Entry Level Speedball Package under $500 - Empire Mini GS

What's going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you an entry level speed ball package for under $500.

[Mark] There is no way you can do it for under 500 bucks.

Yeah I can, it's gonna start off with this gun here, this tank over here, this Goggle, and that Hopper. So I'm gonna set the gun down now, let's talk about the tank first. We've got a 48/3K HK Army Compressed Air Tank. Obviously, for you guys out there, anybody, if you're running any sort of speedball gun, electronic, if it has a solenoid, you're gonna need an HPA tank, whether it be a steel or one of the nice carbon fiber ones. Obviously, we chose the steel in this case to keep this package budget friendly. So this is a, once again, holds 3000 PSI, 48 cubic inches, and this thing definitely won't freeze up your electronic gun or your electronic solenoid. So onward to the Goggle, so we chose to put this Goggle in there. Once again, it's budget friendly, but it's probably one of the best bangs for the buck, it's the HK Army HSTL Thermal Goggle. So it does come with a nice visor. Most importantly, it does come with a dual pane thermal lens on there, so if you can see on the sticker there, it's a dual paint thermal lens that's gonna help with any defogging or perspiration issues with inside of the Goggle. It's got a couple of other cool features such as a quick change lens system. So literally with the turn of a knob, you can throw in a new lens if yours has got damaged or scratched, or if you wanna change the color. And then on the inside too, all of this foam is completely removable. So if you got it sweaty, or nasty, or a lot of people, animals at home and sometimes they kind of wreck their goggles, so you can actually easily pull this foam out and simply replace it with new foam. So I liked that as a feature for a lower end but still very reliable Goggle. So once again, this is the HK Army HSTL Thermal Goggle, which is very important. It's got some nice coverage down here below, so if it's gonna to cover the chin area, your throat area. So if case you do take a bad shot, you're not gonna get hurt. Let's talk about the Hopper. This Hopper has been around a long time, I know this is the version two. This is the Empire Halo Too Hopper. First off, this thing can keep up 20-plus paint balls per second, and it is fully programmable, we do have a video how to program this Hopper already on the channel, so check that out if you guys do own a Halo Too Hopper and you wanna program it, either speed or sensitivity, you can do that, just watch the video. And also this does take the universal speed feeds, so if you don't want the rain lid, you don't want the lid that closes, you wanna quick load your pods, we do sell these speed feeds for these Hoppers as well. Nice little option upfront too, it's completely toolless for the battery. And in case you ever do jam a paint ball, it does have the rip drive down below, so you just simply spin that and then paint will start to pour out and down. All right, onto the grand finale for the under $500 entry-level speedball package is of course none other than the Empire Mini GS, one of the longest standing and most reliable beginner speedball guns out there on the market. It does have a nice clamping feed neck up top, so depending on, let's say you already have one, and you aren't using the Halo Too, you can kind of adjust this to fit whatever Hopper you guys are using. It does come with a nice two piece 14 inch driver barrel, it does come with a fully programmable board, turn this bad boy on, and you can adjust. Obviously, you're ready to fire what ramping mode you're in, semi or NXL, all sorts of stuff you can do with a fully programmable board on the gun. And next it does come with the nice gauge. So this gauge down here will tell you what the actual operating pressure of the gun is at. Make sure the gauge on the Empire Mini GS never goes over 200, or else you're gonna start leaking, probably out of your frame area. And lastly, it does have a very nice on-off engage air system. So if you guys want to have something that is not going to be cranking your tank off, get something like this GS with the nice on-off gauge there. Other than that, very easy maintenance, if you wanna take your bolt out and loop this gun, simply one screw in the back, you can pull the assembly out, the bolt assembly, grease it, re-adjust the spring if you need to, and pop that bad boy right on back in there. So, a quick overview of something that, under 500 bucks, you guys can definitely get out there on the speed ball field and compete. Mark, do you have any questions for me?

[Mark] Not so much in questions, just I think all these are solid starter-

For sure.

[Mark] Gear if you wanna get into the sport and kind of jump over the MEK only, or some of the mechanical stuff and go, "Right, I wanna come out with guns ablazing-"

For sure.

[Mark] But I don't have a huge budget, this is perfect.

This, like I said, the Hopper can speed 20-plus per second, can certainly keep up with the gun, this gun is fully electronic and programmable, the tank will work, and the goggles a great beginner Goggle, you can always step that up later down the road.

[Mark] Yeah, and like you said, there's the upgrades for all of these, the speed feed, the different lenses.

Yeah, all sorts of stuff you can do with tanks.

[Mark] Yeah, the tank's good, for what? Five years before you get a hydro?

Yeah five years, before you got to get it hydro tested. So it'll get you into the speedball zone, no doubt about it.

[Mark] All right.

So once again, available, lonewolfpaintball.com. Hit it, Mark?

[Mark] Yeah, this was a recommendation from you guys on our Ask Us Anything, you wanted to see a beginner speedball package under $500. So we banged our heads together and put together something pretty solid.

There you go.

[Mark] So if you've got a comment or a concern, a question, or request, head over there, leave it in the comments here, like comment, subscribe, follow us on the Instagram, the Facebook, the TikToks. I'm running out of breath.

The TikToks, the beat stops. Thanks for shopping at lonewolfpaintball.com.

[Mark] See ya.