances of bouncing off the sides. The softer materials used in the bolt's tip absorb more energy, minimizing barrel vibration and providing greater shot-to-shot consistency. Another advantage is the increased efficiency offered by soft tipped bolts, thanks to their optimized airflow designs.

This enhanced airflow allows for smoother and more consistent shots, leading to a higher shot count per air tank fill. When considering a soft tipped bolt purchase, it's important to ensure compatibility with your specific marker model. Pay attention to the material, construction, and design features of the bolt, such as a wider and rounded tip, optimal venting, and reduced internal friction. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from experienced players or paintball shops can also guide you in finding a reliable and well-performing soft tipped bolt that enhances your paintball experience.

SSC Super Soft Bolt Compatibility

The Super Stanchy Customs Super Soft Bolt is compatible with the following markers: 

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by players…

Will the SSC Super Soft Bolt Break Balls?

Most players upgrade to softer bolts when using brittle tournament-grade paint. So far, we have heard no reports of SSC bolts breaking paint. This doesn't mean that it won't happen – some paintballs have inherent defects that cause them to break no matter how soft the bolt is. What we can say is that this bolt is one of our favorite upgrades for players who use Planet Eclipse markers. Take a look at our helpful review video on YouTube for a more detailed analysis of the bolt:

What Markers Will the SSC Super Soft Bolt Work With?

The SSC Super Soft Bolt will work with all Planet Eclipse Gamma Core markers. Additionally, this particular bolt will also work with the DLX Luxe and the Shocker AMP. Essentially, markers that use the Gamma Core bolt can use the SSC Super Soft Bolt as well.