Tippmann Stormer Paintball Gun Packages

Hey guys, what's going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you three different levels of an excellent woodsball package.

[Mark] Three woodsball packages?

Three woodsball paintball gun packages

We're gonna start off today with the Dual Fed Tippmann Stormer Elite Package. Package wise, all the guns since there's three different styles. We'll talk about that, soon to come with a 200 round gravity-fed Hopper. We're talking about a 48/3000 high pressure air tank. A lot better than CO2, which I've heard. I'm sure you guys have heard of it before, and then a HSTL Thermal Goggle, which at the price point, you definitely can't beat. 

Overview: Tippmann Stormer Elite

So, Mark, we're gonna start off with the Stormer Elite paintball gun package. Start from the front, go to the back, what do you think?

[Mark] Sounds good

Sounds good, all right guys. So this is the Tippmann Stormer Elite. You've got the front shroud Picatinny Rails up and down. So you can put on scope, sights, whatever you'd like. It does come stocked with a front and rear adjustable sight. And if you guys don't like the sights you can always push them down and go about your business however you'd like. It does come with a front grip which also means you can run it either forward or backwards on the Picatinny rail, depending on how you like that position. Obviously when you're holding the marker itself. 

So now we have a push button shroud on the front, which I like, you know it's probably one of the better features of the, you know, cosmetically speaking. So you can push the button and if you guys get shot in there or you need to access your barrel or, you know badly tent anything like that, you simply push the button and now you have access to your barrel. If you broke any paint simply take that bad boy off, clean out the barrel. You can rinse both of these objects obviously in some hot water and soap since there's no electronics involved and slap them right back onto the gun. 

So, Mark, do you have any questions so far?

[Mark] Just one, do you have to push the button to put the shroud back on?

No, you don't

[Mark] Question answered.

Okay, clips right in other markers out there, you gotta bust out your Allen wrench to actually get the front shot off. I like how they kinda developed that. Just a simple push button system. 

Tippmann Stormer | Hopper VS MagFed 

So the biggest thing about this gun since we're running front to back is this thing can do both a Hopper and Magazine Fed. Right now it's set up for hopper feed. So press the button. You're gonna pull out a dummy mag, inside of the dummy mag you do have your standard Tippmann 98 custom style baldy tent to prevent the paint balls from rolling down the breech. If you don't like the style of the dummy magazine, it does also come in the box with a little bit more tactical version. 

So it's gonna completely replace that. This piece also comes with the baldy tent you can slap it on. Let me just pick this bad boy back up. So it's kinda gonna obviously be like your trigger guard as well, and it's gonna go in that region with the baldy tent like I showed ya. So there's two different options. 

If you run it hopper fed, you've got the dummy magazine or if you wanna be a little bit more tactical you can throw that piece on there just depending on your personal preference. So now I'm going, if you want to run MagFed which a lot of guys are getting more popular these days in my opinion, they like to do the MagFed stuff. It also does come stocked in the box with the separate piece. So this little piece right here has a baldy tent on it once again, is going to, you're gonna take your hopper attachment off and simply install that piece right there with the hopper attachment. 

And now you can run it magazine style with a longer mag. So that's gonna clip in there. And so you can see the difference. That's the mag. If you're running MagFed, and if you're running hopper fed with the dummy and you can see the actual length difference this way. So that pretty much versus that.

[Mark] All right, dumb question.

Go ahead. 

[Mark] Can I run it magazine fed and leave the elbow on for the hopper? Or do I have to take the hopper? 

No because the elbow here does not have a baldy tent so that's gonna keep the paint balls in place. I would definitely not go that route but hey, dumb question sometimes it's a good question. 

Other Features of the Tippmann Stormer Elite

All right so that is the Elite heading back towards the back portion of the gun. It does come with a six point position collapsible stock. Some guys are bigger, some guys are smaller. So depending on obviously how your arm length you can six position stock adjust it to however you guys would like. Other than that, pretty much the basic internals of this gun. You've got your hammer. It's pretty much like a 98 custom stylish internal platform. The only thing I do like though is you know, right here, Mark do you notice that if there's any lines running anywhere? It's all internal–

[Mark] There's no macro line!

There's no macro line, there is no steel braided hose. It's all internal. Screw the tank in here. It's gonna run a pipe right up into the valve system. And you don't have to worry about having any obstruction you know, hand movements, switching hands stuff like that throughout the middle.

[Mark] How do I make it fully auto?

You don't, make it fully auto.

[Mark] Where do I put the batteries?

You don't, put in batteries, Mark.

[Mark] Oh, so it's a fully mechanical gun.

It's fully mechanical. There are no batteries, yes, yes, indeed. So this is the Elite. Do you want me to talk about the other couple of versions real quick or?

[Mark] Oh yeah.

Oh wait, hold up. Before we get there the price point is $294.95 for the whole package, right? 

[Mark] So for the hopper, the tank, the elite and the mask?

Goggle | HK Army HSTL Thermal 

And the mask, this is the HK Army Thermal mask right here guys, this thing comes with a clear lens stock. You also have the option to purchase a smoked thermal lens. If you guys are new to this and don't know a thermal lens it's a dual pane lens that prevents any anti-fogging. This goggle does come with increased, you can hear better. It's obvious they purposely put these slots here in the ear. So you can hear your teammates communicating to you. It does come with a built-in visor. It does come with an easy and quick change lens system. 

So pivot and turn, just like that. Pivot and turn and you can change your lens out there on the field. As simple as that, I like that it's a great option. And it does come with a strap up top. That's going to prevent this from kind of jiggling up and down all around and on the bottom. Don't forget a padded chin strap. So if you guys are those players that like to get a little rough and tumble out there, it's gonna prevent you from taking this off. If this isn't your style, you can take that off, but it also has the chin strap on the bottom. So your mask is not going anywhere. And as you can tell here, Mark, it has got a little bit more full coverage for the chin or the throat area. So you're not taking those harsh shots.

[Mark] That makes me think this would be a good mask for new players, younger players


[Mark] That have a smaller head that a lot of the higher end masks don't fit properly.

Other Markers | Stormer Tactical vs Elite vs Basic

That's exactly right. And that's all comes in this paintball gun package for the elite for $294.95. So you're under 300 bucks for a nice high pressure air tank just your standard hopper and then a very nice goggle. Oh, the foam. I forgot about the foam, this foam on the inside clips in and clips out. So if your foam ever gets old, you can buy replacement foam. Most beginner goggles out there in the market don't offer that. So that's a great option for this HK Army goggle.

[Mike] All right, so with the popularity of MagFed, it's great and all but I have no interest in MagFed at all but I like almost all the other features. So do I have an option?

What with MagFed?

[Mark] Well, no, I don't want MagFed. I'd like the gun and everything about it but I'll never play MagFed.

You just use your hopper attachment.

[Mike] Well, yeah, but I don't want to spend the money for the MagFed.

Oh, I see what you did there. I see what you did there. And now you just wanna go to the standard tactical.

[Mark] Yeah

Tippmann Stormer Tactical 

Okay so we have the Tippmann Stormer Tactical option here, the only difference between the Tactical option and the Elite, it does not offer the magazine to hopper fed conversion. So that gun is only hopper fed. It does not offer MagFed. And with that one, you're saving $40 in the package going from $294.95 to $254.95.

Tippmann Stormer Basic 

If you want to save even more money, you're gonna go down to the Stormer Basic option, still a great gun but you're gonna lose. You're gonna lose the front shroud. You're gonna lose your stock. And obviously you're losing the capability to do mag and hopper feed all in once. But that package, Mark, was what, $234.95.

[Both] So 235.

[Mark] 95.

Yeah, so $234.95. So you got $234.95 for the basic, you've got $254.95 for the tactical and you have $294.95 all included for the elite option. So a lot of these guys, a lot of you guys are actually getting into paintball kind of wondering what you should get and what the options are. 


So this is a great you know, video to kind of figure out three basic paintball gun packages. How much money do you wanna spend? How much money do you have? You can go basic. You can go tactical. You can go elite. And there's a bunch of different options. And it's coming with a nice little setup to get you started and out there playing.

[Mark] I like it.

He's looking, I don't know, I think he's got a question or something.

[Mark] I do.

He's looking.

Is there anything else you want to bring up about the package other than that you can get it at Lone Wolf. Just hit up search on the search bar gun packages. You will find it there. Click under Woodsball. That'll be there as well. And yeah, talked about the goggle, the nice high pressure air tank  and then just your standard hopper.

[Mark] And we have got a full video on the mask.

For sure!

[Mark] And the guns individually too. If you want a little bit more information on any of those, go check them out. And of course, everything here is available separately but I do have a question from the YouTubes.

YouTube Question

Let's hear it,

[Mark] 'Cause we love our YouTube questions.

We do.

[Mark] PCbuys wants to know, "When you're filling your compressed air tank, is it better to leave some room in the 4,500 or is it like a battery and you should charge it to 100% capacity? So should you fill that sucker all the way to 4,500 if you can, or should you leave a couple of 100 meters?”

I mean, it's a good question 'cause personally, most fields obviously you have a 4,500 tank most fields aren't even gonna be filling to 4,500 but if you can get it, I would highly suggest it. Find a field that can fill all the way to 45. Fill that bad boy right on up.

[Mark] I'm gonna follow that up with another question that wasn't part of his, but we get, I get asked all the time in the YouTubes, "Hey my tanks are 4,500, but my gauge goes up to 6,000. Why can't I just fill my tank to 6,000?"

Fill it to 4,500, they have a 6,000 gauge on there. They do their own pressure testing in house, I'm not even going to say that, fill up to 4,500. That's my answer.

[Mark] Yeah, just because of the gauge. It's like your, odometer on your car can go to 120

I wouldn't press it all the way all the time. It's gonna, it's not gonna be good you're gonna blow out a burst disc or potentially harm yourself. So if you have a 4,500 tank only fill it to 4,500.

[Mark] There you go. You got a question, leave in the comments below. 

Maybe we'll pick you randomly. Otherwise go Lone Wolf, get all this sweet gear.

[Mark] That's it.

And we'll see you next time

[Mark] Take it easy guys. Thanks for watching. Bye, bye.