Totally Sick Tournament Package with the Empire SYX

What's going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I'm bringing you the Empire SYX Tournament Package.

[Mark] Wait, did you say SYX or sick?

I said sick. You already know it. The Empire SYX one of the most ergonomical guns in the game. We'll talk about that in a minute though. So, this is a Tournament Package. Mark will probably have the price up on the screen right about now. Nope? Okay. No price on the screen. So, we're gonna cut that part out.

[Mark] Here it is. There it is.

Ah, sucker got me.

[Mark] We filmed this on April Fools.

Yeah, that's true. That is true. It's gonna come with the, I was about to say Empire but just kidding, it's the Ninja Tank. Ninja 68/4500 cubic inch tank, obviously holding 4500. Oh, I like that nice gauge. Mark. Could you zoom in on that new gauge I got?

[Mark] Ooh, that's a new gauge.

Yeah. You see the green and the red?

[Mark] Yeah.

Okay. Red is the danger zone, green's like you should be good on air.

[Mark] What colors, what numbers the red at though?

The reds like over five.

[Mark] Oh. I've filled up the tank higher than 45.

Yeah, I know a lot of compressors don't even go that high. But anyhoo, this is the, the Ninja Tank and these tanks have been around a very, very long time. The regulators are very well known and overall a very high quality tank. It's not obviously a steel or aluminum tank, so would recommend it. And it being 68 cubic inches will get you a lot of shots out of this marker. I think, have we done an efficiency test on this before, Mark? Maybe. And if we haven't, we're gonna. So, stay tuned. This is a nice tank by Ninja. Very, very, I was gonna talk about the regulator, like it's not a cheap regulator. It's not gonna be the cheap aluminum that strips out on you. So, this is a quality tank that you guys are probably wanna go with.

[Mark] And I heard it's light.

It is light, super light.

[Mark] No, that's the regular light.

It's pretty light, then. Not super light, I guess. Next up, come on, Mark. Come on, Mark with the jokes behind the camera. We got the VForce Grillz been around a very long time. My favorite thing about this mask other than it looking super cool. There's tons of different lens options available for you. Check 'em out on the site. Obviously, you can see this goggle with the exact lens of your choice that you guys might want. So, other than clear, I mean there's literally a lot of possibilities. And the actual way to change the lens on these things. It's very quick. So, it's not a bunch of hard press finger turning in need of, a wrench or something. So, these clips will come right on out and you can change the lens very easily. Super comfortable, light, and not very expensive for the actual quality of the product that you're getting. So, under the Hopper, let's talk about this. Virtue Spire IR2 Hopper, obviously this is the second version that they've made. This one has got a quick, easy change lid. If you guys wanna throw in a speed feed simple press of a button, this bad boy lid will pop right on out of there, slap on a speed feed and you'll be on your way. If it happens to start raining, put your actual lid back on. You're good to go. Other than that, the actual Hopper itself does, let me get that bad boy in there just comes right up. If you guys wanna take it, clean it, get it, you know, take it apart, get inside and clean it. You can do that as well, very easily with a simple back tab there and you're inside of the Hopper. And this thing can keep up with pretty much any other gun speed on the market, I would say, so. Mark.

[Mark] What's up? How you doin'?

Dude, I'm doin' just trynna get that back together there so I can put it back on it stand. Lastly. Yeah. Empire SYX guys. So this gun, I dunno know why but a lot of people are like, eh, it's not, for me. It receives like, I feel like Mark, like a little hate.

[Mark] Yeah. It's the ugly little step sister of paintball guns, I guess? Someone handles,

Yeah. Some people don't like the front handle. But really when you hold this you can get your thumb in there extremely nice and well. It's even got a nice little pad in there and then the front grip, like it actually, when you hold this gun, it feels good. And it really does. It does shoot. We did. I know we did a shooting video with this bad boy before and it was extremely accurate. It does come with, I believe a 685 stock, two piece 14 inch barrel. Yep. So, it does come with this 685 stock, two piece 14 inch barrel. Cool feature about this gun. Mark doesn't care, but I do. I like it up in front here. If you guys take a look, take off the barrel. If you wanna access your batteries simply press that button. And you've got a nine volt that sits right in the front. So right here as a press button, take the barrel off and you can access that battery compartment pretty easy with the press of that front button slash crew. And obviously it's completely tool-less as well. It's an easy pop-out tool-less engine. So, backup comes up twist and turn. You can saw that bad boy right on out. Does have that clamping feed neck with a thumb screw. So, even if you're not using the Virtue IR2 Hopper whatever Hopper you have. If you have the SYX obviously it's got the thumb drive on the other side you can tighten it up, nice and tight for whatever Hopper of your desire. Obviously, access to the external eye covers from the outside. So, you can clean your eyes. If you need to do that. And then it does have the on-off ASA Lever here at the bottom quick disengage and engage with your air system without having to try to crank it off. Plenty of room inside there. If you wanna get the fingers moving. It's got a nice decently sized frame here, the width between the trigger and the actual, some guns they cut it off short and you can barely get a good motion going on there. So, other than that, this is the Empire SYX Package coming with the Ninja Tank the 68/4500, the VForce Grillz, the Virtue IR2 Hopper, and of course the Empire SYX.

[Mark] And those SYXes are autococker threaded, right? So, a lot of the barrel kits will work with this, no problem?

Yeah. And lastly, one of my favorite features about the gun is actually the readout display screen on this bad boy. So, it's turn it on with the bottom button. I don't know if you can get in and not Mark, or kind of hold it to the side.

[Mark] I see a screen.

Yeah. You can see a screen. So programming, let you know battery levels stuff like that. So, you guys obviously don't wanna program a gun just by lights. This thing actually has a readout display screen. Almost like a cellphone right on the inside. That is the Empire SYX.

[Mark] Nice. Yeah. I always say if you're turned off by the looks a little bit, I get it. But go try one, go hold it in your hand. It is so comfortable with that.

And the very, are honestly extremely accurate with it 685 stock bore. Like Mark said it's autococker threads. If you've got a freak system, or a laser kid, or whatever you guys have. You can throw it on that gun as well.

[Mark] Nice. And like I said Mark, we'll have the price on the screen at some point in time.

[Mark] Yup. So get your sick Tournament Package at

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[Mark] See ya.